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17 Best Building games 2018 (Android & iOS) | Free apps for Android and iOS

Mobile building simulators are like girls. They enter into your life, take up all the time, take a lot of energy, and often and fairly a lot of money. They are capricious, they constantly demand something, they force you to break your head and get enough patience. But in the end, they reward on merit by the opportunity to create something new and better, to feel literally as the king of the world and to amuse one’s self-esteem. And they are very different, and some are special. It’s about such games we will talk about today.

SimCity BuildIt

Sim City BuildIt is a fascinating simulator of city life with economic, political, and financial problems for Android and iOS. You will become the mayor and stand at the origins of the city’s emergence and make it the most prosperous. In the mobile version, everything is much simpler than in the original board game. You do not have to break down the territory into industrial, commercial, and residential areas, here you will have a whole set of all kinds of buildings, directly you will create. Not all buildings will be available to you immediately, they will be opened as you develop. The main message you will have are roads, laying out of which, you will provide your buildings with water and electricity, and provide residents with sewerage. The main factors for collecting taxes will be the growth of the population and the level of its happiness, and then your treasury will be successfully replenished.

Everything in the game Sim City is very simple. Build residential quarters and walk along them. And that the residents were as happy as possible, place factories and factories away from them. Do not forget about special institutions. Hospitals, schools, fire and police buildings are required and with the growth of the city, their number should be appropriate. In addition to taxes from citizens, you can replenish your treasury, selling goods from the warehouse, issued by your enterprises. And with the advent of the port, this task is even more simplified. Do not be afraid to build skyscrapers, with them the city will become even brighter and richer. Gradually you will be contacted by your advisers and ordinary citizens with requests, carefully study them, some you really have to fulfill, and some can wait. Always count on your budget, if you do not appreciate it, you can simply turn the city into ruins.

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Magnificent mechanics in the game and a very colorful and detailed graphics component make the game a high place among its competitors. The game on the device screens looks just amazing, especially nice to see your creation at dawn. The game provides for a change of day and night. Also, the sound component is adjusted for the time, the night city sounds completely different than its daytime life. Despite the three-dimensional graphics, it is all right with the optimization of the game and even the owners of not the most powerful devices will be able to enjoy the magnificent application. Management in the game is very simple, you need to focus your main attention on the game process and perform the necessary actions in time. There is a donut in the game, but without it, you can play very well, you just have to spend a little more time. A magnificent urban development strategy that will not leave indifferent admirers of this board game.

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SUBURBIA City Building Game

In the not too distant past, SUBURBIA was an economic board game. Quite popular due to pleasant stylistics and unusual topics – participants were asked to build their own megacity of hexes, symbolizing residential and industrial areas. Plan, invest, increase the number of residents, earn money and build again – everything that makes up the essence of the urban simulator.

When you switch to a mobile format, SUBURBIA has not changed one iota. It’s still the same ascetic and easy-to-learn, but multifaceted economic strategy, which has become easier to sort out, thanks to automated calculations. SUBURBIA – the case when the content prevails over the form. And, of course, as in any good project like this, there was multiplayer, so architecture can be done with friends.

Undoubtedly this simple and at the same time interesting graphics deserves attention, and together with competently thought-out interface controls and good quality melodies, responsible for the actions, we get a good mobile product.

  • game on one device up to 4 players;
  • six unique AI opponents;
  • single player campaign;
  • asynchronous step-by-step online multiplayer through Game center;
  • more than 50 types of buildings;
  • interactive tutorial;
  • rules and tips.

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Dungeon Village

An incredibly huge pixel world awaits you in the Dungeon Village game! What is it? This is a whole world that combines the traditions of role-playing and strategy. You have the opportunity to build a huge fortress from a small village, carrying out a huge number of quests of varying complexity. Your city should reflect everything: rich culture, rich economy, brave soldiers, and happy residents.

The game Dungeon Village invites you to plunge into a new, unique world of war and alchemy. To raise your city, you will need to go to deep caves to find rare artifacts that will promote your popularity. And as soon as the inhabitants of other states learn about your exploits, they immediately move to your village to raise it with you. The more people would live in, the higher the infrastructure will have. You will be able to discover new buildings that will make you even more powerful. The game is not limited to these actions, do not forget about building your own army …

As for the army, it will consist of the main characters, which you will need to constantly improve, pump their skills and buy them new equipment. In the game, for this, a unique skill system is built in, with which you have not met anywhere else. Curious is also the system of characters update, thanks to which it is possible to create a truly powerful and invincible army of soldiers to protect the village.

So, if you are ready to lead your village along the way to a huge fortress, you need to download Dungeon Village on your smartphone right now!

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MegaCity is one of the most unique puzzles, which is represented in the genre of “tile location” in the style of the city building. The player will need to deal with the creation of his puzzles while using all the features of the gameplay. You will need to place constantly appearing buildings to accumulate points. But you should be very careful because not everyone dreams to live near the trash. All need exceptionally beautiful parks, as well as schools near their homes, however, the city’s budget is far from rubber.

Options and nuances are countless, and it is in finding the balance that the essence of MegaCity HD lies. As the game progresses, the pastime will constantly pop up new buildings, sometimes completely change the already worked out schemes, so that you will not have to miss and just repeat the same thing over and over again.


  • a huge number of all kinds of buildings, with the opportunity to open 10 new;
  • availability of a record table online;
  • test mode;
  • original system of achievements.

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The Simpsons™: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out (Simpsons) – this is a fun game for Android and iOS, created based on the animated series “The Simpsons.” The very name only says that the game promises to be fun, interesting and unpredictable. Those who watched (and continues to watch) the animated series will certainly be glad to see the familiar heroes, and those who for some reason have never seen the Simpsons cartoon will necessarily want to see at least one series, because the game is very addictive and you want to see its cheerful heroes again and again.

So, the actions of the The Simpsons: Tapped Out game unfold in the small town of Springfield, in which the main characters live (the Simpsons family). Everyone in the city knows this family because with them there are always some adventures that sometimes reach a global scale.

So and this time was not without incidents. In the most normal working day, Homer, as always, went to work which he does not like very much and as always fell asleep at his workplace. Only this time, Homer could not sleep through the whole working day, because his dream was disturbed by a loud explosion. As it turned out, he accidentally pressed a few buttons in his sleep, which caused the explosion of the reactor, which destroyed the entire Springfield! Going out on the street, Homer was able to pronounce only his proprietary “dou” and went in search of his family and friends.

Managing Homer, you have to find the surviving inhabitants of Springfield, who are not very happy that you destroyed the whole city. Therefore, you will have to return everything as it was, otherwise your deeds will be bad. This time, Homer will not be able to oversleep all the work, but he’ll have to get a good rap. But to cope alone with the whole city and the angry inhabitants is certainly beyond his power, so here he simply cannot do without your help. Restore Springfield with Homer and make it even better than before the explosion! This will help the hero to regain respect, and you will get a lot of fun from an exciting adventure.

But do not think that the game is only in the construction of the city. In the course of the game, you will have fun hikes in newly created buildings (for example, a beer factory), you can also visit the cities created by your friends (online game). For all your efforts, Homer will earn donuts and “cash” to buy new items. During the game, you will see funny inserts from the animated cartoon “The Simpsons”, get acquainted with new friends and in the end understand that the free game The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a real hit among the games for Android and iOS.

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Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter – the long-awaited construction of an underground city in which you can create a huge nuclear shelter for a large number of people. All this you will do for the fact that the humanity that survived after the nuclear catastrophe could adapt to the changed world outside the bunker. Find for each new person who gets into the bunker that industry in which he can bring benefits to society. All the while develop your underground shelter and watch the order, that would not accidentally lose everything that you have built and achieved.

After the creation of a refuge, from the whole district, outcast and lonely people will flee to us. To take them or not on board depends on us. The entrance only with a pass. After this, it is necessary to take care that in your shelter, there is electricity, food and at least a little clean water. To do this, you need to build a dining room, generator, living quarters, elevators. Your residents always remember about the world they live in, so each of them will be happy only if it becomes a useful unit of society.

The game really has a lot of things: the inhabitants of the shelter can settle in one room for the birth of children, sometimes it will be necessary to make outings to wastelands, to defend themselves against nomadic raids, to develop weapons of arms, to dress their inhabitants in new suits, to explore the bowels of the earth. To create an ideal society, it is necessary to go through everything: through birth, through death, through a flurry of dangers that will only rally and make your asylum stronger.

The guys from Bethesda Softworks did a very good job in order to convey the atmosphere of Fallout. Each room of refuge causes violent streams of nostalgia, the music and sounds of the rooms seem so familiar and so native that you want to re-spell the new all three parts – only for that, you can express the deepest respect to the developers. The game is free, it has in-game purchases but there is no advertising. For a full-fledged game process, no internet connection is required.

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City Island 3 – Building Sim

Users are offered to build up the island and create a developed infrastructure in the tropics. Make sure that new buildings look organically, and the well-being of residents was at a high level.


A dynamic strategy was developed by employees of a well-known studio that released the popular SimCity. In the next part of the City Island series, users are offered to build not a vacant lot on the mainland, but a paradise on a tropical island. Creating an infrastructure, it is necessary to watch that new building are harmoniously entered in an environment.

However, there is no need especially to worry about this- the developers have introduced many new, “tropical” types of buildings – beach bars, restaurants, desert hotels and so on. So users, becoming the head of a small village, will be able to become the mayors of the largest tropical megalopolis!

The interface of the game and its mechanics have not changed in comparison with the previous versions of the game. You can also choose numerous buildings and build them in any part of the island. You need to monitor the amount of commercial real estate and the main indicator of success in the game – the Balance of Happiness.


In graphic terms, the game cannot cause any complaints. The developers worked in detail everything – from general view from top to large plans for each object separately. An interesting animation was created for the construction of each of the buildings.

Moreover, unlike other games of the series, in this part, the detailing of individual buildings is better. Moreover, as already noted above, the buildings have a corresponding – a tropical decoration.

This game combines extremely interesting gameplay with high-quality graphics. If you are a fan of building strategies, we recommend this game as one of the best in its class. The game is distributed completely free of charge, so you will be spared the need to pay for any additional features in the game.

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The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is an amazing urban simulator designed for modern Android and iOS devices. The plot of the game takes users to a fantastic universe where in a fierce struggle representatives of the greatest nations in the history of human civilization will clash. What role do you choose? Fearless Viking, a proud Roman legionnaire, a freedom-loving Indian or a warlike Spartan?

The Battle of Polytopia is a free strategy where all events occur in real time. At your disposal is a whole settlement, which, with good leadership, will turn into a powerful state. To do this, it is necessary to use a whole set of tools, represented by strategic, industrial and military buildings. Erecting buildings, the user sets the vector for the development of the kingdom, where the emphasis is on diplomatic or armed relations.

On the uncharted part of the map are the forces of the enemy. In total, the game features four types of land. Each card is a unique set of natural resources that affects the gameplay. In addition, all levels are generated randomly, which gives military clashes the effect of surprise. The war with artificial intelligence is a test from which it is quite difficult to emerge victorious. Will you be able to seize the lands of the opposite side of the conflict under such difficult conditions?

The application interface has a well-developed intuitive user interface. All the battles take place in an interactive mode, so it’s convenient to monitor every single battle. The creators of the project release regular updates, which brings into play new civilizations, buildings and technologies. All these factors make The Battle of Polytopia for iOS and Android a high-quality strategy, performed in a colorful retro style.

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Townsmen is a new game from one of the best developers not only for today’s popular Android and iOS operating systems, but before all the favorite Symbian and java applications for phones – HandyGames. The developer was always famous for simple, uncomplicated games, with a certain charm that was present in absolutely all creations.

Townsmen is a strategy with a complex economic simulation and deep production chains. That is, in addition to the usual construction of buildings and development, you need to follow also the needs of citizens, the availability of the necessary amount of resources for food and various materials. This is a rather complicated process, which is accompanied by additional tasks.

The king now and then communicates his needs and moods, and you, like respectable citizens, must do everything to satisfy his whims. Some tasks are very simple and do not require much effort to perform, while the main one is delayed for the entire time of passing the level, and for its execution the greatest reward is given.

The game is constantly in suspense, the inhabitants of your settlement report problems and shortcomings in the chosen development scenario, demanding from you certain actions. For example, one of the ways to feed the townspeople is baking bread: already at the initial stage, having built a farm for growing wheat, the worker says that he does not have enough fields and it is necessary to sow a large area, which leads to an increase in the yield, and accordingly the number of loaders that transport it to stock. But to add loaders it is required to increase the population and it turns out that there is already no free unit for building a city house. So it turns out that to increase the number of loaders, you must first remove one of them from the main task, then to fill this gap with a vengeance, or, which is more difficult, competently monitor the number of available workers. Such production chains are rather complicated, but they make the game interesting and very believable.

Despite the fact that there are enough worries in the game, do not forget that only happy settlers show due diligence. So, if you do not fulfill the desire of the inhabitants or collect too many taxes from them, you can provoke them to strike, so you need to do everything to make them happy and full.

For this, it is necessary to build buildings that citizens can visit during their free time: churches, taverns, the market, arenas. The level of happiness can be raised even by slightly decorating the city with various statues, monuments, and parks.

The game takes a long time, and thoughtlessly it will not work, but it does not spoil it at all, as well as a fairly simple schedule. Free play does not affect the process of passing. The real plus that you can get for money is to faster time for faster development, and advertising can be removed directly from the application.

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Designer City

The player will be in the times of the distant future, namely in 2050. If you download Designer City: building game on a smartphone, you can see for yourself what is happening at this time with the world and its cities. At this time, the population of people has grown so much that a maximum mark has been fixed and a critical situation has been voiced. It was decided to open a new island, which will soon become fully built up and develop infrastructure. It is far from civilization. You are instructed to begin construction and soon to create a masterpiece in the form of a metropolis.

After you can download Designer City: building game on Android and iOS, start to deal with the project of a new, unique city. Only then, in accordance with your project, begin construction. You need to build a huge metropolis that will attract more and more new residents. Together they will grow. Build initially small cozy houses, but as they grow, take them down and build skyscrapers this piece of land. All who will live with you must go to work and buy in stores. To do this, you need to create jobs and industry. To ensure that they feel comfortable in the new megalopolis, it is necessary to take care of the start of the work of the police, doctors, and other special help services.

Naturally, we cannot do without the implementation of entertainment complexes. Try to create parks, resorts, and other communications. When the residents start working, they will pay taxes and naturally get rich, they will switch over for cars. Therefore, many parking spaces and city roads will be needed. Moreover, the player must create public interchanges for buses and railway transport. Build a huge seaport, and even an airport to become one of the capitals cities.

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In this game, you can build the best city on earth. However, this requires a competent financial plan. This economic city-building simulator will certainly carry you away for many hours.

Features of the gameplay

In order to build a modern metropolis, it is necessary to try hard. It is very important to make good use of your starting capital and resources. Only thanks to your action the city will start to develop and prosper. You cannot build it thoughtlessly, erecting any buildings anywhere. In the construction of a metropolis, a well-thought-out and precise system are needed, on which everything will hold. Think carefully about the city plan: where and what will be located? It is necessary to choose the most suitable location for each object. Also, do not forget to take care of the supply of communications, because without them life in the city simply will stop.

Skyscrapers, factories, administrative buildings, tax inspection, the railway, the airport and so on – all this and much more will develop the infrastructure of your metropolis. Take care of the well-being of local residents, because they are the most important source of replenishment of the city budget. Build new facilities that will attract tourists to significantly increase the flow of funds.

Regular updates and city events will make the game even more interesting. Buy materials and create alliances with neighbors. Find out who will be able to create the most successful and beautiful city.

What can you expect

  1. Very realistic 3D graphics.
  2. World famous buildings – from antiquity to the present day.
  3. More than 700 buildings, hundreds of materials.
  4. Teamwork with neighbors.
  5. Development of the city on land and on water.
  6. Interesting tasks, rewards and achievements.

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City Mania

City Mania: Town Building Game – a new project from the game studio Gameloft, which is a town-building simulator. Beautiful graphic design, pleasant animation, and visual effects, casual music and simply high-quality content are all created to make players feel at home in Mania.

By the name of the game, it’s easy to guess what players will be doing on the screens of their Android and iOS gadgets. But the development of the city is not an easy task. Every step should be carefully considered before making a decision. So, players need to build residential areas, parks, production areas and infrastructure and the like. On the other hand, the residents of the city have their own interests and needs. To meet the needs of every resident is the main challenge in City Mania. To do this, you will have all the necessary tools and leverage. Shops, farms, fire stations, factories for the production of everyday items … all this is to some extent necessary for the functioning of the city. Do not forget about the various environmental standards.

With the development of the city, there is a need for its modernization and the construction of new facilities. You will not have much free time and need to follow all the processes. Collect resources, increase the level of buildings, “synthesis” with some different objects – you will always have some work. When performing tasks, the game awards valuable resources, “experts” and a rare currency that will help develop your city. By the way, if Gameloft is famous for projects, where it is almost impossible without Donat to cope, in City Mania: Town Building Game you can easily manage without investing funds.

Graphics and gameplay are made in a positive, cartoon style. The atmosphere in the urban simulator inspires players to new feats and the desire to become the best mayor of the best city on the planet.

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Virtual City Playground

Feel the grandiose functionality of the urban strategy “Virtual City Playground” for Android and iOS, try on the role of a virtual engineer, try your hand at being a sufficial businessman or a fair mayor. The final view of the city belonging to you directly depends on your managerial knowledge, go through a difficult stage of formation and it is possible that you will be able to build a real metropolis capable of glorifying your talent for the whole world.

After the first launch of the game, you will see your own undeveloped plot of land, as well as a few virtual coins that are clearly not enough for the construction of the city. But not everything is as bad as it might seem initially, the authors of the strategy have put at your disposal a group of the best experts able to explain to you what to do first of all so as not to become bankrupt. The gameplay requires meaningful decisions, otherwise, it is not worth hoping for a successful outcome of the event. Let’s say you decide to build a plant, then you should think about the timely delivery of the necessary materials, allocate territory for storage facilities, take time to create a car park because the cargo itself will not move and so on.

At your disposal will be about two hundred of different buildings including all kinds of monuments, entertainment complexes and so on. Do not forget about your citizens, try to improve their well-being and standard of living day by day, create enough jobs. Visit the group of the games in Facebook, share your results, get acquainted with the success of your friends.

  1. Occupy the erection of residential buildings, industrial facilities and entertainment and recreation facilities.
  2. Control the production of various goods (products and consumer goods), monitor that they reach the shelves of the shopping centers you built in time.
  3. Achieve that the public transport of your city works without interruptions, for the convenience of use by residents.
  4. Clean and recycle garbage waste, plant the streets of your city.
  5. Increase the level of happiness of your fellow citizens with entertaining and entertainment activities.

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Rebuild is a strategy in the scenery of a ruined world where people gather in small groups and build up settlements to protect themselves from a zombie attack. The genre of post-apocalypse, as never before, is popular in the gaming industry. It’s strange that in such a promising setting it’s hard to remember at least one notable project with a tactical or strategic component. Developers from Northway have decided to correct this situation.

The game begins with the choice of the character’s name, the complexity of the campaign, and other options that affect the gameplay. It all looks rather unusual – in the form of letters surviving, where you need to substitute values or words. Of course, it is the user created by the hero who is destined to become the leader of the settlement and save a small number of people. Under the control of the player is a small town with several survivors, buildings and a constant threat from the living dead. Though the population is small, but each character is an important element of a society. Some heroes can build new buildings more quickly, while others have leadership qualities and are able to recruit other survivors. There are several kinds of structures: a farm that provides food for people; a laboratory for zombie virus research; the police station prepares the guards of order, which not only guarantee the supremacy of the law in the city but also are quality personnel in the pile of ghouls.

At first, it frightens off the graphic design of the project – it’s horrible. Characters are executed disgustingly, cartoon buildings and brightly colored, which is absolutely not suitable for creating a gloomy atmosphere. Almost all the plot information is in the letters, there are no dialogues between the characters. Background music is made in an industrial style. No ads.

Rebuild is a deep project in which micromanagement plays a major role. And most importantly, it has no competitors. Somewhat confuses is the bad graphics, but this is only at the first acquaintance, then the process tightens with the head.

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Dominations – one of the brightest representatives of epic strategies of combat type. The game will lead one of the favored civilizations and engage in its development so that it could survive the centuries. Begin with the primitive community and bring it up to the level of interplanetary flights.


  1. The game was developed by Brian Rehnolds – a famous game designer.
  2. Join alliances, destroy enemies, start joint battles.
  3. Hire the generals whose names are permanently imprinted in history: Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra. Only with their help, you can come to victory.
  4. Choose a civilization that will bring unique awards, and will also have only unique units and skills. Study them before starting to choose the optimal civilization for the preferred mode of government.
  5. Emphasize the status of the most powerful ruler, having built in his honor the great miracles of the whole world. Try to get ahead of others and first collect a collection of 7 wonders.
  6. Give your submissions transitions from era to era. They will learn the ways of domesticating animals, the recipe for gunpowder, the principles of building spacecraft.
  7. Become the absolute ruler of the world, seizing the land in the mode of a single campaign. Only power and complete domination.
  8. Compete against real opponents, for whom pity is an unknown word. Become a part of a big confrontation without absolute leaders, but with a lot of losers. Be always on the alert.

The plot of the game suggests to feel like a builder of great civilizations, which is subject to time. Conduct your people from the stage of a simple tribe to the most powerful civilization in the whole world. Test your skills as a strategist. Prove that you can be a great emperor!

Download from Google Play Download from iTunes

Village City Island Sim Build

The Village City – Island Sim game will appeal to all fans of building games. In this application, you can immerse yourself in an exciting virtual world, and begin to master the first skills as a builder.

According to the plot, you will manage the construction of your own city, and for this, you will need logic and a certain sequence of actions. You play the role of a powerful tycoon, who needs to turn a small village on an exotic island into a thriving metropolis.

In the game Village City – Island Sim Build, there are many exciting tasks that will help even a beginner to improve their skills and learn how to build the most grandiose buildings. For each task or level passing, you will be rewarded with bonus points and valuable prizes, as well as gain access to new gaming opportunities and crafting.

The game Village City – Island Sim Build – the latest version of the famous building application. The developers took into account all the wishes when creating the game, so it became even brighter, more realistic and more interesting from the point of view of the gameplay. Now you will not only build houses but also decorate them to make the life of the townspeople more comfortable. In addition, you will need the construction of industrial enterprises and public institutions, and employ workers from among the city’s residents. Thus, you can improve the welfare of your metropolis and make it the most developed city in the game.


  1. Good graphics.
  2. Interesting gameplay.
  3. More than 100 buildings for building.
  4. A lot of tasks and much more.

Download from Google Play Download from iTunes


TheoTown – the most realistic urban pixel simulation. In TheoTown there is no plot and goal of the game, in fact – it’s a big sandbox, where you can try your hand at building the city. When you start the game, you can choose the size of the map, as well as the type of terrain and the complexity of the game, after which you can generate territory and start building something. In the beginning, you will have a limited amount of money and you need to plan the construction in such a way as to keep within the budget and at the same time start earning at your enterprises.

For this, a number of factors need to be taken into account when building cities. You must provide electricity to homes and businesses and build electrical stations for this. In the beginning, it will be simple solar panels, and then it will be possible and something more powerful to build. It will also be necessary to build communications to homes and businesses so that resources flow into all parts of the city. The buildings themselves are divided into several types: residential, commercial, and industrial. Accordingly, if you need more residents, then you need to build housing for them, and if your city budget has ceased to grow, then rather build new businesses.

Although this game has no ultimate goal, the developers themselves have tried to maximize the diversity of the gameplay. For example, you can try to become a metropolis, and for this, more than 200 thousand people should live in the city. Or you can improve the living conditions for people, which will increase the index of their happiness. In TheoTown, you will always have access to detailed statistics, which can be studied for a long time, sticking to different numbers and graphics. Track with it the detailed costs and revenues, monitor the level of education, religion and tax collection.

And if you get tired of playing just like that, then you can have fun by triggering natural disasters on your creation or even dropping an atomic bomb. In general, TheoTown is a pretty solid sandbox on the topics of city construction and management. If you are a fan of classical strategies or like a calm and thoughtful gameplay, then this app is likely to appeal to you.


  1. Good opportunities to manage your city and its construction.
  2. Build communications, build houses and earn money on commercial buildings.
  3. If desired, the city can cause natural disasters and drop an atomic bomb, which is pretty cool.

Download from Google Play

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