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Game Grumps Live! – The Tournament of Gamers – Concert Crap

It’s been a few years since Game Grumps Live! graced venues across the country. Between switching formats from their last tour, to the “Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour“, it was finally time for the Grumps to bring their comedy show back on the road! Fans were eager to see Dan and Arin in person, as people were lined up well before doors.

While people were filing into their seats, fellow YouTuber Dad started peeking out from behind the curtain. Dragging an actual trashcan out onto the stage, he started throwing trash out into the crowd, and you wouldn’t believe how excited people were to be catching old coffee cups and chip bags!

Literally jumping back onstage, Dad then started his little opening show. Pulling people up from the crowd, he put on a Dad-themed dance off! Having people rub their bald spots (whether or not they even had them), get down on all fours and retch like a cat, and wiggle all around! The rest of the crowd cheered for their picks, and when one dancer named James busted out into a breakdance, it was clear who was the fan favorite! The dance-off winner was crowned, the audience was energized, and Dad heralded in Game Grumps’ arrival!

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With the crowd properly hyped up, it was time for the Grumps to arrive! Dan bounded out onstage dressed as a jousting knight, and Arin waltzed out in a full renaissance dress! Though they had to shed their costuming, it was a hit with the crowd for the short while it was there. Now, getting into the show, it was Grump vs. Not-So-Grump in a peace talk/battle of the century! In an amusing reversal of their titles, Arin kept having to remind Dan that they were here, in fact, for a peace talk, not a battle to the death as the latter kept insisting.

With every person in the venue donning their crowns, the left half with pink Grump crowns and the right half with blue Not-So-Grump crowns, everyone was ready to go! Picking people from the audience to come onstage and participate in Game Grumps themed video games, fans were trying their best to stand out and get picked. Choosing audience members from each side of the venue to compete for their respective Grump, the chosen fans battled it out to the roaring cheers from the crowd.

These games were broken up with funny gags in-between each one, and eventually team Not-So-Grump won the most games, bringing Dan out on top! But, the night wasn’t over yet! After an appearance of Evil Burgie, the Grumps took to the gaming podiums themselves, and had the other side cheering for their opposite Grump. Eventually beating (and eating) Evil Burgie, the show was saved and the crowd went wild!

Game Grumps Live! is a great return to live comedy shows, and these two sure know how to put on an entertaining and interactive event! Fans were walking out the building grinning ear to ear, talking all about the show and the jokes told. But, you’ll have to make sure you see it yourself for the full experience!

Check out our photo gallery down below:

Check out Game Grumps’ YouTube channel and merch store, and Dad’s YouTube channel.

Be sure to catch one of Game Grumps’ remaining tour dates! More info here.

Post and photos by Taylor Pettitt (Twitter | Instagram | Website)

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