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Meeblings is great, cute too, but maybe some more features.More features like: 1. Meebsleveleditor (Same as Meeblingsworld Level Editor, but more features) 2. Actlings (they can be the mixtures of 2 or more different Meeblings’ colors and actions (let’s say that 2 meeblings are mixed together and say that one is red and one is blue. Then you can choose you’re meebling that you want to turn the Actlings into a red or blue meebling, which they also do different actions. 3. Magicling (whenever it touches a certain colored meebling, it turns the Magicling into that colored meebling. 4. Winged meeblings (They can be any color and/or type of meebling and fly instead of fall and are not affected by gravity. 5. Ghosting (can fly and not affected by gravity and can turn one who touched it into a ghostling) 6. Zombling (Can turn one who touched it into a zombling.) 7. Worlds (after 20 levels are passed, then you pass a world. They should be at least 30 worlds. That’s all I want, and make this in version 4.0. Bye!.Jenny 122356778Version: 1.2

Love the sound effectsNice little puzzler, specially the sound effects, very cute and in-line with the Meeblings! The graphics are only let down by the animations, but I guess it is reasonable for the price point of zilch. Like our yellow Meebling says, “Come here”!.KarukoVersion: 1.2

Good; Broken LevelsAlmost as good as the original web browser version. The only thing keeping this as dissatisfactory is that many of the levels are left to chance. Sometimes meeblings will get stuck between conveyor belts or won’t shoot up through a tube correctly and will force the player to retry the level and cross their fingers that everything works..ExtrementalisVersion: 1.2

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Bring Meeblings Back!Pls bring meeblings back, it was my childhood along with another app, and now I want to play both of them, but I want to play meeblings more,so please bring it back!.UnknownGamerDudeVersion: 1.2

AwezomeTo me its a strategy game, not a puzzle game. But its really nice game. The sounds get annoying but thats why we have earbuds that we dont put on your head (easier explenation: turn volume off) anyways, awesome game!!!! ;D.Fivespeck5Version: 1.2

😐My sound broke how should I fix this. Oh and good game. More meenlings would be more fun. A level editor? Maybe. I dunno. Good game needs more content. And fix my sound glitch please. ☺️ Thanks!.NinjaJabVersion: 1.2

Kids FavoriteThis simple, well designed little game has won the affection of my kids heart. They love it and keep playing it – winner in my book..RevMB04Version: 1.2

Great Game, but Crashes alotThis actually just started today. Every time I enter the app it crashes or closes back to my home screen. I don’t know why but I really like the gameplay and the cute little puzzles so please fix this soon!.KerseyLovesNeonTreesVersion: 1.2

Please revive my childhoodIn these trying times I’ve been searching in my past and witch club penguin being revived I would love for meeblings to come back please.💀Raven💀Version: 1.2

Great game!I love this game it’s awesome Meeblings? You know all those people who say: I open the app and it crashes on me! Please fix! Well.. Make a update and it will probably fix..Appvoter77777777Version: 1.2

Please update so I can get it againPlease I love this game just update it to support iOS 11 so I can get it back I miss meebljngs.AmazingPeakVersion: 1.2

I loved this gameY’all should up date it so I can relive my childhood I spent hours on this game and was sad to see it go bring the meeblings back..Mamba gambingVersion: 1.2

Update for newest iOS!!!Please make this game compatible with the newest iOS. I loved this game as a kid and would love to relive my glory days!.KvkvovofifrdufassdvuxjxebshbtnVersion: 1.2

Premium quality gameplay – for free!This amazing puzzle game takes you on a tap-happy physics adventure to save the Meeblings..DifujiaVersion: 1.2

Please update! <3This is one of my favorite games ever and I would love to be able to play it on my phone. Running 13.1.1 :/.See2004Version: 1.2

Please update!Please update this game! We miss it so much 🥺 such a fun game. I played it for hours when I was a teen..Miss-DesireVersion: 1.2

PLEASE UPDATE!!!Would you PLEASE update this game for newer versions of the iOS operating system so I can get it and play it again? I miss it so much!.TinksThotsVersion: 1.2

Great game but…The game is really addicting, but the add placement on the top makes some levels almost impossible to play without hitting the ad button..ViZZi0nZVersion: 1.2

MeeblingsPuzzle games have ways been a favorite. This game gives them a run for its money..PamelaArbajeVersion: 1.2

Please updateI used to love this game but please update it so I can play again!.MirkeaVersion: 1.2

Awesome AppI love this app it passes time I would love to let you make your own levels that would nice other wise nothing wrong.YellobubbleVersion: 1.2

Does not LoadPlease add those new features and please fix this. It does not load..Super JoshypockomanelementVersion: 1.2

GoodThis is fun, but after I passed all the stages in a level, the next level did not unlock! Please fix the glitch!!.Auntie SteveVersion: 1.2

VACCUM CLEANER!Fun game, I was laughing so hard when the vaccum thing came and sucked up all my meeblings!! (I pressed the skip level button.).01silverstreamVersion: 1.2

It won’t let me download the gameI loved this game a lot but can you make it playable for iOS 11.Nate N MommaVersion: 1.2

Very cute game with cute graphicsThis app is really good for kids and grown ups alike with good gameplay that keeps you going for hours! Best of all it’s free.RyanMonkey7Version: 1.2

Luv it!!I would give this app 5 stars but it can freeze and get choppy an update would be nice!.Pops yahooVersion: 1.2

Liked it but idk nowI loved this game until I got to the second to last page and u have to pay 48 gemblings to play. This is not fair..EmilykacVersion: 1.2

Cute and funDefinitely a very cute and fun game. I will definitely be playing this one a lot.SminkerzVersion: 1.2

Update?Can you please update Meeblings? If you don’t, I can’t play your awesome game..Nony 🤑Version: 1.2

NiceFun physics based puzzle game. It starts a bit slow but when it picks up it’s a lot of fun. Cute graphics..SavirahVersion: 1.2

Simple fun…Enjoyable concept and simple controls. Keeps the little ones occupied..SpiceHustle29Version: 1.2

This gamePlayed it on cool math games did not think it would be good for iOS but it is nice time passer.Emk5541Version: 1.2

Update it to iOS 11Update it to iOS 11 because right now I can’t play and it used to be one of my favorite games.YottabytesVersion: 1.2

CrashesThe game crashes wgenever I open the app. I want to play the game, but can’t. Please fix!.XXMarathonXXVersion: 1.2

AddictiveFinally found a new type of game 🙂 love it.Yucheng819Version: 1.2

Wonderful!!Very entertaining for the kids.EyegotmoxieVersion: 1.2

By TristenI like this game but it is not working it is not letting me update it so please fix this game and I will be waiting for it bye 👋.Pacey717Version: 1.2

MeeblingsI like it very much! You should try,don’t miss!.Johngreen43210Version: 1.2

Support for iOS 11Can you please support this fun game for iOS?.Conan K.Version: 1.2

My kind of gamePretty fun 🙂 it lacks overall direction though..Val.holmes18Version: 1.2

Fun puzzlerThe physics could use a bit of refinement, but other than that fun!.Immense101Version: 1.2

MeeblingsReally nice puzzle game. Could compete with bejeweled and stuff. Download it now..ManuelBatistaVersion: 1.2

Awesome app! Worth the download!This is awesome! Keeps me entertained for hours! Worth a the download!.Natemp21Version: 1.2

😀This is excellent. 😀 Words cannot describe..Lemon boy 300Version: 1.2

I loved the of version of this.I have a good feeling about the app..Levon101Version: 1.2

MeeblingsSuper awesome game! Works fine on my iPod recommend to everyone! If ur I pod is slow might not work. Also get pebble wars!.Rose-a-LynnVersion: 1.2

Great but…Great game but when I get to the 32nd level it makes me pay gemlings to access that set of levels even though I bet the other levels! Fix this plz..Ebddog101Version: 1.2

5 starsI love this game it’s so much fun.Pickle pickle pickleVersion: 1.2

Crashes DXOmg I love meeblings but I can’t even get into the game….. I touch the app and it immediately sends me back to the home screen….wah I wish I could play meeblings I love it so much!!!!! Please fix so I can play meeblings!!!!!.Relish57Version: 1.2

OMG soooooooo cool!This is the best game EVER!!! I want more levels! Every one needs meeblings I told all my besties to get it! So the game is super Kool! I’m leah and I’m 10 and this is the BEST game EVER!!!.Monster1306Version: 1.2

Meeblings!!!Must-have physics puzzler fun, and it’s free!.MattH33Version: 1.0

CrashingWhenever I try to get into the 32nd world It crashes!!! 😭.Ally and rowVersion: 1.0.1

Meeblings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!There’s nothing more awesomer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Angry Hills LoverVersion: 1.0.1

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