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Hyper Pitch (Arcade Game) – Best Tips and Tricks to Win

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Hyper Pitch is a unique skill-based ticket redemption game. You not only need to be accurate, like other ball-throwing arcade games like Down the Clown, Two Minute Drill, or Tailgate Toss, but also need to have enough speed to be able to win the jackpot.

This can be a tricky combination; to throw fast while also having great accuracy. Though, I think this is what makes Hyper Pitch such a fun arcade game to play!

I have played Hyper Pitch at Dave and Buster’s a ton and have studied the best strategies. Here is everything I have learned to help you know how to win tickets at Hyper Pitch.

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Be Familiar With How the Game Works

The Hyper Pitch jackpot starts at 500 tickets. Each time someone plays and they don’t win the jackpot, it will go up 1 ticket. But if someone wins the jackpot it will go back down to 500.

The required high score to get the jackpot starts at 4000 points. I will go into more detail about this high score in the next tip.

You get a 50 ticket bonus if you hit the bullseye with all three of your throws.

Hyper Pitch costs 7.0 chips to play at Dave and Buster’s.

You get three pitches to try and beat the high score.

The way scoring works for each throw is as followed:

It takes the speed of your throw in miles per hour (mph) and multiplies it by the multiplier you hit on the back of the machine. There is a ring of multipliers so that the higher multiplier is in the middle, while the smaller multipliers are on the outside. The bullseye in the center is 32x, the ring just outside of that is 16x, etc.

For example, if you throw a 50 mph pitch and it hits the center 32x then you will get:

50 x 32 = 1,600 points for that throw.

With a high score of 4000 points, you will need to throw at least 42 mph and hit the bullseye on each of the 3 throws to win the jackpot. I say this because my wife played and she could only throw 35 mph, so she had absolutely no shot of winning tickets on this arcade game unless she magically gained MLB pitcher strength.

If you can throw 84 mph or higher on each pitch (this is crazy fast), then you are able to hit the 16x or the 32x and you will still beat the 4000 point high score.

Hyper Pitch is a game that rewards players who can throw both hard and accurate.

Because of how hard you need to throw, an underhand or dart throw will not work. You will most likely need to do a full windup baseball pitch to be fast enough to score enough points for the high score.

Remember, though, that you need to balance this speed with accuracy. I have found that I need to throw at around 90% effort to get enough speed while also having control to hit the 32x bullseye.

Hyper Pitch is a relatively new arcade game, as of 2020. There is not a Hyper Pitch manual available online yet. It can be important to look at what settings can be changed so that you know the difference among Hyper Pitch machines. When a manual does get released online, I will link it here.

Beat the High Score by as Little as Possible to Stack Jackpots

It is possible to win multiple jackpots in a row in the same play session.

The high score starts at 4000 points. The way it works is if someone beats the high score and wins the jackpot, the next high score will be however many points that they just got.

So if you want to win multiple times in a row, you will want to just barely get above the high score.

For example, let’s say you start playing on a Hyper Pitch machine with a 4000 point high score. You throw your first two pitches really fast (70+ mph) and also hit the bullseye. You get 4200 points with these two throws. But you have one more throw left. You will want to miss purposely on your third pitch so that the high score stays lower. The next high score will only be 4200 so you can try again to win the jackpot.

You might also have to try to hit the 16x ring or lower if you are only a little less than the high score on your third throw.

If you are a skilled pitcher, you could possibly win more than 5 jackpots in a row using this method.

The high score resets everyday when the machine is powered on. So theoretically you could try to do this strategy everyday. Of course your arm would get sore after throwing as hard as you can so it would be tough to win the jackpot for a few days in a row.

Play When the High Score is Low

Another simple tip is to check the required jackpot score before playing. Only play when this high score is in a range that you know you can beat.

You really want to play when the high score is at 4000 points. This is the minimum amount and it will never go below 4000.

Again, the jackpot score resets everyday. It is best to play in the morning, right when the arcade opens. The score to win should be at 4000 points, as long as no one has played before you.

I would advise not to play Hyper Pitch if you see a high score of 6000+. Getting a score of 6000+ requires three perfectly accurate pitches. You need to hit the center bullseye, while throwing over 60 mph. It can be done, but it will take a lot of skill and luck to beat it consistently. Of course, you can still play in this example if you just want to practice or play for fun.

Practice Your Pitching Skills

The thing with Hyper Pitch is that the skills you need to win can come from outside sources. If you are a pitcher or played baseball at a high level, you should have the skills already to do well on Hyper Pitch.

You can improve your skills by throwing a ball with someone or at a target at home to increase your pitch speed and accuracy.

The Hyper Pitch ball is a lighter, air-filled rubber baseball. It will take time to get used to throwing compared to a heavier, regulation baseball.

You can also practice by playing Hyper Pitch a lot. This will cost money for the chips to play but it is really the best way to get better at the arcade game.

To help save money you can play Hyper Pitch on Half-off Wednesdays at Dave and Buster’s or use Dave and Buster’s coupons and deals.

I hope you can use these Hyper Pitch tips and tricks to win tickets at the arcade. Remember to not abuse this knowledge and to have fun!

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