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Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Pug

Pugs need a little physical exercise just like all other breeds of dogs and can be very intelligent. Thus, in order to keep your pug healthy, you need to give it plenty of physical and mental exercise. You also need to provide your pug with plenty of entertaining activities to do, simply because it will become bored if its owner has no other activities planned.

Poolside summer pugs
Poolside pugs on a summer day

This is why people end up with pugs that chew shoes and wreck the furniture. If you don’t give your pug something to do, it will find something on its own, simply to avoid boredom. Hence, although pugs love to sleep and be lazy, they need to be kept active and engaged while awake.

Wondering what activities you can enjoy with your pug? Here are the top games and activities that can keep your pug active and entertained:

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Image of cute pugs playing in the pool
Dixie and Lola playing in the pool with Sweet Pea.

Don’t be fooled by the small size of your pug. Young pugs can be a bundle of energy and they love to be physically active. Here is how you can do just that:

Take Your Pug for a Walk

Going for a walk is the most common activity that all dog owners and their pets share together. However, as pugs can only bear little exercise, make sure that your walk is a short one and at a normal pace.

Play Tug Of War

Pugs have a natural instinct to take things in their mouth and pull on them. Use a rope toy or a towel, anything that can be chewed up by your pug with your consent, and grab one end of it. Let your pug pull on the other end. However, this game should be avoided with aggressive pugs.

Play Fetch

Just like other dogs, pugs enjoy playing fetch. Although this game will require some training, it will be a lot of fun for you and your pug, once it has learnt all of the tricks. It is also a game, which does not require a lot of physical effort on your part.

Pugs are incredibly smart and can learn new tricks with ease. However, in order to keep their brain stimulated, you have to engage them in mentally challenging activities as well. A few of the best ones are:

Food Puzzles

There are many toys available that you can use to place food inside them. Unless your pug is very hungry, it will enjoy discovering how to open the toy and get the treat inside.

Treasure Hunt

Image of Lola and Dixie the pugs
Lola and Dixie Hunting for Treasure (treats)

Make your pug hunt for its food while you are busy elsewhere. Pack a toy with food in front of your pug and then go away to hide it in the house. Once your pug realizes that there is a toy full of food waiting for it in the house, it will start searching for it immediately.


Just like humans, dogs need to socialize and get along with other dogs. Teach your pug to play with other dogs and be nice to them. Just be careful your dog doesn’t get hurt while playing with bigger breeds.

These are just some of the most basic activities that you can enjoy with your pug. So use these or create your own to entertain and engage your pug in the fun-filled manner.

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