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… to you being their sister

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Jon Snow

It wasn’t necessarily a secret that you and Jon were not the best of friends.

You were very similar in age and for some reason, to which no one knew, you despised each other.

From the moment you were both old enough to have a coherent conversation, it always ended in an argument.

Of course you loved one another. After all, you were family but that didn’t stop you from avoiding him at all costs.

However, one thing you could agree on was the fact that you always had each other’s back. Despite your mutual disdain, you defended Jon and he defended you.

It was a surprisingly warm evening in Winterfell. Your family had gathered for a quiet meal following the busy week you had all experienced.

Unbeknownst to anyone, your mother saw this as the perfect opportunity to belittle and insult Jon.

You could see the rage bubbling in her eyes as the night went on. It went unnoticed by the rest of your family, apart from your bastard brother whom had been receiving nothing but daggers from her.

She could never relax when he was around, which is something that always bothered you because he was blood.

Perhaps not her blood but he was of Stark blood and that was good enough for you.

“Are you alright, my love?” Lord Stark asked his wife as she gripped the table cloth with white knuckles.

“I just don’t understand why he is here.” She spat with venom in her tone, causing an uncomfortable silence to fall upon you all.

“Jon is here because he is family.” You broke the tense atmosphere after merely a couple of seconds, angered by your mother’s rudeness.

“He is not my family.” You could see your brother shrink back in shame under Catelyns stare.

“Mother, when are you going to realise that not everything is about you?”

The look of shock on everyone’s faces bothered you. Yes, you didn’t like Jon but you would die for him and everyone knew that.

“Y/N you can’t say that.” Young Sansa piped up, irritating you further.

“I absolutely, most certainly can. He is our brother and has every right to join us.”

“How dare you.” Lady Stark scolded. Her icy glare now focused on you, betrayal written on her hard features.

“You can look at me like that for as long as you desire, mother but deep down you know that it’s not me who’s in the wrong here, it’s you.”

And it was rare moments like this where Jon truly appreciated having you as a sister.

Robb Stark

Where there was Robb, there was you.

The two of you were practically inseparable, constantly laughing and messing around.

Being the eldest Stark children came with a lot of responsibility but that by no means stopped you both from getting into all kinds of trouble.

The royal family were due to arrive at Winterfell in just a few days time. It was incredibly stressful, meaning that every single person had to help out with the preparations.

However, you and Robb were no where to be seen. Lord Stark had been rushing around like a headless chicken for almost an hour trying to find you both.

“Those two will be the bloody death of me.” Eddard huffed to Ser Cassel, when he heard a giggle come from nearby.

Lord Stark and Rodrik shared a knowing look before walking over to investigate the quiet laughter. The scene he was confronted with was anything but surprising.

Your brother and you were sat on the floor of the dogs keep, both hugging a flask of wine as you communicated through slurs and gestures.

Neither of you could remember what it was that caused you to both lose it and yet the harder you tried to be quiet, the louder your laughter became.

That was until a very stern Lord Stark cleared his throat, capturing your attention immediately.

“F-father.” Robb greeted as clear as he could whilst attempting to stand up out of respect.

“How drunk are the pair of you?” Eddard questioned, his tone was scolding but his facial expression betrayed his amusement.

“Very.” You hicuped with a chuckle as you smiled at nothing, not even bothering to move from your position on the hay covered ground.

“Seven hells.” Your father cursed before letting a small laugh slip. “I want both of you to go to your chambers and sort yourselves out. We have a very busy day ahead of us.”

His command went unheard as you took another swig of the berry flavoured alcohol while Robb gave up in his attempt to stand.

As your older brother looked at you and you looked at him, knowing that in less than a second you’d both burst out laughing again, he couldn’t imagine having anyone else as his partner in crime.

Khal Drogo

Being the Khal’s sister had both advantages and disadvantages. You were Drogo’s weakness and therefore, you were exposed to many dangers.

He was incredibly protective over you, it was almost suffocating. However, it was necessary.

The Dothraki often had internal disputes that resulted in violence 99% of the time and many of the men held little respect for women.

This was the exact reason why Drogo had such a close watch on you, it was safe to say they wouldn’t think twice before harming you.

What he didn’t know, was that you were able to defend yourself. You had been training for many years in secret as you were very aware of the daily threats you faced.

Drogo couldn’t stand the thought of anything happening to you. After all, you were the only family he had left.

So when he saw your fighting ability, he was relieved that you weren’t as vulnerable as he had thought but yet, he was furious that you put yourself in danger.

The fight had begun due to another man in the tribe viciously groping you, resulting in one on one combat.

It was quickly finished by you slaughtering him and cutting off his braid. However, when Drogo stormed over in time to witness your victory, he had never experienced fear like he did in that moment.

Fear of his sister, his world, being murdered. You were the one thing he cared about in life, which is what lead to your current situation.

“Fini ahan yeri zehriki?”

“What were you thinking?” The Khal seethed as you both stood in his tent, your body covered in your opponents blood.

“Anha hei zuuaik anna, Drogo”

“I was defending myself, Drogo.”

Your brother exhaled deeply, his frustration was not directed at you. He felt so many emotions; love, concern, shock and the only way he could convey this was through anger.

“Ki is fini anha am gwe ha!”

“That is what I am here for!” He exclaimed before continuing –

“Y/N, loy mahrazh, chiorikem che yalli ki fin ahiz mhin lu yehe zah nakho.”

“Y/N, any man, woman or child that tries to harm you are mine to kill.”

You shook your head in disagreement. Yes, you appreciated how he protected you but you didn’t always need it.

“Tih gaezo, anha athfiezar yeri ma anha zahani yeri vosma anha laz athtihar irge mha.”

“My brother, I love you and I thank you but I can look after myself.” You reaches forward to hold his hands on yours, a rare showing of affection between you two.

However, Drogo was still not pleased. “Sille kashi yeri zahkin, anha nakho yeri anna.”

“Next time you fight, I kill you myself.”

Viserys Targaryen (warning)

Viserys loved you. In fact, he loved you so much that you were the one person who could challenge him.

He would never harm you or cause you any pain and therefore, you could put him in his place when he was in the wrong without facing any consequences.

You were beautiful, the most stunning Targaryen ever to of lived. Your eyes sparkled with such purity, your soft skin was absolutely flawless and your body resembled one of a goddess.

Your brother was obsessed with you to an extent of which you were unaware. You had no idea how deep his adoration truly was and further to that, you were clueless of his plans to marry you.

You laid in your brothers bed, resting your head innocently on his chest as he finished telling you tales of dragons.

He was merely two years older than you and yet, he seemed to remember so much more of the life you once lived.

Viserys held you close, a grin on his lips as you laughed at his words. A stunning expression of content and happiness resting on your face.

“You know something Y/N?” He spoke, meeting your violet gaze.

“What?” You mused with a smile.

“You could be a Queen someday.”

Your brothers words confused you slightly, “What do you mean?”.

“When I take back what’s rightfully ours, I will be in need of a wife.” Viserys explained, sharing his intentions with you for the first time.

Of course you were aware of the fact that the Targaryens had wed brother and sister since the beginning of time. However, for some reason, you never expected to have to adhere to the family tradition.

You sat up slowly, untangling yourself from Viserys. “You’re saying we are to marry?” Your tone was not one of anger or fear, it was one of curiosity.

Your older brother sat up too, his hands gently cupping your delicate face as he looked into your unique eyes. “Yes.” His reply was short but it conveyed everything that you needed.

“We will rule together.” You stated quietly to yourself, unsure of the emotion you were currently feeling.

Viserys leant forward, resting his forehead against yours as he savoured how close you both were before whispering, “Together.”

Joffrey Baratheon

You looked nothing like your younger siblings. Of course you had some similarities but you mostly resembled King Robert Baratheon.

Despite inheriting the Lannister’s striking beauty, you looked nothing like your mothers side of the family and for that, your father favoured you.

Joffrey could never understand why people viewed you in a different light just because you looked like a Baratheon.

The people saw you as pure and even though you were a woman, they looked at you as the rightful heir.

It was this that made your brother despise you. He hated how perfect you were and he absolutely loathed how close you were to the king.

“Joffrey, darling?” Cersei called, snapping your brother from his daydream as he glared at you from across the breakfast table.

“What?” He snapped viciously, receiving confused looks from your family.

“You were muttering to yourself. Is everything alright?” The concern on your mothers face was genuine and matched the expression your uncle, Jaime.

“I was just wondering why Y/N wasn’t at dinner yesterday.” The smirk that emerged on your brothers lips told you exactly what he was doing.

He knew exactly where you were last night because he was the one that caught you. Joffrey just wanted to get you into trouble, he’d do anything to inconvenience you.

“Y/N went to bed early. You didn’t feel well, did you my love?” Cersei smiled softly at you, her motherly care showing in her tone.

You nodded in response whilst taking a sip of water, your eyes shooting daggers at your brother.

“Forgive me but I don’t think that’s entirely true.” Joffrey pushed, malice laced in his voice as he was determined to spill your actual whereabouts.

Before he could continue, you interrupted – ignoring the suspicious glances your mother and uncles were giving you.

“Joffrey, can I speak with you privately? It won’t take long.” The sweet tone in your voice was fake, as was the smile you threw his way.

Before he had time to respond you were excusing yourself from the room as he slowly began to follow.

“What are you doing?” You questioned, your frustration clear.

Joffrey laughed at your words. “My dear sister, I’m just keeping you honest.”

The truth was, last night you had snuck from your chambers to give a letter to one of your trusted messengers. A letter addressed to Robb Stark.

“Look at it this way, Y/N…” he began, a condescending tone as he squared up to you. “…your letters could put you at risk and as your brother, I want to ensure your safety.”

He didn’t care. You knew that. He just wanted to witness you being punished.

Yes, Joffrey hated you… but you definitely hated him more.

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