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Why Lacrosse Film Makes You A Better Lacrosse Player!

This Highlighter of Wednesday’s Weekly Lacrosse Tips is about how to properly watch lacrosse film. All players should watch lacrosse film because it’s the best way to see the whole game. Lacrosse is so fast that it’s easy to miss most details while playing in a game. Lacrosse film gives you the opportunity to learn from mistakes, learn about opponents, and master new skills.

Watch Lacrosse Film Like It’s Your Job – Mental Reps Are Valuable

You get a lot of experience from playing and practicing. The only problem with that is that you can’t see what you’re potentially doing wrong. It’s so beneficial to take the time to look at how you, or others, play lacrosse in a controlled environment. Pause the film and look closely. Watch in slow motion to see how a play works. You can learn much more about how to really do something right in film and then really practice it on the field.

Watch Those Who Are Above You

You’ll always learn a new move or two when you check out professional and college footage. These are the best players in the world, and there is more film on them than anyone else. If you don’t have any film of yourself, this is the best place to start. Pick a player you really like and watch what they do. Then do what they do. Then do it again and again.

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Lacrosse Film Room is the best resource for finding a lot of lacrosse film. This is exactly where you can watch some great match ups of players, teams, and styles. There are specific videos for college, professional, and some high school players.

These players are the best in the world because of their skill and determination, and you can view that in film. All the intangibles and little details are saved on film forever. You then just have to start looking correctly and precisely.

Being Prepared Is Better Than Being Better

If your opponent is the better player, but you really know everything they are about to do; you’re better at that moment. You can overcome lapses in strength, skill, athleticism, and many other aspects with a better knowledge of the game. The very best athletes when it comes to consistency are the ones who are prepared. There is an amazing quote from Ed Reed that says, “Before you come to work, come to work.” Reed is saying you need to prepare before you play and practice because it’s the base of your success. So take time to learn before every practice and game because it will always give you a valuable advantage.

Your Own Film Should Make You Angry

Watching your own film can be difficult. Not only can it be difficult to watch because you can see all your mistakes, but it’s also hard to be productive at first. You’ll probably start your own film experience looking at your highlights. It’s only natural to want to see yourself at your best. The problem with this is that you need to see yourself at your worst. Yes, you should check out your successful plays to see how to repeat that; however, you learn more from mistakes. It’ll be hard, but you have to focus on the worst plays. The plays you wish you could forget are the ones you really need to study. See all the ways that the play went wrong, and then find all the ways to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Do All That You Can to Get Film of Your Team

If your games aren’t being filmed, then you need to fix that problem. It’s not always easy to find volunteers, but you need to figure it out. Worst case scenario, JV players film varsity and vice versa. If you only have one team, then ask siblings, parents, friends, or anyone else willing to come to the game. Even a decent iPhone video of the game is better than nothing.

You can also just film yourself doing individual practice drills to see how you move. Working on minor mechanics and movement issues can do a lot to improve covering ground and being precise on the field. Set up an unattended camera or your phone and go to work. Then watch yourself and compare to players at the highest level. If you look awkward compared to them, then all you need to do is try mimicking their motions. Begin slowly and then increase your speed as you learn. Also do the same when watching film.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” – Sun Tzu in The Art of War

Watching the teams you are going to play, and the specific players, is always going to help you in a game. Start by looking for certain plays. Each team will likely repeat a play until it stops working. So learn that play, any other’s you may see, and then their clear. You can begin to stop a team’s entire offensive momentum by screwing up one part of their play or clear. This then makes everyone out for them uncomfortable. A lack of comfort then leads to mistakes.

You should also try to focus on the tendencies of the players you will guard or go against. Most players have a dominant hand; but, all players have habits. Learn when they like to do certain things, how they like to move, and where they like to be on the field. Look for cues that make them angry. Try to find moments of weakness. See who is getting tired first and who is not trying. Use all of this information against your enemy, and you’ll always be able to come out on top.

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