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Top 10 Best Games Like Anthill For Android – Apk Ultra

Anthill is an action-strategy game in which you build a hill of stones and defend it from waves of enemies. You can either play with a single unit or use a stream of units to build up your defenses. You can use your units to attack the enemy or build your defenses. In addition, you can use your resources wisely to build more powerful units and upgrade them as you go along. If you’re looking for a game like Anthill, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the best games like Anthill and will continue to update this list with more and more games like Anthill.

The enemies can be bugs or other animals. You can choose to fight bugs or to fight other animals. If you fight bugs, you must destroy their home first. Once they are destroyed, they will no longer be able to attack you. On the other hand, if you are fighting other animals, you can just destroy their home.

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Best Games Like Anthill

Anthill is a game where you build and expand your Anthill. The game’s goal is to become the biggest and best Anthill in the world. In this post, we’ll be discussing the top 10 games like Anthill and how you can improve your game.

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a strategic tower defense video game in which you must protect your home from invading zombies. At the same time, you grow and manage your army of plants. You play as the last remaining zombie-free homeowner in a world overrun by the undead. Your goal is to build a protective shield around your house to keep the zombies at bay. You can grow plants to use as weapons and collect coins and other items to purchase new plants and upgrades.

Kingdom Rush

I am a huge fan of tower defense games, especially those played with a pen and paper. I love the fact that the game offers you to build your own towers, you can choose your heroes, and you can even build your own kingdom. The game is called Kingdom Rush, which is very good.

You can play as either the hero or the villain in the game. The game is a tower defense game where you must stop the enemy from reaching the end of the map. You can use various weapons, traps, and heroes to defeat the enemy. It has a lot of features that make it very interesting.

Tiny Defense

In Tiny Defense, you’ll be allowed to build your own defense force. You’ll choose between different types of weapons and defenses to help you protect your base from enemy attacks. The game will allow you to build many defenses, such as turrets, sentries, cannons, and a wide range of weapons. You’ll be able to choose from over 20 different types of weapons that you can use to destroy your enemies.

Fieldrunners 2

If you’ve ever played Fieldrunners before, then you know how addicting the game can be. Fieldrunners 2 takes everything that made the original game so popular and improves upon it in every way. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, you’ll find that it is the perfect game to keep you occupied for hours on end.

I would recommend it to anyone who loves strategy and tower defense games. It’s also a game you should play if you like to have fun. It has over 100 levels with different themes and enemies. There are also many upgrades that you can buy. You can also buy additional weapons and traps.

Defend Your Life

Defend Your Life is a game that takes place inside the human body. You’ll be in control of a team of fighters that will fight against a horde of viruses and bacteria that are trying to infect you. You’ll have to choose a side and defend your area using your team of fighters. The more you protect your areas, the more points you’ll get.


Bardbarian is an RPG game where you have to take control of the Bard as he tries to save the city from a terrible fate. The game has a story with a great plot and depth. The gameplay is very easy to learn and is accessible to everyone. The game is a mix-up of Tower Defense, Strategy, and Action-RPG elements. It can be played on mobile devices or on a desktop.

Anomaly Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone Earth is an action strategy game with a heavy emphasis on tower defense elements. It’s also a unique game in that it allows you to play as a human or a robot. It offers various missions, characters, and weapons. If you’re looking for a new strategy game to play, then Anomaly Warzone Earth is definitely worth checking out.

Swords and Soldiers HD

In this game, you have to take control of the most Brutal Vikings, Mighty Aztecs, or the Shrewd Chinese to fight for their survival. You will have to use your strategies to overcome all the obstacles that are in your way to build your own army and defenses to stop the enemy from invading your land to do everything you can to protect your kingdom and your people.

Garden Rescue

Garden Rescue is best than other games like anthill. This game is a simple strategy game where you have to defend your garden from various insects by placing the towers in order of your choice. You can choose between 3 different levels of difficulty, each with its own set of towers and enemies. To win the game, you must complete the level in the least amount of time possible. This game is a very simple strategy game, but it is a lot of fun.


In CastleStorm, you are a hero who must defend a castle from an onslaught of monsters and other players. As the game progresses, you gain access to new weapons, items, and abilities that will help you defeat the enemy. If you’re looking for a challenging, fast-paced, and highly addictive game, then CastleStorm is just what you need.

CastleStorm is a great game for those who love the strategy and tower defense genres. The combination of these two genres makes this game so great. In CastleStorm, players will be able to defend their castle from the attacks of other players. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s castle before the enemy destroys yours. The game is played on a 2D plane. The player can move his or her units to attack the enemy’s units. The player can also use spells and weapons to destroy the enemy’s units.

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