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Parallels Between the New Netflix show, The Fame Games characters, and Bollywood Celebrities

Video Fame game is real story

Madhuri Dixit stars in Netflix’s latest suspense thriller series, The Fame Game. Dixit plays the protagonist character, Anamika Anand, who adeptly switches from becoming an astute and mystifying Bollywood actress to a fiercely protective mother to her children. The show’s storyline highlights several realistic concerns relating to a Bollywood celebrity lifestyle.

Through the 45 minutes long episodes, the gets to see what the Bollywood celebrity life is associated with: stalkers, affairs, troubled childhood, domestic issues, financial issues, workplace issues, and so on. But all these issues are brought up in an appealing and engaging manner by Sri Rao and co-writers Shreya Bhattacharya, Akshat Ghildial, Amita Vyas, and Nisha Mehta. Filmmakers, Bejoy Nambiar and Karishma Kohli bring out spectacular performances by Dixit and her co-stars with their direction. Dixit wants to smash sexism revolving around a female Bollywood actor’s life. On playing the role, she says in an interview, “We have addressed the fact that it’s always a comeback for a female actor, even if she was away for a few months, and never for a male actor, even if he is away for years. These things are important to discuss.” The audience is aware of various topics the show addresses, such as gender and equality. Dixit credits the “OTT” (Over the Top) [Netflix] platforms to allow women to be the center of their own stories and not men. The show allows a different point of view rather than a stereotypical male-centric one.

When asked about ageism, a significant theme of the series, Dixit says that ageism is everywhere and not just in the Bollywood industry. People often question her will to dance on stage only because of her age. So, she wanted to break such vague misconception of not doing something because of their age; she could steadfastly address the issue through her role in The Fame Game.

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The Fame Game might be a fictional story yet it depicts the complexities of a successful Bollywood lifestyle. “It’s about celebrity and all that comes with it: power, ego, and prestige,” says Dixit. It is hard to articulate how difficult it is to be a public figure, especially during the age of social media. Everybody knows everything making it far more difficult for the actors than it seems.

Sri Rao does not consider himself a part of Bollywood. However, he does consider himself a fan. As a fan, he tries to paint a picture of the star lives behind the scenes, something unknown to the fans. The show’s mystery is fictitious but Sri Rao makes the show compelling to watch. Anamika Anand and Manish Khanna might not be real characters but Rao did try to draw inspiration from real-life Bollywood stars.

Through The Fame Game we distantly but transparently get reminded of the tragic life of Sridevi. Films were Sridevi’s entire life, a “bubble existence” where she thrived. But off-screen, she remained distant. Sridevi will forever remain an enigma. But despite all the fame, admiration, and success Sridevi’s personal life was accompanied by conjectures and tittle-tattle. All that fame wasn’t enough to make her completely happy.

Sri Rao successfully manages to address the multi-layered Bollywood industry using an engrossing imaginary narrative. Anamika Anand and Manish Khanna symbolize a slew of Bollywood celebrities who have dealt with the burden of fame.

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