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Sem título — Genshin Impact (date! scenario) click and drag

Hi~ no need to say sorry, you are always welcome! I am still not used to doing requests but I do want to go back to that! Love you~

Yukimura Sanada.

  • We all know how harsh this guy can get, and most of the times his intentions isn’t to be harsh or rude. To him, he is just trying to be honest, but he can be too blunt. And a bit too naive to understand he is being harsh.
  • You don’t let it slide, though! You will talk back and bicker with him, showing all your might to him! Which will sometimes confuse him because he doesn’t understand why you are angry or felt the need to fight back. However, knowing him, he will bicker back and won’t stop until…
  • Well, you are someone who is also quite stubborn, but when arguing with Yukimura… situations like this can happen:
  • “Wait… why are you so angry? Hey, I just said that you shouldn’t do something so stupid!”
  • “It’s not stupid to care about you! I want to help and there is nothing you can do about it!” There was a big frown on your face, but you were still looking at him with a determined face.
  • “You know that helping me could be dangerous, right? Imagine, a dummy like you on the battlefield! I would have to always keep my eyes on you!”
  • He cares a lot about your safety and was not about to risk it, he… could have worded it better, but his words were still filled with concern. You have just suggested to help him on the battlefield, be it by helping them cook food for the soldiers, serve as a healer, or even join in the fight (which was one of the worst possibilities to Yukimura). He knew how dangerous that would be, what if the enemy invaded the camp? What if they knew how important you were to him? He wouldn’t risk it!
  • You frowned even more, but was still insisting on letting you help him. “I am not incompetent! I can do many things to make it easier for you and your clan!”
  • Oh boy… he knew that look, he knew that you could be sensitive to his harsh words, he was still working on that! But it wasn’t good enough, because…
  • “W-wait… hey! Don’t cry like that!” He got desperate, he wasn’t the best in comforting you when you were crying, he felt like an idiot at times like this… “hey, I am sorry. It’s just that I don’t want you to die in the battlefield, I don’t want you to get hurt..”
  • It started a bit awkwardly, but he slowly enveloped you in a hug, it became warm very soon. As you snuggled him, your crying slowed down.
  • “You should know me better than that, I don’t want to be trapped in the castle while you are out there.”
  • “How can I let you go out there in the war when you cry like a baby? Ouch!” He hit his head, not that hard but hard enough to make him apologize.
  • At times like this, he couldn’t help but give in, he was weak to you crying(specially if it was because of him).


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I hope you liked it! I am slowly getting back to writing, so I am a bit rusty!

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