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Anniversary no Kuni no Alice Complete Patch release! | Märchen Translations

Video Heart no kuni no alice game download pc

Hello friends! Thanks to the hard work of our project members and all your support, the translation project has FINALLY been completed!! We added all the remaining routes and also did some extensive grammar and translation check of the previously completed routes, so expect better quality translations overall~


All the character routes and subevents are now translated. If you run into any Japanese text, let us know immediately because there shouldn’t be any.

Bạn đang xem: Anniversary no Kuni no Alice Complete Patch release! | Märchen Translations

EDIT: patch.xp3 updated to include 2 missing basic events in Blood’s non-stay route. Thank you Brianna for letting us know!

The download link for the patch is below~! Note that there’s an extra folder named “patch without OP”, it contains an alternate version of patch.xp3 that is much smaller in size (25 MB instead of the massive 813 MB) because it doesn’t contain the translations for the opening and ending songs. It might be a better choice for people who need more disk space or have issues downloading big files. (If you only want to view the translated videos, you may check them out here on youtube, courtesy of sonic-nancy-fan )

Patch download link: Google Drive / Mediafire

Game download link: Mega / Mediafire

(game link source: fyeah hnkna tumblr)

Once again, I’m not bothering to link sites where you can purchase the game since it seems like you can’t activate the game license now that Quinrose is no longer active.A couple tips to make your gaming experience better:

  2. Use the flag monitor to keep track of the affection points. This is a feature I added to the game with the patch, and it can be found under the debug option.
  3. The patch includes a walkthough for the game (it’s basically a translated version of the Japanese walkthrough from here.) It’s pretty long, so use the bookmarks!
  4. Optional: Change the font to “Sans Serif“. IMO it looks better than the default Serif, and Serif also tends to overflow the text box from time to time.

A big round of applause for everyone who have contributed in this project over the years~! I’d like to especially thank the few current members who kept the project alive while I was busy with real life issues during last year: Aubrey, Sonic-nancy-fan and Eldiatricc. Their hard work is what made this release possible, and I love them all. Aubrey is godlike when comes to translating speed and accuracy, she pretty much singlehandedly translated all the remaining routes that were missing in the last patch (and she had done several more even before that!) while also translation checking old scripts, so give her a lot of love! Sonic has always been the most active member of the project, and outside her main role of proofreading (she has proofread pretty much everything since…2015? time is a blackhole), she has also helped out a lot in editing and finding gameplay issues. Like Sonic, Eldiatricc is also a mutli-tasker who both performed excellent, naturally flowing edits and religiously tested scripts ingame to ensure we have a smooth running patch 🙂

Moving on to the members who have helped us a lot over time even though they haven’t been around lately. Finalaccount comes to mind first for translating several of the hardest scripts like the prologue (Quinrose always had irritatingly long prologues). I’d also like to mention Kaylin for translating a good number of scripts especially the Nightmare route and being a great supporter of the project, Spicy-Diamond and Straydog12 for a huge amount of picture edits, Hattingmad for her numerous excellent edits, particularly for the more important and plot heavy scripts, and Falaina for creating the means for distributing the patch and helping in troubleshooting. Special thanks goes to Quibi from fuwanovel forums for his help with wrapping text properly and creating a working patch. I’d also like to thank vocaotome aka myself (lol), although I’m not sure what to classify myself as since I juggled several duties like translating/recruiting people/testing the game and fixing issues.

We should also definitely thank the retired previous admin Stellaroze for starting this project in the first palce. Among the early project members, Yukihime helped translate a large amount of scripts and Ayame, Mimi and Kyatana did the same in editing/ proofreading. Many thanks to our translators Ellis, Spinster, Chirigirl13, Alice, Ciara, Hakaieve, Nuitnoire, Noriri and Editors/Proofreaders Liza, Maisa, Grimm, Melissa, Marie, Lucy, Rebecca, Daeyamati, Pandora, Mio. My apologies to everyone whom I didn’t mention by name because of lack of space (or because they left before I became admin), rest assured that we appreciate all of you regardless.

Please ignore how I recycled a lot of sentences from earlier posts, expressing my overflowing love for my friends in writing is hard

That’s all~ Enjoy the patch, and report any issues/share your excitement by commenting in this post.

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