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Also called ‘Goblet of Fire’, Harry Potter Ring of Fire is a fun drinking

Harry Potter Ring of Fire rules

Also called ‘Goblet of Fire’, Harry Potter Ring of Fire is a fun drinking game for those of you bored with the regular Ring of Fire.

52 cards will need to be evenly spread around an empty pint glass in a circle. Around this circle will be a ‘wand’ for each player MINUS ONE. The wands can be straws, spoons – anything remotely wand-shaped. A ‘Quaffle’ will be in the centre, next to the empty glass. This can be a soft ball of ball of socks. The first player to break the circle has to down their drink. Before starting the game, all players must decide whether ‘one drink’ is a mouthful or a finger.

Bạn đang xem: Also called ‘Goblet of Fire’, Harry Potter Ring of Fire is a fun drinking

First, each player will pick a card. The suit picked determines the house each player is in. Hearts is Gryffindor, Spades is Slytherin, Clubs is Hufflepuff and Diamonds is Ravenclaw. These cards will be returned to the circle.


Voldemort: the player who picked the card can only be referred to as ‘You-Know-Who’ or ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ until the next Ace is chosen. Anyone who calls the player by anything else has to drink.


Dobby: everyone in the house of the player who picked the card has to swap an item of clothes with another member of the house. If anyone refuses, they have to drink three times. Anyone who swaps clothing has to drink once.


Veritaserum: everyone not in the player (called the High Inquisitor) who picked the card’s house has to drink. Then, starting with the High Inquisitor, a round of ‘Never Have I Ever’ is played. (For rules, click [here]).


Felix Felicis: this is a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card and can be used at any point during the game until another Four is picked. The player who picked the card can use it to avoid ONE penalty against themself or a member of their house. Once used, it cannot be used again and it cannot be used for the final King.


Unbreakable Vow: the player who picked the card chooses a housemate to drink whenever they drink. If the player is the only one in the house, they must return the card and drink.


Chocolate Frog: the player who picked the card says a Harry Potter character. The player to the left then has to think of a character beginning with the previous character’s first letter of their surname (e.g. Harry Potter, Petunia Dursley, Draco Malfoy, Minerva McGonagall, etc). This continues until a player cannot think of a character, takes over 5 seconds to think or says a character that has already been said. They must drink.


Expelliarmus: all players must grab a wand and shout ‘Expelliarmus’. The player without a wand must drink.


Room of Requirement: the player who picked the guard and their housemates can take a 3 minute break (to go to the toilet or get more drinks, etc) if needed. The game is paused throughout this break.


Quidditch: the player who picks the card is now the Quidditch captain. They must throw the Quaffle at players from different houses at any time during the game. If the Quaffle is dropped, the player who didn’t catch the Quaffle drinks. If it is caught, the Quidditch captain drinks. This continues until the next Nine has been chosen and the Quidditch captain changes.


Penseive: this card copies the last card that was chosen.


Sorting Hat: everyone in the corresponding house drinks.


Bellatrix: the player who picked the card can pick three people to Crucio at any time (until the next Queen is chosen). The cursed players have to drink twice.


Dumbledore: the players who pick the first three cards have to put some of their drink into the empty glass. The player who picks the last King has to down the formed cocktail.


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