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Growing Up 100% Walkthrough Guide – Portal Virtual Reality

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Growing Up Complete Guide: Achievements, Characters, Locations, Purchasing Useful Items, Mood Management, Brain Map Tactics, Exams, and Endings.

It will take 4 playthroughs to open all the achievements. There are no difficult achievements, but there are those that depend on randomness, the game may stubbornly not give some character as a possible friend, or generate unsuccessful situations in exams.


  • Achievements – Story
  • Achievements – Endings
  • Achievements – Stories
  • Achievements – Miscellaneous
  • Players
  • Locations
  • Useful purchases
  • Mood
  • Brain Map: Tactics
  • Exams and endings

Achievements – Story

These achievements are so simple that they will most likely be unlocked during the first playthrough.

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Hello world!Complete the child stage.

Leaving homeComplete the preschool stage.

First stepsLearn 10 skills.

The light of my eyesFulfill the wait.

Big worldComplete the elementary school stage.

PerfectionistMaster 20 skills.

Someone’s in trouble!Don’t live up to the expectation.

My personal items!Buy an item for the first time.

Path selectionMake a path choice on the skill tree.

Excellent studentGet an A on an exam.

Wow!Use brain map bonuses 100 times.

ChangesComplete the high school stage.

Mind gamesGet a total of 300 attribute points on a single brain map.

From 9 to 5Complete 10 waits.

sightsGo on a trip!

Ready for lifeLearn 50 skills.Learn = “buy” with knowledge points.

smart assMaster 40 skills.Master = Completely fill the skill learning meter (by adding the skill to the graph or by spending action points).

I will definitely hand overGet fully prepared for the exam.Preparation increases the study and development of skills from the school curriculum, hobbies do not affect.

Pride of parentsBuy a special request.Raise Parent Satisfaction above 70 to unlock Special Requests.

EntertainmentTake part in entertainment activities 100 times.For one pass.

Achievements – Endings

Quite an adult!End life!Complete the game by passing the final exam with any grade.

The American DreamGet the best ending for any career.You need to get an A grade for the final exam. Raise the preparation to 100, this will give more moves. Try to collect 8+ cells together, each such combination will give an Eureka booster, with which you can remove all cells of the same color.

Better luck next timeGet a bad ending.There are two bad endings in the game (one of which is not so bad), they can be obtained by lowering Parental Satisfaction or Peace of Mind to zero. The first 2 times the counter of Disruptions will increase, the final will come on the third. Available from elementary school.

  • Lower Parental Satisfaction. Sit back, have fun all day long, never study. As a result, the ancestors will get it, and they will kick you out with a tablecloth in the ass to the military academy.
  • Decrease Peace of Mind. Study and never rest, overwork, get depressed and that’s it.

SingleFinish the game without friends.Ignore all three characters that the game gives you as possible friends. By the middle of high school, they should all be falling apart.

Apple from apple treeName the child after the parent.Continue playing as a “dynasty” by naming the child exactly as your character’s name was.

Achievements – Stories

friends storiesThe game randomly selects three characters from the list and adds as possible friends: 1 in kindergarten, 1 in middle school, 1 in high school. There is no dependence on stats and decisions, characters are always random. The only way to affect spawning is to continue playing as your character’s child after completing the story (the game never adds the same friends the parents had). But in a generation, repetitions will inevitably begin.

To complete the story, you must not ignore and openly send the characters, then they will remain friends, and towards the end of high school, an achievement will open.

Number oneComplete Alex’s story!Appears in kindergarten.

This is what the future sounds likeComplete Richard’s story!Appears in kindergarten.

GirlfriendComplete Alicia’s story!Appears in high school.

Wendy KruegerComplete Wendy’s story!Appears in high school.

Escape from fateComplete Nathan’s story!Appears in high school.

spirit of youthComplete Patty’s story!Appears in high school.

toilet storiesComplete Felicity’s story!Appears in high school.

Two worldsComplete Kato’s story!Appears in high school.

public pressureComplete Sam’s story!Appears in high school.

school loveMarry a school friendRomance any of the characters, after the final he / she will become your spouse.

adult storiesAdult characters are tied to locations. When you first enter a location with an adult, an introductory cutscene is shown, and then you have the opportunity to learn a new hobby.

To complete the story of an adult, you need to open the last step of the hobby (it is not necessary to master by adding to the schedule). At the moment of opening, the final scene will take place with the participation of an adult, and the achievement will open.

Stone headComplete the coach’s story!In the gym of the school or in the stadium, locations open according to the plot.

Real jamComplete Mei’s story!In the cafe “Checkers”, the location opens according to the plot.

In the eye of the beholderComplete Elliot’s story!In the shopping center “Northern Pines”, the location opens according to the plot.

In some realmComplete Sergio’s story!In the park “Ghostly surface”, the location opens according to the plot.

Game of the YearComplete the story of the Nile!In Starkad 80. Location will open:

  • in the course of the passage, if friends have Alex, Richard or Wendy.
  • if you ask your parents for a ticket to slot machines.

New beginningsComplete Parul’s story!At the Museum of Art. Location will open:

  • in the course of the passage, if there is Alicia in friends.
  • if you buy a ticket to the shopping center or ask your parents.

Protest!Complete Alessandra’s story!At the Orpheus Theatre. Location will open:

  • along the way, if friends have Richard or Wendy
  • if you buy a ticket in the mall.

Camera! Motor!Complete Luka’s story!In “Kinokompleks 8”. The location will open in the course of the passage if Richard, Wendy or Nathan are friends.

HeartbeatComplete Ming’s story!At the Zone Club. Location will open:

  • along the way, if friends have Richard, Vivica or Nathan.
  • if you buy a ticket in the mall.

Serve and protectComplete Riley’s story!At the police station. The location opens only if the game has added Wendy or Vivica as possible friends.

  • Wendy – in high school (after skipping classes and going to the cinema)
  • Vivica – in high school (when she gets noticed for drawing graffiti).

There are no other ways to open the location, or I did not find them.

Achievements – Miscellaneous

Dependence on parentsSpend 3500 Food pride in asking.For one pass. Fulfill all expectations in a row, accumulating enough pride points is not a problem. Start begging from elementary school, otherwise the ancestors may run out of gifts before they reach the amount of 3500.

We were never friendsLose a friend.Start ignoring any of your friends. Can be combined with the “Singleman” achievement.

Young entrepreneurParticipate in work activities 50 times.For one pass.

Talented studentIncrease the passive growth of any attribute to 50.Collect attribute hexes and Rainbow hexes (bonus to all skills), accumulate without problems.

Ready for a fightMaster SAT activity.Master the penultimate level in any of the school subjects, after which only SAT II remains.

ГурманTry all the dishes at least once.Buy all available food in locations: School canteen, Checkers Cafe, La Royale Restaurant, Miracle Fair. There is one dish that you can accidentally miss – Apple Pie in the Checkers Cafe, for some reason it is only sold during high school, then disappears.

methodical studyGet fully prepared for all exams.The problem can arise only with the very first exam (in kindergarten), only 2 moves are given to prepare for it. To be sure to get 100% preparation for the first exam, you need to develop a character from birth along the path of Empathy and Imagination, since these skills are mainly used in kindergarten. If you go for Constitution (climbing cabinets), preparation may not be enough. For all other exams, much more moves are given for preparation, there should be no further problems.

Sleepless nightsGet an A on all exams.Raise the preparation to 100 to get the maximum moves. Try to collect 6+ cells together (on the final exam 8+ cells) to get amplifiers. Do not spend all the moves at once, before choosing the answers, leave 5 moves in stock in order to get the cells of the missing color if necessary. The exam can be restarted at any time until the “End exam” button is pressed, to do this, return to the menu and load the save. Below are more detailed exam tips.

No cheat sheetsUse 10 Eureka Amplifiers during the final SAT exam.Eureka booster appears for collecting 8+ cells with one click. Raise your preparation for the final exam to 100 to get the maximum number of moves. Collect cells in groups of at least 8 pieces, remove groups of smaller numbers only if it helps to connect 8+ cells.

Black FridayBuy a total of 50 items from different stores.For one pass. Any goods are considered, even carrot sticks in the school cafeteria. If the final exam is close, and 50 items have not been collected, you can buy all the clothes in the mall.

resourceful studentUse Exam Boosters 50 times.Amplifier – a bonus that removes several cells at a time (bomb, clear a row, eureka amplifier). Every time you remove 6+ cells with one click, a new amplifier appears on the field.

And what did you expect?Collect 15 Stickies.For one pass. Sticky spots appear on the Brain Map in high school. In a normal situation, there is no point in collecting them. To achieve the opposite, you need to start collecting stickies as soon as they start to appear on the map. By this time, gyrus points should be enough for such a useless waste. To quickly find sticking, use the “eye” and “open the whole map” neurons.


The game randomly selects three characters from the list and adds as possible friends: 1 in kindergarten, 1 in middle school, 1 in high school. There is no dependence on stats and decisions, characters are always random. The only way to affect spawning is to continue playing as your character’s child after completing the story (the game never adds the same friends the parents had). But in a generation, repetitions will inevitably begin.


Locations in this game open in a strange way. Their opening is tied to the stories of friends, and you need the game to send you to the location according to the story. In most cases, there are alternative ways to open (buy a ticket or upgrade a skill), but there are places where it is impossible to get to if the game does not give out the required character as a friend. Sometimes this leads to absurd situations, for example, you can leave school without knowing where the school toilet and library are.

Below are the conditions for unlocking. If the conditions “to have such and such a character as a friend” are met, the location will open as the story progresses.

Cafe CheckersUnlocked at the beginning of High School.

Shopping center “Northern pines”Unlocked at the beginning of High School.

Park “Ghostly Expanse”Opens during the course of the story, with any of the characters.

Starkada 80

  • Will open with any of the starting characters (Alex or Richard).
  • Ask your parents for a slot machine ticket.

Miracle Fair

  • If friends have Alex or Alicia.
  • Ask your parents for a ticket.

Restaurant “La Royale”

  • If Vivica is among your friends, you need to agree to dinner with her parents.
  • Develop Cooking, when learning the Fish Dishes skill, the restaurant will open on the map.

Cinema complex 8If friends if there is Richard, Wendy or Nathan.

Animal shelter

  • If friends have Nathan.
  • Develop the skill of empathy, choose the path of Zoology. When you learn the first Zoology skill (“Invertebrates”), the shelter will open on the map.

HospitalIf your friends include Alex, Alicia, Felicity, Nathan or Vivica.

Police stationIf your friends have Wendy or Vivica.

  • Wendy – lot opens in elementary school (after skipping classes and going to the cinema)
  • Vivica – Lot opens in high school (when she gets noticed for drawing graffiti).

Museum of Art

  • If friends have Alicia.
  • Buy a ticket to the mall or ask your parents.

Theater of Orpheus

  • If your friends include Richard or Wendy.
  • Buy a ticket to the mall.

Club “Zone”

  • If your friends include Richard, Vivica or Nathan.
  • Buy a ticket to the mall.

Library (High School)If your friends include Alex, Richard, Wendy, Nathan, Vivica or Kato.

  • Richard, Wendy, Nathan, Vivica or Kato – will open automatically.
  • Alex – try to find it in the library.

Toilet (High School)If your friends include Nathan, Alicia, Felicity, Vivica or Sam. There are two toilets in the school (M and F), if you have the necessary characters, you can unlock both (there is no benefit from this, the same cribs are sold in both).

Useful purchases

The most useful items are those that give extra pocket money and action points. Convolution points are less useful, they are already collected in sufficient quantities from the Brain map, but if there is extra money, why not buy it.

Action points

Pocket money

If you start buying items that give a bonus to pocket money from middle school, already at the beginning of high school you can have a passive income of + $ 60 per turn, and not know the problems with money.

Another way to get extra money is to master a job (for example, Chef’s Assistant). The result of any action in the game can be successful and unsuccessful (you can see it in the drawn scene during execution). For successful completion, the character receives an additional +50% to the attribute and money, and the mastered activity will always be completed successfully. For example, in the case of a Chef Assistant, it would work like this: the base pay is $15, and the pay per skill is $23.

gyri glasses

Graph cells


There are two scales in the game: Peace of Mind and Parent Satisfaction. At first glance, it may seem that balancing them is quite difficult, since by increasing one, you evenly decrease the other. Ancestors are infuriated by everything in the world, if it is not training or work. Sometimes they can set you up with absurd expectations like “go shopping, there’s nothing to sit at home,” but this will also infuriate them, because shopping is entertainment.

How to be? There are several tactics:

  • Buying food. For some reason, this is the only way to raise the mood without a penalty. Food can be bought at the school cafeteria, Checkers Cafe or La Royale Restaurant.
  • Job. Doesn’t affect Parental Satisfaction in any way (if there is no work-related Expectation) and lowers mood. In doing so, she provides much-needed pocket money that can be spent on buying food, restoring a lost mood, and still staying in the black. The more free action points, the more benefits you can get from the work.
  • Journey. Increases mood significantly less than food, plus spends the rest of the turn (you can not use the schedule). Compensates for this a bit by giving extra attribute points. Don’t forget to use up all your Action Points before traveling.
  • Fulfillment of parents’ expectations. The bonus to Satisfaction is small, it makes sense to complete them sooner in order to earn Pride, which you can spend later on something useful. If there is some kind of expectation that doesn’t suit you at all (like, repeat the already learned skill 10 times), you can simply not do it, the penalty is also small.
  • Temporary increase in Parental Satisfaction. It is not necessary to constantly keep it in the green zone (70+), you can only increase it before you have to buy a Special Request. When you have accumulated the necessary amount of Pride, be a model child for a couple of turns, doing only your studies, you will lose your mood, but you will be able to buy what you need. Then raise your spirits back.
  • Maintain high Parental Satisfaction. Remember that it cannot rise above 100. If you have raised Satisfaction close to this level, you can safely add costly entertainment activities to the schedule (prefix, tabletops, etc.). For example, the first actions put in the schedule “Desktop RPG” (+8 moods), the rest is filled with training. Satisfaction will drop, and then immediately come back.

Bonuses from high Parent Satisfaction and Peace of Mind.

  • Parent satisfaction above 70 gives an additional +20% bonus to pocket money at the end of the turn. If your income is +$5 per turn, this will not play a role, but with +$50 it is already more interesting.
  • Peace of mind above 70 grants an extra graph slot, useful in elementary and middle school. In high school, the number of cells will increase to 7 naturally, plus by this time you will most likely have bought a Daily Planner or a Guide to Polyphasic Sleep, which will give a total of 8 cells, regardless of mood.

Brain Map: Tactics

The most priority points on the Brain map:

1. Super insight (opens the entire map). Grab it as soon as you see it.

2. Points of convolutions. Recovers spent Convolution Points and shows adjacent neurons for free. Just make sure that the points are not wasted (you cannot accumulate more than the maximum).

3. Hex Action Points. Increases maximum AP by +5.

4. Hex convolutions. Increases Max Convolution Points by +5, works from the next Brain Map.

5. Illumination. Opens neurons around in a radius of 2 to 4, see description. If it opens radius 4, take it, if 3 – look at the situation. With a radius of 2, it is almost always useless.

6. Next card. You don’t need to take it right away, but open a passage to it in advance.

7. Rainbow Hex. Adds +15 to all attributes (+75 in total) and increases the passive bonus of all attributes by +1.

8. Attribute hexes (+17-30 to attribute and +1-2 to passive bonus, depends on character’s age). If you are developing a specialized character, you can take only your main attribute, ignore the rest. If you want to develop comprehensively, collect all hexes in a row and generally ignore small neurons, the character will still raise skills very much due to the passive bonus.

Everything else makes sense to take only if it lies on the way to useful points, or the useful points are over.

9. Shock wave. Passes by collecting the contents of 5-10 adjacent neurons (see description) and shows adjacent neurons. It makes sense to take on an unexplored map to increase the visible area. On the explored areas of the map is of little use. A shock wave located at a dead end can get stuck and not collect anything.

10. Teleport. It makes sense to take only if there are valuable points located far away on the map, it gives a chance to get close to them faster, without opening unnecessary ones.

11. If there is nothing useful left, take any neuron connected to the maximum number of other neurons (preferably 6).

12. Uber attribute neuron (collects all neurons of the same type).Not bad, but he shows up too late in high school, by which time he’s not really needed anymore. Without Super Insight, which reveals the entire map, it is of little use.

13. Knowledge, super knowledge. Of little use, the character already gets a lot of knowledge from mastering skills. The only option is to collect them if you urgently need Knowledge, but there is not enough money to buy cheat sheets and junk from the fair.

14. Surprise. The only option is to take it – the whole map is open, and there is no transition from it to the next one. There is an extremely small chance (about 10%) to randomize the transition, mostly useless junk drops out.

15. Hex of knowledge (-10% to the cost of all available skills). The most useless thing. The cost of a skill cannot fall below the minimum cost, and if you take this hex with the expectation of getting a discount on an expensive skill, then subsequent skills in the branch will still remain expensive, and it is more reasonable to download the corresponding attribute to lower the cost.

Exams and endings

The ending depends on two factors: which skill tree the character has progressed the farthest, and what grade is received on the final exam.

If several branches of skills are mastered, the profession related to the first of the mastered skills will be selected in the final. For example, fully mastered Zoology and Cooking, Zoology mastered first, the character will follow the path of veterinary medicine.

The grade for the final exam (A, B, C, D, F) affects the level in the obtained career. A is the top (Olympic medalist, bestselling author, all that), F is nothing outstanding (always an office clerk, regardless of skills). It is impossible to become a homeless person or a drug addict, although I tried very hard.

There are only 4 exams (kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and final in high school), only the final one affects the final profession. Tips for those who have a bad time with Candy Crush:

  • Raise the preparation to 100 to get the maximum moves. The level of preparation is influenced by the study and development of school skills (hobbies are not affected). You can get about 70-90 preparations just by “buying” skills, up to 100 you have to master.
  • During your high school years, you can learn skills in the library using Action Points. Use if you need to speed up your preparation for the final exam.
  • Collect 6+ cells together to get boosters, remove small groups only if it helps to unite a large bunch of cells.
  • On the final exam, match 8+ cells together to get Eureka boosters (allowing you to remove all cells of the same color from the field). If there are many cells of the same color as the Eureka amplifier on the field – use it, if not enough – do not touch it yet, wait until the cells accumulate.
  • Do not spend all the moves at once, before choosing the answers, leave 5 moves in stock in order to get the cells of the missing color if necessary.
  • The exam can be restarted. At any time, until the “End exam” button is pressed, you can return to the menu, select “Continue” and the exam will start from the very beginning.

Meet this very stupid guy Jimmy. He managed to finish school without learning to write and count. All his life he kicked the bullshit, skipped classes and occasionally worked at a local diner as an assistant cook, hoping to get rich and save up for a yellow Ford Mustang. As a result, logically, he passed the final exam for the stake, and now works as an office clerk. Don’t be like Jimmy.

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