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Duck of Luck Returns Slots Review & Free Instant Play Game

Video Free ducks in a row casino game

From the Eastern Europe-based development studio Casino Technology comes this sequel to its well-received video slots game Duck of Luck. Drawing upon what made the first entry so great and building upon it, the rich, vivid design of the interface, crisp sound, and slick imagery immediately draws you in at a glance. No doubt the studio spent much of its budget on just the design alone, as it looks far more gorgeous than most other video slots games, to say nothing of the comparisons to its own past works.

Duck of Luck Returns is without doubt a game that has both the looks and style, it is a move forward from the original Duck of Luck game, but does it have substance to back it up?

The Flavour of the Orient

While the East Asian theme may not be entirely obvious from the name alone, this game unabashedly draws from primarily Chinese influences in its use of imagery, sound, nomenclature, and visuals. The pictures do not draw from any one particular point in Chinese history, but there are no shortage of shimmering gold coins, colourful letters, and sound effects that reinforce the illusion that you have been teleported to an imperial court in Ming-era China.

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We’re sure we’ve opined enough about how the game looks, as it’s probably one of the best-looking slots games out there today. The sound and animations are equally on par with the high bar set by the presentation, and the graphics themselves are crisp, clean and easy on the eyes.

You won’t have any issues figuring out how to operate the game either, as the menu is laid out in an organised and intuitive way, although a few of the smaller buttons might be hard to see at first. If you’ve played any of Casino Technology’s other video slots game, you’ll immediately know where everything is and how it works.

Water off a Duck’s Back

The game offers up to 40 paylines as well as coin denominations ranging in size from 0.01 to 0.1 units of currency. On the left are options to enter the game’s sub-menu, as well as buttons and windows to review your bet size, coin denomination, and paylines currently in play. The right button lets you spin, and on the bottom two corners are buttons that allow you to change the game’s volume and sound. Should you desire a more immersive experience, you can also toggle the full-screen button. Also available is an auto-spinner options if you don’t feel like clicking the spin button over and over.

Ducks in a Row

The opportunity to win big is an ever-present, and with a 100-coin jackpot and up to 40 paylines available, you can score a whole number of wins fairly easily. Scatter and wild symbols exist, and you have the opportunity to win up to 10 free spins. If you land wild symbols during these free spins, you are given eggs. Depending on how many eggs you acquire, you can increase your earnings at the end of the free spin round by as much as 200x over!

And if that wasn’t enough, the game actually possesses a rather interesting feature that gives you the opportunity to essentially say “double or nothing”.

Should your win come out to less than 25x your initial bet, you have the option of guessing the suit and color of a facedown card. Guessing correctly will quadruple or double your earnings respectively. Guess wrong and lose everything. While not a bonus game in the traditional sense, it does provide a way for gutsy gamblers to greatly increase their earnings if they are lucky. As if that weren’t enough, you can also click the “Half Gamble” button if you want to risk some, but not all, of your winnings.

Two Ducks of the Same Tribe

Duck of Luck doesn’t disappoint, as it plays as good as it looks. In spite of the paucity of bonus games/rounds or a progressive jackpot, the game has a whole host of other features to keep you on your toes. The presence of scatter and wild symbols coupled with the large jackpot and number of paylines available provides an endless number of ways to strike it rich. Plus, with a maximum coin size of just 0.1 units of currency, you can win big without emptying out your wallet in the process.

This is one of the best video slots games Casino Technology has to date with out question. If you are online slot game fan, you are doing yourself a disservice by not playing Duck of Luck Returns.

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