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Game of Thrones Wifi Names [2022 LIST]


Well, the fever of Game of Thrones is everywhere. Whenever there is a new season coming up, the hype almost rises as though there is a tsunami coming over. However, when the season gets released, the hype becomes real. We are definitely a big fan of Game of Thrones and try to incorporate things from it in our everyday life. The Internet is one such thing, and your Wi-Fi router is the most natural source to start with.

So we have compiled a list of creative Wi-Fi names that you might be interested in. These Wi-Fi names are entirely related to the names of characters, places or even famous dialogues from the Game of Thrones. The list goes on and on. There are many names which will instantly attract you, and you can freely use them as your Wi-Fi router names. This will make undoubtedly you and your router famous around your surroundings. Thank us later!

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Serial NumberGame of Thrones (GOT) Wifi Names 1LANnister house 2Wi-Fi is coming 3Wi-Fi of the North 4WEBsteros WINTERNETfall 5Wi-Fi beyond the wall 6KhaleesiConnections 7Wi-Fi Islands 8Dragon’s Wi-Fi 9Wi-Fi of the Thrones 10Ping’s Landing 11LANnister always pays for Wi-Fi 12VALAN MORGHULINTERNET 13Internet of my life 14My Wi-Fi and Router 15I learnt how to protect Wi-Fi long time ago 16Wi-Fi is a wind my friend 17Your computer will turn to ashes 18A lion doesn’t ask for password 19I demand password by combat 20Wi-Fi King 21Wi-Fi Throne needs password 22Wi-Fi of Ice and Fire 23Daenerys LAN 24A Dance with Wi-Fi 25A Storm of passwords 26Ping in the north 27Hide Yo Kids Hide yo Wi-Fi 28Get off my WLAN 29Password cannot unlock this Wi-Fi 30Connect us away and we will hack your data first 31The things I do for Wi-Fi 32When you connect to Wi-Fi, you either connect or disconnect 33Internet is not for free 34Connect them all 35Wi-Fi isn’t a pit. Wi-Fi is a ladder 36The Promised LAN 37John Snow Knows something 38The Pingslayer 39Stark of Winternet 40Browsing Strong 41The Sites’ watch 42All Men must Wi-Fi 43Lannisport 44Wi-fire and Blood 45Seven Kingdoms connect here 46WLANesteros 47We do not load 48That’s what I do. I connect and surf 49You don’t know password, Jon snow 50Happy Internet 51Internet is Coming


These Wi-Fi names are pretty solid, and you can use them as freely as you want. We created all these names, and few are taken as inspiration from others. Whatever is the case, the names are pretty cool and will make you and your router stand out from the rest. The Game of Thrones will definitely be one of those drama series that will be remembered throughout everyone’s life. Thinking that it is going to end is still unbelievable.

Just to get rid of such thoughts and make yourself comfortable, using the Wi-Fi names in remembrance of Game of Thrones is just a super cool idea. What do you think about all these names which are listed above? What are your favorite ones? What else names can you think of when you think about Game of Thrones?

Let us know in the comments section below.

This article was utterly about the creative Wi-Fi names that you can put right now on your router and use it every day. Let us also know if you think on what else topics should we bring you the creative Wi-Fi names for.

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