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How to Register Golden Town on Android, Very Easy – Goflay

How to register Golden Town on Android is increasingly in demand along with the number of enthusiasts for this one game. This game is basically a game that can be played via PC devices. But you don’t need a PC with high specifications to be able to play this game.

Golden Towns could actually be one money making games 2022 which is worth considering. Because when playing this game you have the potential to be able to get a number of coins which can later be exchanged for real money.

How to Register Golden Town on Android

Golden Towns is a gameweb-based which requires the players to be able to focus on the village development process so that it can grow to be big and majestic.

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Through this game, you need to collect various kinds of resources that will later be used as a means for the development of the civilization. Some of the activities you need to do include collecting wood, food, iron, and so on that will be used to strengthen your territory.

Apart from collecting resourcesyou also need to make soldiers, upgrade weapons, and even do war between kingdoms with the aim of seizing and defending the territory you have conquered.

For those of you who want to know how to register Golden Town on Android, here are some easy steps that you need to do.

  • The first step you need to do is to open the browser on your Android phone.
  • Then please visit the official page at from the cell phone.
  • If it is already open, please click on the section Sign Up.
  • After that, please enter all the required data completely. Don’t forget to also solve the catchpta in the web page.
  • After complete, please you can click Signup to complete your game account registration process.

After completing the registration, then you already have an account at Golden Towns and can login to the game using username and the password you created earlier.

How to Play Golden Towns

Like how to play other strategy-based games, you need to be careful and thorough when playing this game. Actually, how to play this game is very easy because gameplay which is owned is almost the same as the games themed development and Tower Defense other.

In essence, you are required to be able to develop a civilization from a small village into a very large, majestic, and advanced region. To support this development process, you need to build various kinds of supporting buildings.

In addition, you also need to collect various types resources needed for the process of developing the area you have. without resources This will disrupt the regional development process.

Golden Towns not only a game about building an empire. But it will also require you to wage war with other regions with the aim of expansion territory and also defend the territory you own.

Raw Material Types In Goldentowns (CoinRepublic)

After knowing briefly about how to register for Golden Town on Android, it doesn’t hurt if you now also need to know about the Raw Materials used in the Goldentowns game. These materials will be used to make a number of other important needs for the development of your civilization.

Raw Material or raw material is a very important aspect in the game. Because this material will be used for various purposes ranging from upgrade buildings and even used to recruit troops for war.

In general, there are 6 types of Raw Materials in the Goldentowns game. Here is a brief explanation that you should know.

1. Raw Material : Vegetables

One type of material in Goldentowns is Vegetables. Unlike other materials in the game, to be able to produce these vegetables, you do not need other materials.

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Later, these Vegetables can be used as materials for making meat, wood, stone, and will even be used to recruit residents (citizens). It can be said that this material is a very important basic material.

2. Meat

Meat becomes the next type of material that is also important in GoldenTowns. Meat will be used to recruit citizens as well as skilled workers. To be able to produce meat, you will need other materials, namely wood, stone, iron, and clay.

3. Wood

As the name implies, the main function of this material is to make new building constructions and also perform upgrade building that you already have. Wood can be made with materials such as meat and vegetables.

4. Stone

Material Stone can be used for various purposes such as road construction and building upgrades. If you want to make Stone material, the ingredients needed are vegetable, meat, and also wood.

5. Iron

If you want to recruit soldiers and also make artillery for war purposes, you will need a material called Iron. In order to make Iron, you need materials in the form of stone, wood, vegetables, and also meat.

6. Clay

Clay is a material that will be used to do upgrade high-rise buildings. To make it you will need materials such as stone, wood, iron, and meat.

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After knowing the types of materials in GoldenTowns, now you don’t need to have any more trouble if you want to develop buildings or areas in the game.

Types of Buildings in GoldenTowns (CoinRepublic)

To be able to produce resources Of course you will need a building to build resources the. Within GoldenTowns itself, there are four main types of buildings that can be used to support regional development.

1. Production Building

Production buildings are one of the basic types of buildings in GoldenTowns which are indeed used as a means to produce various resources such as vegetables, wood, meat, iron, stone, clay, and even gold.

This type of production building includes:

  • Vegetables Farm: a place to produce vegetables.
  • Farm : produce meat
  • Wood Factory : Produces wood.
  • Blacksmith: produces iron.
  • Stone Quary: a place to produce stone.
  • Claypit: a place to produce clay.
  • Gold Mine: a place to produce gold

By using these production buildings, you can meet the resource needs for building materials and the development of your area.

2. Types of Basic Service Buildings

Like simulation themed game In general, even in GoldenTowns you will be able to find basic types of service buildings. This building can also be done upgrade according to each available level.

The functions possessed by this basic service building vary. It can be used for training unskilled workers, storage areas, and also used to maintain the population of your area.

Several types of basic buildings in GoldenTowns include houses, warehouses, markets, firehalls, hospitals, police, and schools.

3. Luxury Buildings

Luxury buildings are basically building types that are almost the same as basic service buildings. It’s just that this luxurious building can provide a higher influence on your citizens. Especially if these buildings are done upgrade then the effect can be more optimal.

Luxurious buildings within GoldenTowns include Restaurants, Casinos, Banks, Brothels, Cemeteries, as well as Churches.

4. Military Center Building

Given that in this game also requires you to do battle in order to expand or defend the territory, then you will need strong troops and weapons.

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Military buildings are buildings that can be used to produce quality soldiers, produce ammunition, and even store weapon ammunition. These military buildings include barracks, artillery factories, artillery warehouses, military academies, defense towers, as well as surveillance houses.

The final word

GoldenTowns is one of the most fun and interesting PC games to play. Especially if you are included gamers who likes to play strategy-themed games and Tower Defense games. Because GoldenTowns also offers a gameplay that is quite interesting to follow.

Although playing online games is a very fun activity, it’s a good idea to stay careful and wise in managing your playing time. It’s best to avoid playing games for too long and don’t let it make you neglect your daily activities, routines, and even productivity.

That’s the discussion related to how to register Golden Town on Android that you need to know. In addition to discussing how to register for GoldenTowns, several important things in the game have also been reviewed so that you can get to know this game better.

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