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The Rap Game Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Renewed or Canceled

Hip-hop is known to be the fastest-growing music genre of all times and is also often hailed as the hottest independent genre across the globe. The industry is known to produce a revenue of more than $10 billion per year. Such has been the craze of hip hop that it has now transformed itself into something of a lucrative lifestyle.

With LifeTime’s The Rap Game, we meet various young hip hop/rap musicians from different walks of life who are put through various gruelling challenges, at the end of which, one wins the ultimate prize – a recording contract with Dupri’s, So So Def Recordings. The first season of the reality TV series premiered on LifeTime on January 1, 2016. The show is presented by Queen Latifah and Jermaine Dupri. Dupri has ample experience in the rap industry spanning more than 30 years. He has trained some of the biggest artists. Queen Latifah has created numerous albums and songs herself, especially on female empowerment. There have been five seasons of The Rap Game so far, giving us five winners – Miss Mulatto, Tyeler Reign, Mani, Nova and Street Bud. Each episode of this talent show has a runtime of 42 minutes.

The Rap Game Cast: Who is in it?

The Rap Game is hosted by our First Lady of Hip Hop, also known as Queen Latifah. She has managed to change the perception towards women in the hip hop and rap game by making legendary songs that speak highly of female empowerment. Today, she is one of the most powerful and successful women in the music industry. She was nominated for a Golden Globe Awards, a SAG Award, received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress, two Emmy Award nominations and six Grammy nominations.

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Jermaine Dupri, with over 30 years of experience in the Rap industry, is the other talented face on the show who has been a regular for 5 years. He has mentored numerous talented musicians to success which included the likes of Bow Wow, Kris Kross, Da Brat and TLC. He aims to give his best and does not expect anything less in return from the young artists and their parents. He is the owner of the label So So Def Recordings. He sincerely cares about each of his contestants’ development and makes sure they put in the hard work required to become an artist in the true sense. “These kids came to me and learned enough to go and be out in the rest of the world,” Dupri says.

The rap artists appearing as contestants on the fifth season were Eli Triplett, Lil Richye, Nya Kasan, Queen Amayah, Sire and Tyeler Reign, of whom Tyeler Reign was signed by Dupri despite his “relative lack of style” which Dupri claimed could be moulded with time.

The Rap Game Plot: What is it about?

In this reality series, young contestants go through various gruelling challenges and rap battles to emerge as winners of the “chain” that promises a contract with the So So Def recording studio. Participants get deep insight into the world of Hip Hop/ Rap industry from being on the show and learn music in the true sense. With each new season, five or six young rappers from the age of eleven to sixteen participate on the show and are trained by popular hip hop artists in the music industry. These young artists come from various backgrounds to showcase their talent and to win the prestigious competition. As we have mentioned earlier, the winner of the show proves himself worthy of recording a song with Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Recordings. The battle gets tougher when the singers have to perform various freestyles. Throughout the ten weeks of the show, eliminations are held until the final round, when three finalists are remaining, and they go head to head in what will be their ultimate final performances. We see Xscape and Rhapsody making an appearance in the finale of season 5.

Dupri, who is one of the presenters of the show, has praised the format of the show for the accurate outlook to music it gives participants through its effective tutelage from veteran rap artists. While reminiscing of his childhood as a young artist, he was helped every step along the way by legendary La Face Records producer L.A. Reid who made sure to put him through his paces until he got his music right. “Artists are not learning if their music is any good or not by just putting it out there.” Jermaine Dupri said, “It changed my whole life and outlook about how to make music,” he said. “That tutelage taught me so much. These kids have to learn some of that.”

The Rap Game Season 6 Release Date: When will it premiere?

As we all know, Jermaine Dupri is not one to sugar coat his words. Initially, he wasn’t impressed with the line up of season 5 and was in two minds about taking them on. He said, “I wasn’t totally impressed. I was on the verge of actually scrapping these kids and sending them home.” He called it his “most frustrating season,” but eventually the perception changed as he spent enough time moulding each contestant.

Season 5 of the show premiered on January 10, 2019. Now, the big question is whether the show will return for another season. It has been reported that Lifetime may or may not bring Dupri back for a new season. However, fans would also love to see a new season showcasing talented kids entering inspiring rap battles and rigorous challenges. It is extremely likely that it will be renewed, following which we will expect season 6 to return with a release date in Q1 2020. This section will be updated with more news as we know.

The Rap Game Trailer:

We don’t have a trailer but you can check out the final battle between Sire, Nya, and Tyeler from season 5 below.

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