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At The Game Academy, we design interactive learning experiences that engage a diverse array of learning types, including “at-risk” or otherwise “disenfranchised” learners. Our games promote social, emotional and cognitive development while inspiring empathy, critical thinking and a collaborative spirit. From this enriched context for learning, we provide powerful learning experiences for players of all ages, backgrounds and interests.

  • Enrichment Gaming Program
  • Adventure Gaming Summer Camp
  • Content-Based Curricular Units for the classroom
  • Additional Programs

Enrichment Gaming Program

gamebasedlearningThe Game Academy is very proud of our core initiative of enrichment gaming and education programming, which we have provided to the community since 2012. Playing role-playing games fosters 21st century skills such as empathy, creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Participant students join us once a week at various locations (including online) for a 2-4 hour role-playing game session. Each session has a ratio of no more than five participants to one educator who serves as the narrator and game master. During the sessions, we engage in fun, collaborative storytelling which focuses on the social and emotional development of participants while simultaneously presenting academic content as desired. We also offer classes that support participants who want to take their gaming to the next level and learn how to run a game as the game master. Click here for more information about our Enrichment Gaming Program, and to register.

Adventure Gaming Summer Day Camp

SD GameAcademy 2017 1186 smallOne of our most popular initiatives is our Adventure Gaming Summer Camp, which blends the experience of tabletop role-playing games, physical athletic activity, and hands-on, skills-based learning projects in an interconnected, immersive week of play and learning.

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For 2022, The Game Academy is providing both online and in-person camp offerings, now in four locations around the Bay Area: Berkeley, San Rafael, San Francisco and Santa Rosa.

Click here for more information on 2022’s Adventure Gaming Summer CampClick here to see testimonials from past camp participants and their parents.

Content-Based Classroom Curricular Units

Click here for more information about our classroom curricular units.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how we can help create and support innovative, engaging game experiences for the classroom!

Additional Programs

hire pro EGMAre you a kid who can’t make it to one of our Adventure Gaming Summer Camp sessions, or don’t have time in your schedule for a weekly game? Are you are a parent who is curious about or interested in participating yourself in role-playing games, but you haven’t found anyone to run a game for you? Have you wanted to try a fun new activity that the whole family can participate in? Perhaps you want to create an awesome birthday party or team-building experience for a small group of people, and you are looking for something novel and exciting? Well, you’re in luck: The Game Academy offers the same high-quality, fun collaborative storytelling experiences led by expert Educator- Gamemasters (EGMs) beyond the traditional homeschool or afterschool times and places, and for adults as well as families.

Role-playing games are a fantastic way to bring a small group of up to 5 people together either in-person or online for a fun, creative, collaborative and social experience. Available as either a one-shot, 4 hour event or as an ongoing series of game sessions, we will work with you to tailor the content and the type of game to your specific needs.

Click here for more information about our private custom event offerings.

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