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Requests are open — gong yoo x reader warnings: 18 smut, another

gong yoo x reader

warnings: 18+ smut, another story moved from my old tumblr lol

you laid with your boyfriend on the couch. he was laying under you and you had your head on his chest facing the tv. you were watching his newest role, the salesman. that was his character in the new series Squid Game. It was a pretty small role but definitely made an impact on the audience.

Bạn đang xem: Requests are open — gong yoo x reader warnings: 18 smut, another

“oh shit.” you gasped when the salesman slapped gi hun. “that’s fucked up.” you said and kept watching.

“yeah.” he sighed and slid his hands under your shirt caressing your back. “i can’t really justify this character. it was just an interesting show.” he shrugged, watching your reaction to the manipulative character on the screen which is the complete opposite of the man you were on top of.. “what do you think?” he chuckled a little bit and rose his eyebrow looking at you the way the salesman did gi hun.

“i think he’s hot.” you lifted your eyes to look in his with a cheeky grin. “I’d play a game with him.” you giggled. gong yoo bit his lip and slid his hands down your back to grip your ass roughly.

“will you play a game with me then?” he spoke while flipping you over so he was on top of you. you yelped in surprise and couldn’t help but giggle some more and stared up at him curious to what kinda game he had in mind. “are you gonna slap me?” you raised an eyebrow quizzically.

“your face? no.” he spoke leaning down closer to your lips, stopping with his just above yours. “your ass? most definitely.” he smirked before pressing your mouths together in a rough kiss. he pulled away from your kiss with his hands on your hips, gripping them so tight I’m sure you’ll have fingerprint bruises later. he swiftly flipped you over onto your stomach making you squeak in surprise. you had on one of his t shirts and just a pair of panties. he had your head pressed into the cushion with one hand and his other hand holding your ass up pressed against his growing bulge. he pressed his chest into your back, his lips softly rub against your ear as he spoke deeply. “are you ready to pay your debts, hmm?” he smacked your ass harshly making you whimper.

“y-yes. I’ll do whatever you want.” you were so turned on. you’ve had your fair share of weak legs and a sore throat from screaming the day after a hot night with your man, but he’s never dominated you like this before. he grazed his teeth along the shell of your ear and slid your panties down. he lifted up off your body and palmed his hands on your behind, admiring what was in front of him. you heard what sounded like him taking his clothes off then you felt him run the tip of his dick along your glistening folds and you begged pathetically. “please mr.salesman” making him chuckle and yank you up by your hair so your back was pressed against his chest. you felt his heart beating fast against your back and his warm breathe in your ear. you moaned while he slowly started to slide inside you.

he shoved your face back into the cushions and moved in and out of you agonizingly slow. he looked down at where your bodies connected and groaned huskily, watching his dick go in and out of your dripping pussy. “do you you like when i treat you like i own you?” he smacked your ass with his free hand and started pounding into you. you were moaning uncontrollably, his thrusts making your head spin. “answer me.” he grunted out before slowing his thrusts and smacking your ass with two quick, but sharp hits.

you tried to push your ass back against him but he held your hips steady in place. in this moment he owned you and he knew it. it was turning you both on more than ever. “p-please don’t stop.” you whined pathetically. “it’s so good.” you wiggled begging for any sort of friction or action from him, making him groan and smack your ass again.

“you’re an angel. you know that?” he stared at your flushed face in admiration before before slowly beginning to grind his hips into you again. “a fucking dirty little angel.” he growled and started slamming his dick in and out of you with no mercy. “fuck you feel so fucking good….” he moaned and left sloppy kisses down your spine to whisper sweet nothings and dirty words in your ear while continuously pounding your pussy. the sound of his skin slapping against yours echoed the room overpowering the sounds of the cries of agony and gunshots from the tv show you both forgot you were even watching.

“Salesman!!” you cried out, thinking he was still playing his role that you confessed to find hot maybe 10 minutes ago.

“no.” he smacked your ass and tugged on your ear lobe with his teeth. “that’s not me.” his thrusts got more aggressive. your face was scrunched in pleasure. “who owns this pussy?” he grunted in your ear, trying to keep it together feeling your pussy tighten around him ready to explode from immense pleasure.

“you!! fuck. please!” you felt tears well up in your eyes it felt so good. he kissed up your chin to your lips. “say my name.” he demanded and angled to hit your g spot repeatedly not missing it once. “gong yoo!! FUCK!!” you cried out and felt him finish inside you while you let go with no control.

“fuuuck baby..” he moaned huskily and rode out your orgasms while pressing soft kisses all over your back. the hand he had pressing your head into the couch was now wiping your messy hair off of your sweaty face. “…are you ok?” he panted softly, carefully turning you over to lay on your back and look up at him. you just laid there while looking up at the ceiling exhausted. you were trying to absorb everything that had just happened. you didn’t know your sweet gong yoo had that in him… but it was DEFINITELY sexy as fuck. “earth to Y/N/.” he chuckled and waved his hand in your face. “i know i just fucked you into next week, but i-“

“that was…amazing” you sighed and closed your eyes. “were you jealous of someone who is you?” you giggled remembering what happened when you said said the salesman’s name during your surprise pounding.

he laughed loudly and dropped down onto your body, entangling your bodies together on the couch. “not at all.. but he doesn’t own your pussy.” he pecked your lips quickly and looked straight into your eyes with a cocky smirk on his face. “I do.”

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