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(I guess every other February during my undergraduate years, the Northwestern writers all ran out of real stories to write about… 😛 )

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A Proposition: If any tape traders wish to put their collections online, I would be happy to share my web space with you. Just shoot me an email and I can set you up with a way to edit your pages whenever you want (just like I do). With the closure of GeoCities, I’m sure some of you have been caught by surprise.

Mr. City’s TAPE and DVD Trading Post

Do you realize I’ve been at this for OVER 10 YEARS NOW? Wow, it escaped me that February 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of receiving my first trade! It’s hard to say I’ve really been at this for 10 years, though, since I didn’t really trade the last two years, but nevertheless here’s a big Thank You once again to everyone I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Lately, though, I’ve been helping contenstants and their families locate copies of their appearances on shows.

A REALLY BIG LIST: Just so you know, this is not my collection: it is a searchable database of every TPIR episode produced since 1972. I made it to help catalog my shows with exact dates and production numbers, and I hope you find it useful too! (Season 42 updates will be made from time to time.)


Another update has been done on the new online database for my episodes as of 6/27; now there is at least a placeholder for every US non-TPIR episode currently in the catalog. The idea is that you will be able to browse and conduct advanced searches for episodes you are searching for. You’ll also have the capability to see the information you want to see (like the contestant names), and hide the things you think might spoil the show!

  • Episodes with next to them exist in digital form (on DVD or as a file). They can easily be put on DVD, Blu-Ray, or the Internet.
  • The New Stuff list contains episodes from recently-completed trades or that I’m just now discovering in my own collection. Updated 9/9/12 with some really exciting stuff: Contains Spoilers!
  • These are my Price is Right lists. Updated 4/20/13Daytime TPIR – – Syndicated TPIR – – 756 daytime/special episodes of CBS Price is Right, with plenty more to come! (If you have questions or problems using my TPIR episode search engine, please email me!)
  • This is my Cullen TPIR list Updated 4/28/13 with some more detailed episode descriptions
  • Below are my non-Price-is-Right lists, divided up alphabetically now: Updated 9/11/11
    • The Joker’s Wild Collection Became its own page on 4/6/08
    • Non-TPIR list from A-L
    • Non-TPIR list from M-Z
    • This is a list of stuff, TPIR and non-TPIR, that I had with me at Northwestern University in Fall ’05. Some of this stuff has yet to make it on the “official” lists.
    • This is my Gameshow-Related Shows list Updated 3/29/08
    • COMING Maybe in my next lifetime 😛 The Non-Gameshow Show List – You like cartoons, or old newscasts? How about late-night talk shows?
    • This is my list of shows filmed outside the US or Canada. Created 8/14/07

MY TRADING AVAILABILITY: BACK IN THE GROOVE – All settled in to the new place (or at least enough to trade). In an ideal world, I’d have gotten rid of the Gallery2 TPIR pages and gone back to my own super-simple HTML pages by now.

MY TRADING POLICY (Updated 8/16/09):

  • POLICY #1: I WILL NOT cut original commercials from shows older than 1993. Period. End of story.
  • POLICY #2: If it’s at all feasible, please put only good-quality shows on DVD, and mediocre or less quality shows on VHS tape. There’s a reason I have a $400 VCR that does video correction!
  • I work a full-time job and do consulting and tinkering on the side. Please be patient with me; I’m a busy person.
  • If you pick DVD-ready shows, the trade will still take me less time to complete. Otherwise, everything else can be dubbed in real time.
  • I can put any episode on tape or DVD. Shows that are DVD-ready can be put on Blu-Ray discs as well, or I can also send episodes over the Internet in your preferred file format.
  • If you want Win-TV, splitscreens, or voiceovers removed, I will require a trade ratio be put on those episodes in order to compensate for the significant time it takes to do those well. Otherwise it’s just not worth the extra time I must invest.
  • New: I’ve been doing this for a long time, and sometimes media degrades over time, especially when it’s cheap. I’ll let you know if I can’t dub something for some reason.




My Progress / Trader’s Progress

Glen Zimmerman

5 Hours

Finished; Sending 3-18 / He Sent 3-16-15

Adam Antonio Bourré


Queued: 2 (Est. start 6-24)

Jim Hatten


Queued: 3 (Est. start 7-8)

Jaimal Ware

28 Hours

I Sent 6-24-08 / Finished; has yet to send them out

Well, maybe it might help to have my email address if you want to do a trade with me! You can reach me at – Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks to the following contributors:

Mark Chafe for the ’72 & ’74 TPIR Classics re-aired on CBS; Casey Buck for the TPIR #006N, aired 10/16/1972; Patrick Palmer for many of his foreign shows; Doug Moyer for several German shows; Jim Shea “J-Shea” for three great 1980s TPIR episodes

Thanks to the following traders:

Justin Aldridge Aldridge (4 trades, 58.5 hours); David Frangioso David F. (3 trades, 17 hours); David Barkow Barkow (2 trades, 22.5 hours); Russ Scottfield Russ (8 trades, 118 + 48 + 25 hours); Chris Carrion CC (3 trades, 19.5 hours); Brent Frank Brent (3 trades, 50.5 hours); Nick Young Nick (7 trades, 79.5 hours); Kavita Ahluwalia Kav (4 trades, 11.5 + 5 + 6 hours); Mark Williams MW (1 trade, 2.5 hours); Tony Antonopoulos Tony (3 trades, 26 + 7 hours); Matt Schumm MS (1 trade, 2.5 hours); Eddie Perez EP (1 trade, 7 hours); Seneca John Seneca (1 trade, 15.5 hours); Imad Khuri Imad (2 trades, 16.5 hours); Dan Neron DN (2 trades, 2.5 + 5 hours); Derrick Anderson Derrick (2 trades, 8.5 + 6 hours); Tim Land Tim (7 trades, 82.5 hours); Ian McLinn Ian (3 trades, 18? + 17 + 14 hours); Trent McSwain TMS (2 trades, 14 + 6 hours); Adam Nedeff AN (1 trade, 20 hours); Chris Powney CP (1 trade, 20? hours); Mike Burger MB (1 trade, 2 hours); Michael Wise MW (2 trades, 12 + 16.5 hours); Philip Cousin Phil (1 trade, 4? hours); Richie Skinner Rich (1 trade, 10? hours); Michael Tiller MT (2 trades, 15 + 12 hours); Greg Brobeck (Updated Link!) Greg (2 trades, 12? + 12 hours); Nick Johnson NJ (1 trade, 5 hours); David Downs Downs (1 trade, 2.5 hours); Michael Kriese Kriese (New Link! 5 trades, 30+ hours + 15+ hours + ? hours + 11? hours + 12 hours); Jason Cranmer Jason (2 trades, 15? + 20.5? hours); Nolan P. NP (1 trade, 6 hours); Glen Zimmerman Glen (4 trades, 53 hours); Greg Garsten GG (1 trade, 6 hours); Nick Casiano Casiano (3 trades, 8 + 10 + 8 hours); Josh Leeman Josh (2 trades, 11.5 + 5? hours) If you have a website or email link you want me to put up, let me know.

CELEBRATING 1,000 TRADED HOURS on 5/26/2012!

This list is designed to credit game show buffs who have helped me expand my collection through copying episodes they have in their tape collection for me.

Thanks for visiting’s game show page See who’s visiting from where!

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