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I’m hardly even here anymore, Out of curiosity, what eroge game are you

I’m gonna stick this behind a readmore in case people would rather not see me blab about eroge. ^^;

The game that’s caught my interest is Fukai ni Nemuru Oujo no Abaddon. It’s a retro-style horror RPG along with being an eroge.

Here’s its entry on the VNDB. (NSFW content toggles on and off; also, be warned that one of the SFW screenshots has some pretty nasty gore)

Bạn đang xem: I’m hardly even here anymore, Out of curiosity, what eroge game are you

One of its big appeal points for me is that I’ve had a thing for pixel horror games and oldschool-style stuff in general for a while now, and I think it’s especially cool that Abaddon was particularly heavily inspired by the old NES game Sweet Home. It’s also got an interesting battle system from what I’ve seen; basically, instead of a traditional health bar, your party members have a fear bar that goes up as they take damage, and all the characters have different types of enemy that they’re particularly afraid of (except main guy Homura, who doesn’t afraid of anything… well, okay, even he’s afraid of the naked zombie woman and tentacle monster that regularly chase you, but who wouldn’t be?).

The gameplay looks fairly challenging, too. I know that when watching some of the playthrough videos on Nico, I’ve often been like “uh oh, Rikana’s in trouble…” or “nooo, save Kippei!” whenever characters’ fear bars got dangerously high. (As far as I understand the battle system, when the fear bar hits maximum, the character’s actual health starts to go down. At one heart remaining, they become irreversibly crazy… and at zero hearts, they’re permanently dead.) Add some panicky hide-and-seek chase sequences on to that, andk eeping everyone alive and sane evidently isn’t easy!

The other big appeal point for me is that all the main characters are pretty much bisexual! You can have Homura pursue relationships with any of the other party members, including the guys – and the two characters you choose as your companions can be paired with each other as well, with any combination possible regardless of gender! Honestly, I wish more games were more like that, eroge or otherwise!

There’s also around 170 unique CGs, which seems like pretty good going for a doujin game. Tons of porn! The CGs all come in both full-colour and 8bit-style flavours, too.

Sadly, even if by some miracle someone like MangaGamer licensed Abaddon, I could see it being a challenge to localise. I’ve heard that at least one past attempt to fantranslate it ran into problems because of the way the game is coded. There’s also the fact that, while it’s got plenty of things that I personally really like, it’s likely to have a very niche appeal if licensed – plus I can just imagine straight dudes complaining about the very existence of BL content in the game despite the fact that there’s a filter for it (and I strongly suspect that said filter exits in the first place precisely so the straight dudes who normally play eroge don’t have anything to complain about; it’s not like they have to see it if they don’t want to!). ~.~;

It’s a pity, but what can I do? In the meantime, I just arm myself with my super-limited understanding of Japanese and watch videos on Nico and go to EH for my CG fix.

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