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The 7 Best World of Warcraft Alternatives for Android –

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With a peak of 12 million subscriptions in October 2004, World of Warcraft holds a Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG by subscribers. There is also a theme park in China in which you can spend a holiday in a real-world Azeroth.

Since it’s release in 2004, World of Warcraft triggered the attention of countless players around the world. Even today, it’s still the most played MMORPG for PC. Fans of this game and genre are always hungry for more such games to be released in other platforms. Ever since, many world of Warcraft alternatives have mushroomed in the Google play store.

But no all of them deserve your time & attention. We are here to help you find the best world of Warcraft alternatives amongst all other redundant games. So, let’s see what are the best World of Warcraft alternatives for Android.

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Also, please note that your gaming experience will be much better if using an Android controller.


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7 Best World of Warcraft alternatives you must try

Many World of Warcraft alternatives were released for various platforms, including Android. We are presenting you the best ones in genre, in terms of graphics, controls, and gameplay.

Do check out all of them here:

  1. Adventure Quest 3D
  2. Beast Quest
  3. Pocket Legends
  4. Arcane Legends
  5. RAID: Shadow Legends
  6. Age of Magic
  7. Era of Legends

Lets examine each one of these Word of Warcraft alternatives in detail.

1. Adventure Quest 3D

Adventure Quest 3D is a rapidly growing MMORPG. It is easily the best World of Warcraft alternatives out there and has all the features that most MMORPGs have. You can play a bunch of interesting quests, raid dungeons, find legendary weapons and so on.

The interesting thing is that this game is also available for PC, and both Android and PC gamers are playing in the same world.

Adventure Quest offers various events, such as in-game holidays and weird town challenges. The game is not a pay-to-win, and is definitely worth a try!

2. Beast Quest

Although this game is relatively new, it already has many great reviews on Play Store. The magical beasts of Avantia were enchanted by an evil wizard and are attacking people and destroying the land. Only a true hero can free them and save the world of Avantia.

You can battle hordes of dangerous enemies and participate in boss fights while exploring the world and collecting tons of valuable items. The world is pretty nice and will lead you across snowy peaks, rain forests, and sandy beaches, which hold ancient treasures and lost artifacts.

The game offers interesting combat, which requires you to time your attacks, blocks, and dodges, in order to defeat your enemies. Besides interesting combat, the game offers hundreds of challenges, secrets, and achievements.

3. Pocket Legends

It’s been 8 years already since the game was released, but it’s still one of the most played MMORPGs on Android. The interface elements might look a bit outdated sometimes, but in terms of gameplay, the game is just great!

The game offers 100+ levels to complete online, with friends. Besides that, you can experience the amazing PVP arenas.

There are 5 unique, customizable character classes, thousands of items to collect, and a nice world to explore. It will lead you across dark dungeons, frigid mountain peaks, steamy swamps, and other interesting locations.

4. Arcane Legends

Probably the main reason this game is so successful is its simplicity that will meet all your needs. It’s pretty easy to understand the controls and gameplay and start exploring the huge world this game offers.

You can choose between 3 classes, and as you level up, learn dozens of new skills. Also, there are thousands of items to customize your hero and make it unique.

The game offers 3 competitive and interesting PVP modes: capture the flag, deathmatch, and duels. Once you level up a bit and enter PVP arenas, you will discover how great and catchy this game is.

As you explore a huge world with thousands of players, you will fight orcs, dragons, and other evil forces trying to destroy the kingdom of Arlor.

5. RAID: Shadow Legends

In order to save the world of Teleria, you must recruit warriors from the forces of Light and Darkness and train them to fight together. Instead of controlling a single hero, your goal is to build a powerful party.

The game offers a deep tactical play. You will have to try out different settings and strategies in order to find what suits your party best. The goal is to build a right team, with right characters that complement each other. This is has a fresh outlook & gameplay amongst these World of Warcraft alternatives available on Android.

There is also a massive story campaign which will lead you through 12 dark fantasy, spectacular locations. You can battle epic bosses, including dragons, golems, necromancers, and other fearsome beasts.

You can also develop and manage your own castle, unlock over 66 combat masteries, and play together in epic clan battles.

6. Age of Magic

Although Age of Magic is an MMORPG that reminds of World of Warcraft, it’s actually turn-based. Besides PVP battles, arenas and tournaments, the game offers a beautiful campaign.

You start the game by forming a squad of 5 heroes and discover their stories through the campaign mode. Battles are fast-paced and you can pick from dozens of characters, including elves, demons, druids, kobolds, dragonkin and more.

A new game mode, Clan Raids, has been added with the newest update. Create or join a clan, and participate in epic battles, tournaments, and various events.

7. Era of Legends

MMORPG with very catchy gameplay and nice graphics. Era of Legends offers a vast explorable world filled with thousands of enemies, items, and secrets. However, you don’t always have to win brutal battles by fighting.

Besides fighting hordes of enemies, while riding on a griffin, you can also hack your way behind enemy lines by controlling a massive robot. Participating in a face-to-face fight is completely up to you.

The game offers a flexible control system, which also includes the auto-fight option.

Whether you choose a sword, a staff, or a bow, you can try out various tactics and play styles, in order to find out what suits you best. You should also consider your pet and it’s abilities when it comes to strategy.

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Final Words on These MMORPGs

All the games on the list are free but note that most of them offer in-app-purchases. However, none of these games are pay-to-win.

The most similar to the original among these World of Warcraft alternatives might be Adventure Quest. On the other hand, if in-game visual and graphics are the most important gaming aspects for you, then you should try out RAID: Shadow Legends. The graphics and animations are wonderful!

Have you played any game from the list? Which one is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments below…

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