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Chapter 69: Can I Be Greedy This Time? “So, is our company going to give up?”

“That’s not true. President Qin hopes that we can complete the mission. After all, this is a good opportunity for us to connect with the federation and deepen our cooperation.”

“President Qin promised that as long as we can complete the mission, the company will not draw any commission from the reward given by the federation. The task team will be able to distribute the reward among themselves. At the end of the month, there will be additional company bonuses and performance bonuses.”


Fang Heng’s eyes lit up.

Could he still be greedy this time around?

“It’s too difficult. Our team has analyzed it internally. The Tier 4 zombie is too strong. It’s impossible to complete the mission.”

Shen Qing sighed and explained, “It’s not just us. No team in the game can do it now.”

“It’s mainly a matter of time. The tranquilliser used by the federation only has an effective period of about 18 hours. Theoretically, the mutated zombie will wake up by noon tomorrow.”

“Right now, the players in the game haven’t even reached Level 5, so their abilities aren’t even equally matched. Large-scale player teams don’t have the time to travel to Hope Town.”

Fang Heng rubbed his chin, thinking about how he should take advantage of this opportunity.

He didn’t consider capturing Alex at all.

Fang Heng still had research reports about Alex in his backpack.

After Alex was placed into a low-temperature environment, it would take 30 minutes for him to gradually enter a dormant state.

In other words, even if he were to find an extremely rare refrigeration machine, it would take a full 30 minutes for Alex to enter a dormant state.

It would be strange if he wasn’t beaten to death by Alex after such a long time!

But if he were to directly kill Alex…

Was this impossible?

500 King of Gods’ points were too tempting!

If he could kill Alex, then what would he get?

First, the reward of 500 King of Gods’ points from the federation!

Wasn’t he troubled about moving the flower pots with the corpse vines?

500 King of Gods’ points could be used to exchange for a large truck!

There was even some surplus left!

The large truck would be very useful when he returned to prison.

After all, the zombie clones could help him collect a large number of materials.

When that time came, whether it was moving ores or materials to exchange for points, it would be very useful!

Secondly, aside from the main mission of collecting the T-virus serum, there was also side mission 3 which was to collect Alex’s samples.

Currently, he had already achieved 100% of the mission completion rate. If he could kill Alex, the mission completion rate could be further increased! The rewards will accumulate again!


There was still a third point!

The advanced evolution crystal and first-kill reward!

Fang Heng was fully aware that Alex was the first Tier 4 mutated zombie to appear in District 8.

As long as he was killed, there was a 100% chance that the advanced evolution crystal would drop!

And the first-kill reward!

Fang Heng had heard from a player in his memory that players who had the first-kill of Tier 3 or above zombies would receive the system reward.

If it was a Tier 4 zombie, it would at least be a B-level skill book reward!

It was too tempting!

Fang Heng thought about it carefully.

It seemed that he could be greedy this time.

A plan was quickly constructed and perfected in Fang Heng’s mind.

He felt that it was possible.

The success rate was about 70%.

If he could find a reliable helper, the success rate could continue to increase!

Shen Qing looked at Fang Heng who was deep in thought.

“You seem to be very interested in this mission.”


Fang Heng realized that he was lost in thought and smiled embarrassedly.

“I’m thinking about something. Sorry, what did you say just now?”

“Hey, it’s nothing. Oh right, President Qin came back yesterday. When she looked for you earlier, you were still in the game.”

“Did she say anything?”

“Yeah, from what she said, she seems to want you to build a gaming department, Task Team 12, by yourself.”

Shen Qing scratched his head.

He felt that this was very strange.

He was stunned when he heard President Qin mention it.

To let a newbie take charge of a newly established task team?

What kind of trust was this!

The back door was a little too wide!

But on second thought, it didn’t seem right.

There hadn’t been any personnel changes recently, and President Qin didn’t even send a single person to this newly established department?

When that time came, there would only be five newbie players, who had just joined the company, in Team 12.

What was the difference between this and a single commander?

“President Qin said that you can also choose a few people to bring to Team 12, but you need to obtain their consent.”

Fang Heng was also dumbfounded when he heard that.


Did he become the leader of the team all of a sudden?

Xia Xi had such a big reputation?

Or was Jimmy a hidden big shot client? Was it all for Jimmy’s sake?

Wait, did he get a raise?

Fang Heng looked up and asked, “Is President Qin here?”

“Her flight this afternoon should have landed by now. You can try calling her. I’ll give you her cell phone number.”

Shen Qing took out his cell phone as he spoke.

“Also, the office on the fifth floor for Team 12 has been cleared out this morning. You can move there anytime.”


Fang Heng shrugged and took down Qin Shuran’s cell phone number.

“Thank you.”

“Oh right, wait a moment.”

Shen Qing gestured for Fang Heng to wait a little longer and then made a landline call.

Soon, Pei Anan, the cute intern he had encountered not long ago, walked in.

“Team leader, you are looking for me?”

“Come, let me introduce you. This is Fang Heng, the team leader of Team 12.”

“This is Pei Anan, an intern from our department. She has been here for a month.”

“She is already very familiar with the company’s environment. President Qin has appointed her as your temporary assistant.”

Shen Qing introduced her enthusiastically, “Haha, this young lady is very serious in her work. She has helped me a lot during this period. To be honest, if President Qin hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have been willing to let her go.”

Fang Heng nodded and greeted Pei Anan.

“Hello, we’ve met before.”

“Hello, team leader Fang Heng.”

Pei Anan greeted him obediently.

She looked at Fang Heng curiously.

A few days ago, when they met in the lounge, he had claimed to be an intern. So he was the new team leader.

“Tomorrow, the five new people assigned to you will report at nine o’clock. Pei Anan has the details of the personnel list.”

“That’s about it. If you have any other questions, you can directly consult President Qin.”

Shen Qing turned to look at Pei Anan. “Pei Anan, bring him to Team 12’s office first.”

“Thank you, Brother Shen, for your help during this time.”

“Hai, this is nothing. Come to our Team 3 often in the future.”

Shen Qing stood up and sent Fang Heng out of the office.

Fang Heng still felt that something was strange about being sent into the elevator all the time.

Did President Qin’s trust in him come from Xia Xi?

But to directly let him manage a team?

He didn’t know how to do that at all!

In a few days, he would think of a way to resign.

Ever since he had made great progress in the game, Fang Heng didn’t care about this job at all.

After all, in the game, he could easily sell some materials to the federation and earn a large sum of money. In reality, he was doing very well.

He could leave at any time.

Fang Heng continued to stay in the company for two reasons. The first reason was that he didn’t feel any pressure at all staying here. His life was very comfortable. The other reason was because of Xia Xi.

In this unfamiliar world, Fang Heng was very grateful to Xia Xi.

Of course, there was another very important point.

Phoenix Sound Gaming Company’s S-level talent enhancement plan!

Seeing that he was about to level up to Level 10 in the game, Fang Heng’s need for the talent enhancement plan became more and more urgent.

He needed to think of a way to get it as soon as possible.

Stop thinking about it!

There were more important things to deal with right now..

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