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Is the Fame game a true story? Are Anamika Anand and Manish Khanna based on real Bollywood actors? – desilyrics

Netflix’s mystery series “The Fame Game” centers on the complex private and public life of Anamika Anand, a famous Bollywood actress who one day disappears without her whereabouts. Anamika’s disappearance reveals the surprising life she leads as a superstar in one of the biggest film industries in the world. Since the Indian series explores the nuances of fame and Bollywood with shocking honesty, one has to wonder if the series is based on real events and Bollywood actors. With that, here’s everything you need to know!

Is the Fame game based on a true story?

No, ‘The Fame Game’ is not based on a true story. The fictional series is designed by Sri Rao, who wanted to create a show that depicts the complexities of Bollywood stardom. “His [the show] about fame and all that goes with it – power, ego, prestige. It’s hard to imagine how hard it is to be someone in the public eye, especially with social media and everyone knowing where you are, what you’re doing, who your family is. There are risks involved and we explore that in the series,” Rao told The Hindu. As a Bollywood fan, Rao’s aim was to portray the lives of actors or stars behind the curtains, invisible to the public eye.

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In its fictional narrative, the show tackles several real issues related to Bollywood. The series portrays the inequality between male and female actors, ageism and sexism present in the entertainment industry using a hard-hitting narrative. “Viewers are aware of the various issues that the show tackles including gender and equality,” Madhuri Dixit told Indian Express. Even though the main mystery is fictional, the world Sri Rao designed to set the fictional narrative is very real, making the show authentic and intriguing.

Are Anamika Anand and Manish Khanna based on real Bollywood actors?

No, Anamika Anand and Manish Khanna are not based on real actors. Like the narration, the two protagonists of the show are also fictitious. Yet, since the characters are Bollywood superstars, it was impossible for Sri Rao to avoid the inspirations to design the characters. Since the creator’s main motivation behind creating the series was to explore the talent of Madhuri Dixit, who plays Anamika, the traits of the actress are present in the character as well. Anamika’s life as a caring mother apparently mirrors Madhuri’s own life as a mother of two sons. However, Rao made it clear to The Hindu that the actress and the character are different. “Anamika Anand is not Madhuri Dixit. They are very different people with very different stories,” he said.

As an avid fan of Madhuri, Rao crafted the character in a way that brought out the best in the actress. “When I was approached to create it [the show], I immediately decided it had to be with Madhuri, for Madhuri. The story almost took a back seat after wanting to work with her and giving her a story and a character that would rise to the level of her talent,” he added to The Hindu. Manav Kaul’s fictional character, Manish Khanna, also resembles many dashing stars of Bollywood’s past and present, who have had to go through difficult phases regarding relationships, mental health and the ill effects of fame.

Through a narrative and fictional characters, Sri Rao manages to deliver a compelling and authentic tale that revolves around the multi-dimensional industry of Bollywood. Anamika de Dixit and Manish de Kaul represent many artists who have had to endure the horrible complications of their fame and fame.

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