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Sharing Knowledge: Connect gen game s3, x3, shanwan wireless gamepad to various devices

Video Gen game s3 manual español

The controller is available in various different brand names but its same. Companies do rebranding and sell.

Flipkart page for sample –

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I have tested it on Android phones, tablet and Ubuntu laptop. It works with both Bluetooth and usb mode. Wifi/wireless mode also supposed to work using a BM-703 dongle which i couldn’t test due to lack of dongle.

This seems to be BEST BUDGET gamepad!. Very surprising when compared with others at Rs1000.

As Bluetooth gamepad in Keyboard mode:

Turn on Bluetooth of Android. If not turn off gamepad by long pressing home button until lights are off. Press X then home for ~3-5 seconds. Home led with blink and Bluetooth search will show a wireless keyboard device named “gamepad“. Will easily pair and DON’T forget to enable option “show virtual keyboard when hardware keyboard is connected” option in Android otherwise soft keyboard will remain disabled!. In this mode home button can be pressed to switch to Mode 2 and L3,R3 will act as mouse. This seems to be most compatible mode.

Same can be done with Home+Y button.

Bluetooth HID gamepad mode

Press X then home and Bluetooth gamepad will show and gamepadplus name will show. In this mode it doesn’t act like keyboard and not every app can detect correct key names. Some apps may show KEY_UNKNOWN while mapping. This mode supports L3,R3 which is needed for PS1, PSP etc games. Retroarch worked very well with both above modes.

Manual provides other details for Ios.

USB otg mode:

Press R1 + Home. 1 and 4 leds will blink. If XBox gamepad drivers are present in ANY OS the gamepad will detect after plugging by usb cable.

NOTE: provided usb cable in box is not data cable but charging cable. Use data cable and gamepad works as Microsoft xbox 360 controller.

Lots of users are unable to find these details and think the gamepad is bad. Gamepad is really great and also has less latency. Almost like wired.

Official manual:

Manual also shows other devices and ways to connect.


There is a hole at the back side of gamepad to reset the current pairing master device just like dualshock 3 gamepad. Use something like needle and insert in the hole to press a switch. Hole at right side of usb port at back side. After reset the gamepad will not automatically connect to last Bluetooth device.

Common issues:

– Pairing fails on some devices like TV etc. Try different modes to get the connection established. The gamepad didn’t connected to my TCL Android TV. May work by forcing to trust the device and pair or use other modes of gamepad.

– Stock androids lack commercial drivers and many other such drivers. This cause no detection of various gadgets not just this gamepad. E.g. F310 Logitech gamepad didn’t connected to Nokia 8.1 but worked on other devices. Xinput mode requires drivers.

The gamepad is available with names MJ600, shanwan x3, gsh wireless, Gen Game S3 etc. All are same.

– When connection is getting problematic reset the gamepad by the secret hole at back side.

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