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【How to】 Get free Ps Vita Games Without Hack

Video Free ps vita games download no survey

01:04see those or PSP demos like everybody’s

01:07golf no heroes allowed secret egg and

01:10Clank of a petabyte 3d a rock a rock a

Bạn đang xem: 【How to】 Get free Ps Vita Games Without Hack

01:13little big planet pit up onto you

01:15and even the number lost them the number

01:18lost ml is special well you cannot use

01:22the exploit with it and it expires of

01:24that three days so you can use a demon

01:26for three days and then after you

01:27connect with the Internet

01:28and have to redownload it otherwise it

01:30will not work but the funny thing about

01:32these demos is you can actually download

01:33them some do not work like the local

01:37look local rock or one demo or they

01:39retrace the demo if you don’t download

01:42those no bubble will appear but if you

01:45don’t log download like the other demos

01:48like Peter Pan 3 and stuff an extra

01:50bubble will appear gonna close the store

01:53and go to my folder you see all these

01:59emails or at the PS Vita and all of

02:02these are PSP demons the funny thing

02:04about PSP Genesis and most are unable to

02:07use safe

02:08other files but some are able to use

02:10save data files so if a demo can you

02:14save data files there is potential to

02:16exploit it so basically this could mean

02:20that they that it would be possible to

02:24make a free exploit for the piece video

02:26of course I’m not sure if it’s intended

02:28that you can download PSP demos to your

02:30PS Vita this might be a mistake by Sony

02:34but if they keep this it’s definitely

02:37possible to get a game for free and if

02:41it contains an exploit to get a vhdl or

02:44if someone provides a con exploit even

02:47T&B on your PS Vita at hire farmers

02:51another funny thing is ECF to Angry

02:54Birds EPS fingers I’ve bought Angry

02:57Birds pretty early after I got my PSP go

03:00and sometime they updated the store and

03:03replace the one Angry Birds egg with the

03:06other one I’ve checked the files in one

03:09angry birds need the PSP for 6.20 and

03:14the other one in six fiber six by three

03:15seven but on the Vita those are two

03:18separate apps

03:19it’s basically totally the same game but

03:25those are two different apps so it’s

03:28twice at my Vita even though the same

03:30game I think the only changes in the

03:33boob screen like after the health screen

03:35and stuff there are a few more or less

03:40banners he’ll receive row view abstract

03:44games and that’s it if you see other

03:47Angry Birds app you should see some

03:51other splash banners once again health

03:55warning and such stop and then let’s see

04:05now we see chillingo and abstract games

04:08and row view so basically the one

04:11version updates a banner and removes one

04:15of the mentioned people it’s a pretty

04:18weird change and it’s even weirder that

04:22the junk is the same ID

04:24I mean it’s same game from the same

04:26store and it has two different IDs and

04:28therefore two bottles 16 and B 16 B now

04:37what I told you about not lost this game

04:39cannot use scene on lost exploit from

04:42the full version and as you can see it

04:44expires after three days so if it

04:48expires it will disappear from a Donald

04:50list and you can go to the store we’re a

04:53computer or the PSP click on well it

04:56says by but it’s a free demo so you pay

04:59nothing so you buy it again and then it

05:01appears that you download list and then

05:03you can transfer it to your video the

05:06funny thing about these demos is you

05:09cannot transfer them via lp3 you cannot

05:11transfer them via PSP you cannot

05:13transfer them via ps4 you have to use a

05:15PS Vita itself to download these and you

05:20cannot find them in the PlayStation

05:21Store so you need to use the computer or

05:23a piece play or a PSP or whatever to put

05:27them in your download list and if there

05:29are in your own list you can actually

05:31download them this is a pretty weird

05:34change but it’s it’s a welcome change

05:37for a lot of people especially in the US

05:39because the ps1 support in the US was

05:43garbage you had like 10 games on what in

05:48new Europe you had a lot of games now I

05:52will just read unload this because Pixlr

05:54junk email so you can see that they are

05:56actually downloadable from the store I

05:59think I’ve said everything else I wanted

06:01to say like potential exploits number

06:04loss demo which is not exploitable blood

06:16yeah my wife is kind of shitty my lawn

06:19is good but my Wi-Fi sucks as you can

06:25see if it’s installing the demo from the

06:28store and it’s a PSP game

06:33Pixley drunk monster deluxe demo you can

06:37starve it it’s worth to mention that

06:42most demos will work but not all demos

06:45will work like the local rocker one demo

06:52which will install but it won’t appears

06:55a bubble it will just basically vanish

06:58and still it’s on your memory card if

07:01you get the contaminant rap you can see

07:03that it’s listed as atom data so you

07:07should just delete it because you

07:09complain but this one is perfectly

07:12working you can see it clearly says demo

07:15and it’s demo game so yeah what do you

07:20think about this new change do you like

07:21it do you like to be able to get

07:23basically every piece one game from the

07:25store you’d like to get PSP demos do you

07:29like the idea of a potential free

07:31exploit I mean the exploits at all are

07:33free but you have to buy a game so

07:36they’re kind of not free you don’t pay

07:39asked you don’t pay Sony so can you see

07:41exploit but with dmoz on the store its


07:44there will be free exploit what do you

07:48think about it if leave some comments in

07:50the comment section I’m glad and see you


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