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Hashiru no suki ka? · an inconvenient crush // kenma kozume x reader

Author’s Note: A new story?? SO SOON?? Thank you for all the love for my previous Kuroo story, it meant the world to me. I write for myself primarily, yes, but it brings me SO MUCH JOY to know that my words reach you. It helps with the motivation to put them out more often. Thank you. This story is very close to my heart because I’m a gamer, although I don’t stream. I’m more like Kenma though, personality wise. Haha.

Word count: 5k+

Pairing: YouTuber! Kenma Kozume x Streamer! Reader

Bạn đang xem: Hashiru no suki ka? · an inconvenient crush // kenma kozume x reader

Summary: YouTuber Kozume Kenma has had the biggest crush on Twitch Streamer, (s/n) (y/n), who in actuality simps heavily after Kenma’s secret YouTube persona, puddinghead0.

What happens when their paths cross?

Kuroo is honestly tired of Kenma’s second-guessing, and (y/n) is a bit of a crackhead.

Warnings: unrequited love, one-sided crush, slight angst, pining, crackhead reader, internet bullying, slang, gaming references, haikyuu manga spoilers, fluff


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C h a p t e r O n e : puddinghead0

Kozume Kenma suddenly turned existential when his eyes shifted to his phone screen for the 12th time in ten minutes.

Was he always doing this? Was he always obsessed with his phone to a point where he’d constantly check for notifications? Did this mean he was deeply lonely on the inside and wanted approval from people on a virtual platform, which meant that the approval was also virtual and none of it was real? Did it mean that he craved to nullify the growing void in his chest by distracting himself with a black mirror that showcased light that could permanently impair his sight?

He let out a breath and forced himself not to look at his phone. He didn’t care. It didn’t matter. That’s what he always said.

“Hey!” His classmate/room-mate screamed from the entrance to his flat, “Are you watching her stream? Posted two minutes ago!”

His phone was definitely slow. He had been checking his phone but there was no notification. Letting out a breath, and giving himself a mental reason to actually check his phone, Kenma opened the notifications tab to see the one notification he had kept his eye out for had been buried under ridiculous facebook notifs.

An inconvenient crush, that’s what he told himself whenever he looked at you. You were a streamer, a bit different from what he did on YouTube because you were primarily on Twitch. There were reaction videos of you on YouTube, which was where he found you, but damn—how could one be pretty while rage-quitting a game? It was abnormal. Nothing about you was normal; college student/Twitch streamer, an apparent baker in your mother’s bakery, game reviewer for Sony, and you were insanely cute.

“She’s getting to that part,” his roommate commented from behind Kenma’s back, while Kenma really just wanted to watch the video in peace, “Shit, she’s gonna cry.”

You did cry, quite a few times, and too easily if he could add. You cried at the ending of God of War, you cried to The Last of Us (which made sense, but you were perhaps just bawling throughout the entire game), you cried in a game called Detroit: Become Human, you cried far too easily, but you never really quit. He loved how passionate you were about games, and it was the sort of passion he could completely understand.

“Oh shit,” You said in the video, your eyes scanning all over the game screen, “What’s happening? What’s happening?”

Kenma chuckled at how cute you were, god, you were killing him. You looked worried, and he could visibly see a sweat drop on your forehead, but you were so focused that it didn’t matter. Suddenly, there was a screaming sound from the game you were playing, and your eyes popped open as wide as they possibly could and you just sat there, unmoving. He loved how you never squealed or made any loud reactions, except when you were in a fight with a difficult boss, but whenever something traumatic happened, you just froze and sunk it all in. You were currently playing the second part of The Last of Us, and a traumatic scene was definitely happening. Kenma had just finished playing it the night before, so every scene you were playing was familiar.

“I officially hate this game,” You said, your voice breaking and he desperately wanted to hold you, “Fucking hell.”

“God, she’s amazing.” Kenma’s roommate said, eyes turning into literal hearts.

“Hm.” Yeah, she is, Kenma thought, but could never really say.

As a YouTuber himself who streams games, he was aware that you were not as popular, and it was a fact that he really didn’t like. Sure, you were on a less popular platform, but Twitch was incredibly popular by itself as well. He also understood the bias that came with being a female gamer, and while it sounded ridiculous to him, Kenma was one of those people who believed gaming required no gender.

He adored your content, and he secretly adored the hell out of you, so seeing you soar would only make him happy.

“I… I can practically feel what pain she’s feeling right now,” You spoke about the game, a lone tear threatening to leak out of your eye, “But! We shall persevere. I’ve been waiting 7 years for this game, so I won’t let… won’t let something like this halt my interest. Let’s see if this has a point to it all.”

God, he adored you. But, Kenma considered it an inconvenient crush because of course, the world was small. The first big crush he has on someone and he hoped it would remain over the internet, but it just had to become something more tangible, something that could make him weak in the knees.

You, a college student/Twitch streamer, an apparent baker in your mother’s bakery, a game reviewer for Sony, insanely cute, and also happened to be one of his YouTube channel’s biggest fans.

He had only recently discovered your personal twitter handle, and dear lord, you were simping after him with no remorse. It wasn’t as if he was all you talked about, but he had also noticed the trajectory of the games you were playing were on par with his own timeline. Kenma had finished his final stream for The Last of Us II just the night before and you had now started playing it. Right before that, it was Bloodborne, and before that, it was Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, your public handle was a lot more professional and despite knowing that it was there, he hadn’t sent you a follow request because well, Kenma called himself an introvert in every matter but Kuroo just said he was shy.

While he knew that he could easily approach you and have you know he knew of your existence, Kenma preferred not to get into such detail. It was comfortable admiring you from afar, and it was comfortable being where he was—he had his company to work hard over, he was also a computer student and a YouTuber. Sure, he had his hands full especially after calling you abnormal for something that he himself was doing, but he never really fit into a bracket anyway. Kenma’s latent obsession with you was something he wasn’t particularly proud of and this wasn’t because it had anything to do with you, but simply because he didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Change, in many ways, scared him. And by changing the structure or dynamics of him admiring you in secret, while you admired him not so secretly, Kenma was certain that it might not lead where he may have wanted it to go.

Surely, Kuroo was against this sort of caution, calling it cowardly and saying it lacked passion; but Kenma knew it was just a crush. There was no way he could deduce the kind of person you were based on how you gamed or reacted to games, based on the little tid-bits of information you gave out while playing those games, or even how you openly spoke about how much you admired ‘puddinghead0’s videos. Kenma hated Kuroo for giving him that name, but he was too lazy to come up with a new one.

“Also,” You sprung up in the final two minutes of your latest video, “I’m on Patreon, now! I honestly have no idea how it works, but if you really like the content I make and want to support me, you can become a patron and wish me luck!”

Kenma waited for his stupid roommate to go out of his room before he could open Patreon and find your link, which was thankfully in the description. Without a second thought, he donated to your profile but cussed instantly when he realized what he had done.

He had sent you a donation as himself, as ‘puddinghead0’s Patreon.

Without a second thought, Kenma called Kuroo and explained what had happened.

“That is why, Kenma, you need to check a thousand times and not let blind love navigate your actions—”

“If I knew you were going to spout such nonsense I wouldn’t have called you.”

He could hear Kuroo snicker while he ran a hand through his hair. Kenma groaned before Kuroo said, “How bad is this, Kenma? She’ll be happy. Of course, this means she’ll know you watch her content, but how bad can this be?”

“I didn’t want her to know.”

“And leave her devoid of the happiness of having her idol appreciate her content? You’re cold, Kenma.”

“You don’t understand. What if… What if she tries to contact me?”

“You, my friend, have not even shared your personal account anywhere. The only way she can contact you is by commenting on your videos, which I am sure you check constantly to see if she did comment, or Tweeting, which she does every three days.”

Kenma blushed at the accusation because it was true.

“She won’t know who you are. Besides, there’s no harm if she even does contact you! Just tell her casually that yeah, you like her contact. I don’t see what the big deal is.”

“Of course you don’t—”

“Oh, she’s tweeted something.”

Kenma’s entire body froze. Leaving Kuroo on the call, Kenma opened Twitter on his laptop and there it was, your latest tweet.

I am trying NOT to freak out over puddinghead sending me a donation on Patreon, pls save my soul, I am dead.

Kenma groaned before hearing Kuroo laugh once more, “She’s adorable!”

I know that, Kenma thought before feeling his entire face flash up. Ending Kuroo’s call, Kenma looked at your public profile before then moving to your personal one. He wasn’t following that one either, but he wanted to see your tweets, he wanted to know more about you—he wouldn’t deny any of these facts, but Kenma believed it was far too idiotic to dream of getting to know you through a virtual media. He wasn’t even the sort of person to become close to people he met in real life, how could he allow himself a virtual friendship?

The thought staggered him, and the idea behind it was what kept him at bay. Kenma wanted to know about you, talk to you, learn about who you were and what you were doing, but he felt the media that connected you was what separated you.

It wasn’t cowardice at all if he was just sticking to the facts and being real.


The next day, Kenma walked to his class by himself, listening to the latest podcast by Joe Rogan. While the external sound wasn’t entirely muted, Kenma could discern sounds of people talking, cars moving around, and other noises even though he was playing the podcast on full sound. However, there was one sound in particular that stood out. Kenma paused before turning to his right, noticing a crowd of people had gathered there, with some sort of event going on. He didn’t pay attention to half the events that his college conducted, his mind was obviously quite busy elsewhere, but when the announcer moved around in a weird Joker cosplaying outfit, Kenma was a tad bit intrigued.

Was it gaming related?

He slowly moved toward the crowd before finally being able to hear what the anchor was saying.

“We’ve got prizes for the top three best performers, and one of the participants is the one and only (s/n) (y/n), streamer from Twitch!”

Kenma froze, half-minded to run the hell away from there. But, it seemed as if his feet were stuck to the ground. How had he not known this? Didn’t you always announce the events you go to? Why were you suddenly here? A second later, he spotted you, hair put up in an updo, a plain black tee, and regular jeans. You were smiling, but some part of that smile seemed a bit hesitant.

“We will be playing a bit differently today! Instead of the usual Fortnite battles or Apex Legends, we’ll be going went and battling out on Red Dead Online! And of course, if you beat (y/n) here you earn bragging rights!”

He noticed you shift in your position a little bit, clearly uncomfortable with the attention you were getting; it didn’t even look like you wanted to be there. Kenma could feel his chest hurt, and his palms were sweating now. That’s all it is, he told himself. An inconvenient crush, an inconvenient crush, that’s all.

Kenma sighed before noticing how he barely knew anyone there and was almost thankful for that fact; but before he could thank his stars, a hand threw itself around his neck and sprung him forward, earning the attention of not just everyone there, but especially you.

“We have our first participant,” It was his goddamn roommate, “Kenma’s a brilliant gamer!”

Kenma’s eyes immediately found yours, and you were looking at him with wide, confused eyes. Although this was set in the open and the atmosphere was quite cold, Kenma felt nothing but warmth radiating all over his body at the mere sight of you; you were just a few feet away, and you were giving him a rather sympathetic expression, and god, you looked so fucking pretty—

“That’s great! Sign up, ya’ll! Winner will be winning a brand new DualShock 4!”

Oh fuck, Kenma thought before he felt his heart beginning to pound. He was now seated beside you, and he could practically shrink into non-existence. You were unmoving, and you weren’t looking at him, but would you have looked at him if you knew he was puddinghead? Insecurity swarmed his being and he could practically feel steam escaping his ears but a moment later, he thought he’d die.

“This was so last minute,” you said, rubbing the back of your neck, “The anchor’s my cousin and she’s so demanding.”

“Oh,” Kenma said, feeling his heartbeat skyrocket, “I see.”

“Yeah! I mean,” You giggled now, “I’m not even good at Red Dead Online!”

Kenma smirked, knowing the fact already. You struggled with Red Dead Redemption not because you were bad, but because you couldn’t progress with a plot so divisive. You wanted to explore more, and since the game was so vast, you barely bothered with the Online version. You turned to him now and tilted your head.

“You’re a gamer, I heard? Kozume-kun, right?”

Fuck, she knows my name, “Y-Yeah. I game when I’m free.”

“Do you have a Twitch or YouTube?”

There’s no fucking way I’ll answer that, “No—”

“Ah, you must really be having a great time then.”

Kenma blinked before turning to you with confusion. What did you mean?

“Don’t you enjoy streaming?”

“Ah, no, no,” You flailed your hands shyly, and Kenma believed he could combust, “It’s not like that. I just think, after a point, streaming becomes more for the fans than for yourself. I used to do it for me, but now… I’m needed in places like this for promotion, and I need to have a Patreon if I’m popular or it’ll look weird, I don’t know… Too many restrictions. I just love gaming, you know?”

Kenma found himself smiling, “Yeah, I know. I’ve seen your videos.”


Kenma’s eyes widened. He wanted to slap himself on his forehead.

“I—I mean, y-you’re popular.”

“Thanks! You’re really sweet, Kozume-kun!”

Fucking hell, Kenma placed a hand on his forehead, She’s too cute.

“Say,” you said, a sly tone to your voice, “Do you want to get out of here?”

“I’d do anything.” Kenma honestly agreed.

But, you couldn’t just up and leave. You were called here as Twitch streamer (s/n) (y/n), and that meant your behavior was restricted. As much as you seemed to hate said restriction, Kenma was certain that you wouldn’t go against it. It could take a big blow against your viewership, and you wouldn’t take that chance.

A second later, your hand gripped his wrist before you shot him a wink. Kenma’s heart jumped to the skies before you pulled him away from the crowd, with participants lining the entrance to enter their names. Sure, you were doing something bad—your cousin wanted you there, but not once had she even asked if you wanted to be a part of this event. Just as Kenma was pulled in without his consent. You weren’t a competitive gamer, and you were not going to be, even if it was for someone else. After running away a fair distance, Kenma felt the part of his wrist burn right where you were touching him.

“I think I need to run more in real life and not just as Ellie.” You said, and Kenma chuckled.

“Running’s good.”

“I used to run track,” You said, turning to him. “Now I run in games and that’s it.”

You have no right being that cute, he thought before clearing his throat. He slowly pulled away from you, which made your eyes widen before shooting him an apologetic smile. He was a bit confused as to what you had done, did this mean you didn’t care about losing followers?

“You might think that I’ve committed career suicide,” You scoffed, “Honestly, this is the bravest I’ve been in so long.”

“What do you mean?”

You shrugged, “Ever since I became a bit popular by streaming, I’ve just… I could feel myself change with the way my viewers wanted me to be? I don’t blame them or anything, I just think that the love I get from them makes me yearn for more. And that yearning leaves me… inept to be myself. It’s the downside of wanting to remain popular, I guess.”

“It’s not like you can’t be yourself and still be popular.” Kenma added.

“Yeah I know,” You said, “I mean, just look at puddinghead0, we don’t even know what he looks like, and wow. I adore his content.”

Kenma froze once more. Was this being recorded? Did Kuroo finally tip you off and was this being filmed for his reaction? Whatever it was, he wasn’t going to reveal to you now.

“Y-Yeah, I think he just doesn’t care.”

“I wish I was more like that because I end up caring. I like the comments and the views and the love. Agh, it’s such a weird complex moral question. Don’t even get me started.”

Kenma laughed at your reaction before you turned to him and stuck a tongue out. Kenma rolled his eyes before waving a hand at you.

“If anything,” Kenma said, looking at the ground, “You didn’t lose this follower today.”

Your eyes widened at his statement. You smiled before nodding, and let out a chuckle.

“Thank you, Kozume-kun.”


Locking the door to his room, Kenma began to edit for his latest video. He was making a review for The Last of Us 2, but his mind was elsewhere. He still hadn’t told Kuroo that he had met you, which would only cause the black-haired man to tease him relentlessly. Letting out a sigh, he felt sleep douse his eyelids as he continued the edit, right before a notification popped up on his phone.

It was you.

He narrowed his eyes before checking the date and time; it was unusual for you to stream live on random days. He’d learned your pattern by now. You’d been doing this for a couple of months, and it was quite easy for him to know just when and what time you’d begin. However, the screen for The Last of Us 2 was open and you looked like you had just stopped crying. His heart broke at the sight, and he instantly closed the tabs to his own edit, before opening your video on his monitor. You were taking deep breaths before chuckling.

“Hello to everyone that’s still with me,” You sounded so broken, Kenma felt helpless as he continued staring at you, “You might be wondering why I’m… yeah. So, I did something and I guess I got punished for it? I was forced into a game contest and I think walking out of it made some of my followers mad. I even spoke to this other person about walking out and honestly, it didn’t hit me then that what puddinghead’s doing takes a lot of courage.”

“Ah, fuck, (y/n),” Kenma groaned.

“I guess even when I expected to lose followers, I didn’t expect the hate? Some of the comments were just… nasty. I…” You sniffed, “…I didn’t expect that you would hate on someone for making a personal choice? And I didn’t do it to offend anyone, I seriously don’t know how the internet works. Oh, oh wow—” You looked troubled and Kenma could see why. “—losing out on viewers now, great. ‘Don’t be a whiny bitch’, ‘This is why girls shouldn’t game’…”

You took a deep breath before calming down and saying the few words Kenma feared you might eventually come around to say.

“This is (y/n), signing off to a world where gaming is appreciated and is not filled with a community of hate. Hope to see you there.”

And the stream ended.

Kenma sighed before leaning back, no thought in his head. He knew for a fact that his room-mate must have seen the stream as well, and Kuroo would be calling him about the entire ordeal just to ensure he had something to say about it. Kenma, on the other hand, felt like he had practically pushed you to make this decision and partly felt like taking the blame, despite the common sense telling him that he had nothing to do with it. You weren’t the sort of person who would jump at something without a second thought, and even if he didn’t know you personally, he had been following you and your streams for months now. It felt like he knew that part of you quite well.

Kuroo was the first to call. Kenma stared at the phone for a bit before letting out a breath and getting back to editing his video. He only had to add commentary, and his mind was already circling on what to say.

Uploading the video took him exactly two more hours, after having missed three calls from Kuroo and twelve messages. At one point, Kuroo had even stopped contacting Kenma, thinking he was busy with something, and he was spot on. Kuroo’s eyes wandered on the new notification about his friend’s YouTube channel, which was weird considering it was not yet time for him to post something. He knew quite well that Kenma might have definitely seen (y/n)’s stream, and wanted to desperately talk to him about it, but without a clue of what the boy was thinking, Kuroo simply clicked on the notification and let the video play out.

It was the review for the game, The Last of Us 2, and Kuroo knew while giving the review, which was around 8-9 minutes, Kenma would speak his thoughts that were a tad bit uncensored toward the end. He’d talk about the drama surrounding the game, he would even bring up the entire hate that this game was receiving, but instead—Kenma had a rather strange dialogue instead.

“One thing I don’t understand is how toxic the gaming community can be, at times,” Kuroo paused, narrowing his eyes at his friend’s words, “While we welcome new gamers to the entire journey of learning and discovering the joy of gaming, we also tend to put them down if they didn’t adhere to a certain trend. I came across one such incident happening to (s/n) (y/n)’s Twitch channel.”

“Holy shit!” Kuroo sat up straight, eyes wide as saucers at the bold move his friend made.

“I’m part of this community and I think I have the right to call out how toxic we are in general,”

Kenma’s voice didn’t even waver, but after knowing him his entire life, Kuroo could deduce that the boy was a bit angry,

”(y/n) didn’t particularly do anything wrong, and she’s received some nasty comments about being a female gamer, and I think that’s…just disgusting. She has all the right to either attend or ditch a gaming event, and no one has to be forced to do something they don’t want to do. We all have games we don’t like despite being gamers, we don’t have to do it all. I support (y/n), and I’ll admit, I’m saddened by how her fans have treated her. Her content is great and I have immense respect for her. I hope she decides to come back and stream more. That being said, I think The Last of Us 2 is…“

As he got around to talk more about the game, Kuroo knew that this was a huge step for Kenma, and he had no idea what suddenly made the boy rethink his entire decision on never bringing her up. Now that he had, he’s indirectly initiated a conversation with her, she’d definitely try and reach out now—in any way she possibly could, just to thank him at least.

Kuroo noticed his phone ringing a second later and a grin made its way to his lips.

“What just happened?”

“I met her, Kuroo,” Kuroo almost had the wind knocked out of him, “She was at my college campus. I was walking back to my room since classes were canceled. There was some sort of gaming event. She didn’t want to be a part of it, and neither did I, and we ditched. It was—”

“You like her more now, don’t you?”

When Kuroo received nothing more than silence from Kenma’s end, he was certain. His precious, introverted, best boy had fallen for someone. It was a proud moment, almost.

“You have to tell her—”

“Kuroo, this… this is all I want to do.”

“That’s bullshit, and even you know that.”

“What? You want me to open up to her and tell her I’m the YouTuber she’s been gushing about for so long and I was the one who kind of pushed her into doing what she did, and so that she can hate me afterward for hiding the truth because I wouldn’t be losing out on anything and she—”

“Whoa there, Kenma. I’m just saying go talk to her as her favorite YouTuber. You’re overthinking this.”

“No, you’re underthinking this. I did what I had to do. It was… hard to see her like that.”

Kuroo let out a sigh but before he could say anything, Kenma had already ended the call. That boy needs to grow a pair, he thought, a bit annoyed at Kenma’s nature of avoiding his feelings. While Kenma believed it was for the best, he knew he was simply running away from it. Kuroo knew his friend adored (y/n), but the boy couldn’t categorize that as real feelings because he’s met her just once. Finding something real virtually scared him more than finding something real in real life, and while Kuroo wanted to understand that, it only annoyed him because Kenma wasn’t even trying.

When you watched puddinghead0’s recent video, you were jaw-dropped in awe and absolute admiration. Tears filled your eyes, but what was more was how his voice now seemed a tad bit familiar, though you didn’t pay any heed to it since you’ve been following this channel for an entire year now. It moved you to know someone you’ve been admiring has been watching your content, but at the same time, he was speaking up for you? You wanted to thank him, you wanted to send him a message and say you were incredibly grateful for what he’s done and the only way you knew you could say something was on Twitter.

So you mentioned him on a tweet and poured your heart out within character limit. You wondered if he would notice your tweet since you’ve mentioned him countless times before, but even if he didn’t, even if he paid you no heed after all of this, you were still grateful. However, a second later, you received a new follower. You blinked upon noticing that it was Kozume-kun from the other day. A soft smile fell on your lips at the soft recollection of running away from a gaming event, after which everything spiraled, but you didn’t in any way blame him. Your mind again drifted back to puddinghead0 and you sighed.

I’d kill to see him, man, you thought, eyeing your tweet of him dreamily.

A second later, there was a notification. You almost spat out your heart at the mere words: puddinghead0 likes your tweet.

puddinghead0 likes your tweet.

puddinghead0 likes your tweet.

“Oh my god—” You choked on air. However, a second later, you found it difficult to remain sitting on your bed.

Don’t thank me, I hope you’re feeling better. You didn’t deserve any of that.

Is that a—

…deserve any of that. <3

Fuck me.

Kenma almost dozed off in class right before it ended. It wasn’t like it was school where the teacher would wake him up after noticing him asleep, no one really bothered. Kenma was pushed awake by the momentum of the class once it was over and he leaned back before gathering his things. Tightening his hair tie, he casually walked out of class and got to the campus. He spotted the event area, where the gaming event had occurred and instantly spotted his room-mate and a bunch of people gathered there. Rolling his eyes, he walked away from there, not wanting to gather any attention.


He had failed. Kenma froze to his spot before turning to spot his room-mate dashing over to him, a wide grin plastered on his features. Wrapping a hand over Kenma’s shoulders, his roommate brought him to the others he was talking to, before releasing him.

“You’re that guy (y/n) ran away with during that event, right?” One of them asked, and Kenma didn’t bother to respond.

“Why did she run though? I mean, it doesn’t make sense for her to just up and leave.”

“I’ve been telling you,” The same guy said, “She’s not the one playing those games. She’s just the face.”

Kenma frowned. What is this dick talking about?

“Man, I think that’s harsh,” His roommate said, “I just think she’s too chicken to play in front of people—”

“She’s literally a streamer.” Kenma said, rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, but why did she—”

“If you can’t understand that she doesn’t owe you shit, then there’s no helping it. She didn’t want to play at that event, and she didn’t. I don’t see why you aren’t calling me a fake gamer for running too.” Kenma snapped.

The others shrugged, “That’s because we’ve seen you play—”

“It’s bullshit.” Kenma said before walking away. You all are bullshit, he thought before the frown on his face settled into an uncharacteristic glare, directed at what who knows what.

A moment later, he felt his phone buzz with a notification. Kenma opened his phone and saw that he had a message from you, but what confused him was—

The message was directed to Kenma and not puddinghead. His heart jumped as his fingers roamed over the notification, wanting to open it only when he was in the comfortable confines of his room. Swallowing the bubbling anxiety, Kenma fought the urge to smile as he continued walking back, unaware of what the Twitter message could be. It would normally take him around 12 minutes to get to his apartment from campus, but that day, Kenma merely took 7.

On reaching his room, he finally allowed himself to open your message.

(y/n): Hey! I’ve taken a break from streaming for now, just wanted to let you know. I don’t know why I’m sending you this message, but talking to you that day made me realize that I don’t really need to seek approval constantly. Also, puddinghead liked my tweet and I’m a bit too happy so I needed to gush, don’t @ me

Kenma chuckled, feeling his heart jump at every word you’d said. He knew you didn’t realize that you were gushing about him to him, but that didn’t matter. He wanted to gush about you too. He felt a stone stuck at his throat at how real all of this felt, despite having only seen you once.

Kenma Kozume: I think he’s the sort of guy who isn’t too loud about the things he likes. And I think a break is a good idea, (s/n).

(y/n): Call me (y/n), came the immediate response. Kenma’s eyes widened at the fact that you were online, and that the two of you were currently exchanging messages live.

(y/n): Yeah, I got the feeling from his videos that he’s perhaps a private person. I’m still really glad that he supported me, I can’t thank him enough. I’m feeling much better already!

Kenma smiled, I’m glad that you are.

(y/n): Also

He blinked.

(y/n): Do you want to co-op at Bloodborne? I’m trying to get a platinum, haha.

“Fuck,” He let out a breath before chuckling uncharacteristically. “You can’t be serious.”

(y/n): I’ll send you my PSN, and you can add me as a party member. Only if you’re up to it, I mean.

Kenma Kozume: Sure, sounds like fun. Also

Kenma gulped. He felt like this was showing off, but he didn’t care. He was going to say it.

Kenma Kozume: I already have platinum in Bloodborne. 🙂

(y/n): Ah, screw you.

Kenma chuckled. He wouldn’t admit it, but his heart was hammering against his chest and his palms were sweating. Soon, he’d be connected to you via the DualShock and the two of you would be co-oping in a game that was designed to make players fail. He wasn’t too sure how much more his heart was going to take, and while he knew he had to tell someone, for some reason, Kenma wanted to keep this a secret. It wasn’t because he was ashamed or he didn’t want anyone to find out.

It was simply because it was too good to be true, and he didn’t want to lose out on a chance to get to know you more. Because, if this kept up…

If this kept up, Kenma was surely going to fall in love with you.

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