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50 Epic Hen Party Games and Activities Across Australia | ClassBento

We’ve got all of the creative inspiration you’ll need for planning hen party games and activities in 2022! While being asked to be the Maid Of Honour is a privilege, it comes with a big to-do list, and maybe one of the most important is planning the hens party celebrations. But don’t stress – whether she’s laid back and low-key or wants something completely out of the ordinary, it’s never been easier to find inspiration for fun hens party ideas! Check out our ultimate guide to organising the best hens party games in Australia and celebrate in style.

If you’re the bride-to-be and you’re deciding who should organise the special day, choose someone close to you who knows you inside and out. That way, they’ll have a really good idea of the types of activities to plan. You’ll find the majority of our hens party activities available in most of the state capital cities. Make every minute count and organise fun hens party ideas everyone will love. If you have guests attending who haven’t met before, you’ll find that a creative workshop can be a great way to break the ice and get the conversations flowing!

Things to organise for the hen party games

hens-party-games-and-activities While we can help you organise the hen party games and activities, you might like to plan the finer details to bring the hens party to life. First step? Coming up with the hens theme! Will it be a fancy dress theme? Or, will you keep it low-key with some lovely floral dresses?

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You might also like to consider some hens party decorations to bring the party to life. Consider sprucing up the hens accommodation when you’re all getting ready for the day with party decorations.

Don’t forget the hens supplies and some bubbles. You might be wondering whether hen party gifts should be included? Luckily, at many of the hens experiences in this guide, you’ll be creating beautiful keepsakes that you’ll take home at the end of the day.

Now that you’re prepared with the finer details, let’s help you find some inspiration for hens party games and activities. And of course, we haven’t forgotten the infamous hen weekend! Looking for hens party ideas for a girl in your life who’s more about mindful moments than raucous rollicks?

50 Hen party games and activities 2022

1. Learn new hairstyling tips


The girls will love a hairstyling class! Even if you think you’ve nailed your own hair styling, there’s always room to learn more tips to improve your hairdo. In this unique hens day class, you’ll learn from qualified hairstylists and spend quality time learning to master various styling tricks using your hairdryer and hair straighteners. You never know, you might even feel brave enough to try some different hairdos for the wedding.

2. Try something new with kintsugi classes

No idea what a kintsugi class is? Learn the wonderful Japanese art of kintsugi and recycle broken ceramics and pottery by using gold lacquer paint. You’ll learn to make a beautiful keepsake from the day, such as a perfectly imperfect plate, which you could use every day at home.

3. Have fun at a cocktail and dumpling class

Why not opt for a cocktail and dumpling class instead of going out for dinner on the hens night? Get everyone geared up to learn how to make cocktails and dumplings in a fun and unique way. This awesome hens night idea will tick loads of boxes and provide long-lasting memories for everyone.

4. Learn to make a beautiful Turkish mosaic lamp

Sit down together and relax over a fun Turkish mosaic lamp class. Turkish lamps aren’t just beautiful pieces of art -they’re functional too! Forget the cringe-worthy hens games and enjoy connecting as you learn something completely new together. At the end of this art class, everyone will have their own Turkish lamp to take home which will bring a warm, cozy glow to your space. Imagine the memories which will be held in this lamp – a perfect keepsake from the special day.

5. Fire up with a glassblowing class


Feel empowered and get the girls ready to take on a challenge with a glassblowing class. Learn how to blow and sculpt glass in the scorching flame. This thrilling hens party idea is the type of class for hens who love adventure! Using a glass blow torch to create delicate pieces of art – we can’t think of another hens activity more exhilarating than a glassblowing class!

6. Learn to pour your own art

If the idea of a hens party life drawing class makes you feel uncomfortable, try something different and learn to pour paints in an acrylic paint pouring class. Never painted before? You’ll feel confident when you learn from local artists and discover how to add depth to your abstract art piece. As far as hen party games go, this is a fun way to celebrate the day. Plus, you’ll take home your own masterpiece to display on the wall!

7. DIY candles to transform your home

You’ll never look at candles in the same way after learning how to transform your home and lift the energy of your space with a candle making class. Support local candle makers in your nearest city and discover the art of soy candle making. It’s not only an informative class, but the girls will be able to make their very own candles to take back home.

8. Learn the art of an Indian cooking class

Forget the takeaway and learn how to cook authentic Indian food when you take a classic Indian cooking class. With cooking classes located all over Australia, why not opt for a fun Indian cooking class and spice up your hen weekend? Enjoy this rewarding experience as you learn how to mix spices in order to bring out different flavours that Indian cuisine is known for.

9. Take a make-up class

Discover brand new tips to transform your routine with a make-up class held by local make-up artists. In this beauty class, you’ll be able to spend quality time learning new tips in a relaxed environment. The girls will love this fun class, making it one of the best hen party ideas in Australia! Add in champagne and some hen party games, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic hens activity in 2022.

10. Learn to make fresh pasta

Ditch the store-bought pasta and learn how to make pasta from scratch in this exciting fresh pasta cooking class. You’ll learn how to make the classics like Fettucine and will sit down together with a nice glass of wine to compliment the restaurant-worthy pasta dishes you’ve made together. It sure beats going to a restaurant for lunch!

11. Learn to make a hipster macrame plant hanger


Bring out your inner boho woman and learn to make a hipster macrame plant hanger. You’ll realise how much easier they are to make when you’ve got a fantastic local expert guiding you. Bring more plants into your home and fill up spaces with beautiful macrame plant hangers.

12. Get shaking at a cocktail making class

A hens party isn’t complete without a fun cocktail making class! Get the girls moving and have fun behind the bar as you learn how to shake and make cocktails like an award-winning mixologist!

13. Or a bottom’s up cocktail lunch

If your hens day is set to involve lots of drinking, you absolutely must book a bottom’s up cocktail lunch. Indulge as you learn how to make restaurant-worthy meals and drink delicious cocktails at the same time!

14. Discover a natural skincare making workshop

Start the day off lightly and relax into the festivities with a natural skincare workshop. The girls will be blown away when they learn how to make their own natural products.

15. Build your own mini jungle


If the idea of taking care of your plants feels a bit too overwhelming, start off slowly and learn to build your own mini jungle, aka a terrarium! In this fun terrarium workshop, you’ll learn to build and customise your own little eco-system, complete with succulents. Build your confidence and learn to appreciate the benefits of having more plants at home.

16. Bring out your inner boho with dried flower workshops

You might like to consider a dried flower workshop that will help you bring a boho and beachy vibe into your home. Learn how to mix and match dried flowers for a fuss-free, yet effective plant vibe at home.

17. Learn to make a ring in a day

Make the hens day special and learn how to make a keepsake ring together. The girls will love creating a ring which they can all wear as a reminder of this beautiful day you’ve organised. This would make one of the best hens gifts you could give to every guest. And when it comes to epic hens activities, discovering the delicate art of silversmithing is unforgettable!

18. Make fresh sourdough like the experts

Master the art of learning how to make sourdough with some of the best bakers in Australia! You’ll feel empowered to make your own bread at home once you’ve finished this hens day class.

19. Take a beer tasting tour

Get the hen games started with a beer tasting tour. Hens party ideas don’t need to revolve around champagne, and if the bride-to-be is a beer lover, she’ll appreciate the lengths you’ve gone to organise a fun hens party beer tasting tour!

20. Relax with yoga in the park


As far as hens activities go, simply start the day and relax with yoga in the park. You’ll feel totally Zen and will flow into the hens party with a lot of love and grounding for the day ahead.

21. Try an incense making class

Connect with your besties on this special day with an incense making class. Open the girls’ minds and discover why you should use incense in your home more often.

22. Learn to make five delicious desserts

Does the bride-to-be have a sweet tooth? Learn to make five delicious desserts and match them with wine or champagne to finish off lunch. This will help the girls be prepared for all of the hens activities to come.

23. Have fun at a paint and sip class

Hen party games and paint and sip classes go hand in hand! If you love the idea of organising hens party ideas which consist of fun activities, then a paint and wine class might be a great option. If you love the idea of hens night ideas that are creative and a little chaotic, paint and sip classes are unbeatable!

24. Learn to make chocolate


Be mind-blown when you learn how to make chocolate in a fun chocolate making class. You’ll be able to customise your own box of chocolates and add different toppings to each individual piece of chocolate. You’ll take home a bounty of mouthwatering morsels – and plenty of memories too.

25. Make your own soap

Learn to make your own soap and discover how simple it is when you learn from a local expert. With plenty of soap making classes all over Australia to choose from, the girls will love learning how to make eco-friendly soap for their own homes.

26. Roll sushi like a pro

Sushi lovers will love learning how to make their favourite sushi rolls! If you’ve attempted making sushi before and it simply hasn’t worked out, why not learn from a Japanese chef who will teach you tips and tricks for making restaurant-worthy sushi? Have fun with the girls and enjoy this unique approach to a hens lunch.

27. Make a macrame wall hanging

Discover the beautiful art of learning to make a macrame wall hanging. In this class, you’ll learn plenty of hands-on techniques and skills to bring your wall hanging to life. Hang it at home and remember what a gorgeous hens party it was.

28. Take a smartphone photography class

Start the hens day right and take a smartphone photography class so you can capture epic images of the day you spent together. You’ll learn plenty of tips and tricks to take your smartphone camera skills from OK to wow in no time! It’s the perfect opportunity to master the art of smartphone photography before the hen games begin. Your Instagram feed will never look the same again!

29. Master latte art like a barista

Coffee aficionados will love this unique hens party activity! Learn how to make beautiful latte art that rivals the skills of your local barista and enjoy sipping on silky flat whites and intense espressos all afternoon. Best of all, you’ll learn how to take your coffee skills to the next level and discover how to whip up beautiful brews at home.

30. Try a watercolour painting workshop


Bring out your inner artist and try a watercolour painting class. In this gentle yet rewarding hens experience, you’ll learn how to blend colours using water to create delicate works of art worthy of a spot on the wall.

31. Make the most delicious macarons

Experience the art of baking and learn to make macarons. Taught by a local chef, you’ll learn how to make some of Australia’s favourite meringue-based cookie sandwich!

32. Treat your tastebuds to a vegan Thai cooking class

There’s no need to make lunch or dinner reservations for the hens party in 2022! You might like to try a vegan Thai cooking class which is the perfect way to break the ice with any guests who might not know each other. Learn cooking tips from a local Thai chef and discover new recipes to cook at home.

33. Learn to make a classic flower crown

Complete the hens theme and learn to make a classic DIY flower crown. In this flower crown class, you’ll learn to mix and match flowers to create your custom-made flower crown. Bring some champagne and enjoy the hen party games to follow.

34. Gin lovers rejoice

Gin lovers will appreciate a gin making class! Discover different types of cocktails and mixers to make your new go-to drink! This is a fun hens party idea for those looking to end the night before the pub crawl begins!

35. Laugh more than you ever have with a laughing mindfulness class


After the stress of trying to organise the hen games and activities, take a load off and start the day in the best way possible. Book a laughing mindfulness class and help everyone break down any barriers and enjoy connecting on this special day.

36. Make your own manifestation necklace

Learn to make a manifestation necklace at a jewellery making course and connect with the girls on a deeper level. Discuss your feelings and open up as you learn to make a special necklace for an even more special day.

37. Learn to make exquisite French food

Learn to make restaurant-worthy French food in a French cooking class and you’ll soon see your confidence grow. This is a fantastic option to choose when looking for classy hen party ideas.

38. Learn how to look after indoor plants

We’ve all worried about how to look after indoor plants! It can be confusing not knowing when to water plants, whether to put them in the shade, sunlight or outside. With the right guidance, you’ll learn how to look after indoor plants from a local expert. Expect to learn the basics, ask as many questions as possible and enjoy having fun together in this unique experience.

39. Get down to earth with clay hand-building

Feel grounded and get down to earth with a clay hand-building class. Learn to use clay and water to produce beautiful ceramics such as a mug, plate or bowl to use at home. You never know, you could end up taking it up as a hobby after the pottery class has finished. Pottery classes are a wonderful option for anyone looking for laidback hens party ideas.

40. Learn to master the BBQ


Break the stereotypes and learn to master the BBQ with a BBQ cooking class.

41. Have fun at a life drawing class

Hen party games and activities certainly wouldn’t be complete without a fun life drawing class. Book a nude drawing class and compare each other’s masterpieces as you sip wine. This is a hens activity that everyone will love.

42. Take a superfood ramen class

Be inspired to cook more delicious meals at home and learn how to make ramen. In this fun ramen cooking class, you’ll learn how to take your cooking skills to the next level. Get the girls involved and enjoy learning new recipes you can make back at home too.

43. Be fascinated with an astrology class for beginners

Take an astrology class for beginners and learn all about the meaning behind your star sign. You’ll also learn how to interpret others’ personal astrological charts. If this hens party idea resonates with any of the guests, be sure to progress to an intermediate class together.

44. Learn how to make tacos!

Try something different and learn to make tacos in a Mexican cooking class. You’ll learn to make classics such as quesadillas, tacos and so much more in this fun and engaging class. Bring the cervezas and you’ll soon realise that cooking classes are a much better option than making a reservation at a restaurant.

45. Learn jaw-dropping facts in a beekeeping workshop


Not sure if a beekeeping workshop is the right hens party idea? In this unique experience, you’ll be completely fascinated as you learn about the importance of bees are for a healthy ecosystem. Plus, you’ll come away with a new appreciation and respect for the tiny creatures.

46. Drawing class for beginners

Get back to basics and take a drawing class for beginners. Learn how to measure perspective, and draw objects right in front of you. If you’re hoping to strike the perfect balance for your bachelorette party, this relaxing and meditative-style class might be the perfect activity to help you slow down if you have loads of hen games planned.

47. Learn to make paella with sangria

Learn to make a huge paella, complimented with sangria in a fun Spanish cooking class! Whether you’re looking for hens lunchtime ideas or hens night ideas, you certainly won’t regret laughing with the girls as you learn to make restaurant-worthy and mouth-watering Spanish food together.

48. Master the art of pizza making

Many people assume pizza making is easy, but don’t be fooled there are some classic mistakes many people make. The perfect hens party idea for foodies, Italian cooking classes are the perfect way to learn how to make and roll pizza dough, before discovering how to make the perfect tomato sauce. Before you know it, you’ll discover new toppings which could result in a completely new type of pizza!

49. Take a hair braiding class

Learn how to braid hair perfectly in a hair braiding class. You’ll learn how to master the art of new hair trends and to create the perfect lines and plaits, something lots of people could only dream of.

50. Learn how to make kombucha


And lastly, learn how to make kombucha, a drink many brides-to-be might opt for instead of drinking alcohol. Discover delicious new recipes and enjoy spending some quality time together in this fun and engaging class taught by a local fermentation expert.

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