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Thought I’d try and get a topic like this going. What other games have fans of this been playing? As I’m finding myself getting more busy lately, I’m being drawn more to mobile games than in the past. The first mobile game I really got addicted to was the first Montowers, and I enjoyed that immensely due to not really having to worry about limited time events or any real time restrictions. They always felt fair in that game, and I never really had a moment where I was unable to play the game. I was hesitant on moving on to Montowers2 since I saw BP which looked to me like a mechanic that would prevent me from playing the game for however long I wanted. Luckily that wasn’t really the case as leveling up happened almost always right when I ran out of BP, and once that stopped being the case I could use quests to push me over the edge, and then once I was unable to do that I had a team strong enough to earn tokens from raids to let me keep playing. On top of all that, the in-game rewards from achievements gave a decent flow of tokens, and once I learned that Gatcha was useless and only ever used them to refill my BP, I found that this was a game where I never had to stop playing if I didn’t want to.

I’m not looking for something exactly like Montowers2, since I already have Montowers2 for that. But I’m generally just looking to see what other games people who visit this wiki play in addition to this. Most of my current mobile games are things like Super Hexagon or Geometry Wars, which are incredible pick up and play games but not something that gives me the satisfying long-term investment feeling that something like this does. I recently picked up Soccer Spirits, since I’ve seen that mentioned in conjunction with Montowers multiple times, and have been enjoying that, although the thing I really like about Montowers is the ability to farm for a specific monster rather than essentially drawing something random from a deck every time (haven’t been playing SS for too long, so maybe there’s a way to target which players I can acquire without knowing about it yet).


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I’m looking for a mobile game that:

-Is a long-term investment game (RPG/Collectathon/etc)

-Does not have obnoxious F2P elements that pressure me into spending money (although I’m never opposed to paying money in a game, it just needs to be semi-reasonable)

-I can pick up and play for a minute and enjoy, or play for multiple hours and enjoy. Essentially, something that doesn’t have annoying time restriction elements.

-Events/updates handled in such a way where new content is added to keep the game fresh, but is not implemented in such a way where only players who have been playing from the very beginning will be able to have everything in the game.

-Anime boobs (not required, but always a plus >__>). Gonna be hard for me to find something that tops the artstyle in this game for me tbqh.

This is what I’m looking for, but feel free to recommend anything that you’ve been enjoying lately on iOS or Android.

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