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New 50 Rooms Escape 2 | Rooms 16 to 20 Walkthrough

Video Escape game 50 rooms 2 level 20

Room 16

Hello and good day everyone. Welcome to part II of “New 50 Rooms Escape: Can you escape: Escape Game”. This is the walkthrough for room No. 16. Arm yourself with patience for this level because you are placed in the center of the library. We only had a couple of opportunities to meet with the premises on a topic like this. Every time it was in part I of this game. Now in part II, we have to continue the tradition. And that is to successfully overcome every obstacle. For a start, we will have the task of taking a piece of paper under the table. We will be extremely precise with marking the pictures because the arrangement of things on level 16 is condensed. It’s marked your men’s bag on the right side. There is a magnifying glass in the bag that you have to take.

Use a magnifying glass to see what is written on the paper we found. Extremely small details that need to be magnified. It says 0-7-5-4 in the upper left corner of the paper. The lower right corner shows us the numbers 1-8-1. At the top of the right part of the large book, the cupboard is a bag. The code to unlock the bag is a three-digit number. That’s right, enter the number 1-8-1 and take the hammer out of the bag.

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You are probably wondering what the four-digit number 0-7-5-4 is for? There is a phone on the desk that we have to use. Dial this number, please. After calling this number, a secret compartment opens in front of the table. There is a pink book. You should save it too.

Look at the shelf behind the office chair. At the top of the shelf is a pendulum for a clock. Take this item. On the lower shelf behind the chair, there is a digital clock. The time now is 11:10. Remember this detail.

We enter that time in the old wall clock, which is located in the right part of the room. Set the pendulum to the clock and enter the time 11:10. The clock will open for you and give you a green book that it kept for you as a reward.

Use this hammer to break the vase on the left side of the room. We have marked you in the pictures where the vase is.

Now comes the crucial step. We go back to the big book cupboard again. In the pictures, we have marked for you where you should leave three books of different colors.

Put the books in their places. The secret door behind the cupboard will open for you. These are the doors that allow you to leave room No. 16. As we have indicated, this was a very interesting and challenging room. This level showed that in time we will have more demanding tasks. Help will always be given to those who ask for it. We are here for you whenever you ask. Our walkthrough is here 24/7 for you. Have a nice day. See you in room No. 17. Thank you for reading.

Room 17

Hello and good day everyone. Welcome to part II of “New 50 Rooms Escape: Can you escape: Escape Game”. This is the walkthrough for room No. 17. After the exhausting rooms we went through together, it’s time to relax a bit. This is an opportunity to regain our energy and recharge our batteries to continue. Today’s room is a bathroom. Pleasant interior and incredibly relaxing atmosphere. For starters, take a towel next to the tub.

In the middle of the bathroom, you have a basket. Take a peek into the basket and take the handle of the hammer.

Between the two sinks is a window cleaner. Take this type of sanitation. One of the windows is extremely dirty. What we need to do is take a glass cleaner and spray it on the mirror. Wait 10 seconds for the product to take effect and wipe with a towel.

As a real host, you managed to clean the mirror. Look at the order of the characters in the mirror. Umbrella, hat, rabbit, and teapot. Behind the tub is the screen. There is an image on the screen that best shows an ideal picnic. As we are told, by clicking on the umbrella, hat, rabbit, and teapot you unlock this mysterious part.

The screen will move and you can take the other part of the hammer. Assemble the hammer and break the glass on the shelf above the washing machine. There is a paper that looks like a guarantor sheet for a washing machine.

Now comes the last task in this room. On the washing machine, enter the code written on the paper. These are numbers 7-9-6-3.

You will be shown one game board on the door lock. To solve this enigma, we have prepared a video for you. Here’s how to fix this problem:

The moment you connect all the pipes, the door of the washing machine opens. There is a card inside. It is the card that opens the door of room No. 17. We hope you enjoyed this room. A relaxing atmosphere that improves our mood. The next room is room No. 18. Get ready for the musical charms of Jazz and rock and roll music. Follow our walkthrough. Thank you for reading.

Room 18

Hello and good day everyone. Welcome to part II of “New 50 Rooms Escape: Can you escape: Escape Game”. This is the walkthrough for room No. 18. In the previous room, we acquired the conditions for rest. The level where the relaxation room was displayed. But now is not the time for full concentration. It is time for music and dancing! We admit, there were moments when you felt tired, but we also have a soul. We also have to take some time for ourselves. To start our party today, we must first have something to drink. Take a bottle of beer from the table. Since we will also need music, take a guitar pick from the same table. The left table next to the exit door. Take the drumsticks.

Next to the window is an electric guitar. This particular guitar will serve us in further investigation. The numbers 4-3-2-3 are written on the pick. This is the order of triggering a certain string on the neck of the guitar.

When you pull the fourth wire, the third, the second, and again the third, you will get a bottle opener. You can take the opener from the secret compartment of the guitar. Now follows the most beautiful part of this room. Open the bottle with the opener and pour the beer into the mug. The mug is on the table where we found the drumsticks.

When you pour the beer, you will see that the numbers are written on the mug. These are numbers 6-1-4-2-1. Numbers that determine the further course of the investigation of this room. The drums are in the left part of the room next to the window. By clicking on the drums you can sit next to them and you will see the numbers from 1 to 8. Use the sticks to play a little for your soul.

The moment you play the desired combination of numbers, a large drum opens and you can take a token with the violin key sign. Take this very important item. If you look at the beginning of the room, you will see that a box is placed on the floor of the hallway. This box is unlocked using the token we took. Insert a token and take the item out of the box. This item is used to be installed on guitar guitars. Remember this detail from the lid of the box (?? 64)

Mysterious, isn’t it? Let’s move on, we are close to a solution. The right wall contains a picture of a guitar in flames. Remember the colors in the picture. That’s 1-3 -? – ?. Go to the acoustic guitar by the window. Place the item from the box on the pins. Play strings 1-3-6-4. If you look at these two strings, by merging them we get all the detected question marks (1-3 -? -?) +(? -? – 6-4) = (1-3-6-4).

The secret part of the acoustic guitar opens and you can take the key! This is the key that opens the exit door of room No. 18. Congratulations! Once again, we managed to combine work and pleasure. With quality beer and quality music, everything is possible and much easier. I hope you are ready for the next level as we slowly raise our form. We wish you more moments like this to relax. Follow our walkthrough for the Part II game “New 50 Rooms Escape: Can you escape: Escape Game”. Thank you for reading.

Room 19

Hello and good day everyone. Welcome to part II of “New 50 Rooms Escape: Can you escape: Escape Game”. This is the walkthrough for room No. 19. In the previous room, we dealt with musical topics. Exceptional resourcefulness and dedication led us to this room. The goal at this level will be the same as for each previous one. Open the door that leads us to the next room. Let’s start from the first step because we don’t have any more time to rest. Next to the exit door is a pair of sticks. Save them. There is a red leaf on the shelf in the corner of the room. Save this detail for later.

Look at a space between the boards on the floor next to the chair. The problem is that there is a key. This key cannot be reached with your fingers. So now use the sticks and get the key.

Right in front of the central wall is a wooden box. Unlock the box with a key.

There is one type of game in the box. We should solve this game in the best possible way. Since this is a multi-step procedure, we have prepared a video for you. You can see the procedure for solving this enigma:

After successfully solving the enigma, take the yellow leaf that appears in the box. The right side of the room keeps a plastic empty water bucket for us. Take this bucket.

Now we go to the faucet. The faucet is located next to the exit door. Place the bucket under the tap and unscrew the water to fill the bucket.

When you fill the bucket with water, look at the center of the room. There is a fire burning on the stones. Use a bucket of water and put out the fire. An important item will appear. Save that item.

There is a large stone shelf on the wall of the room. Insert the item we found in the fire into the empty round space. The middle part will open for you and you can take a wooden tray with gaps for the leaves.

Put each leaf in its place. Also, swap places with blue and green leaves. Put a certain leaf in its place.

Under the wooden tray, a secret compartment opens that hides the key. It’s the key that opens the door to room No. 19. Congratulations! This was a very mild room but we hope you enjoyed it. The next room is at Level 20. Don’t relax because the highlight of this part II game is moving. Have a nice day. Thank you for reading.

Room 20

Hello and good day everyone. Welcome to part II of “New 50 Rooms Escape: Can you escape: Escape Game”. This is the walkthrough for room No. 20. In this room, we will deal with pots mostly. We have prepared for you marked pictures of each pot to which we should pay attention. Our investigation continues. You can find many things in the garden. Peace, fresh air, or lost keys. Today we are looking for the key that leads us out of this room. Next to the pot on the left side of the room are scissors. Take them. Next to one of the six stone chairs, take the small shovel we need for digging.

The pot on the right side of the room looks suspicious. Take a shovel and dig up some dirt. Take the object that is hidden in the pot.

The digging continues. The pot on the left side of the room is also suspicious. Take a shovel and dig up the object. Save this item as well.

On the left side of the exit door are stone pillars. Look for another item on one pillar that we have to preserve.

There are thick flowers next to the exit door. Use scissors and cut one piece. A piece of paper with the letters FGGT can be found in the thick canopy. Save and remember these details.

Now comes a very important thing that we have to conclude. The left wall contains a shelf with small pots. There are 4 pictures on the shelf that can be changed.

The letters FGGT are the initials of four words. F (Flower), 2xG (Grass), and T (Tree). Change the images as our initials emphasize. This will unlock the secret drawer compartment. It will drop the key on the floor and you can easily save this important item.

Use this key to unlock the wooden box on the table. When you open the box, you can see that there is a slot in the shape of a circle. The three items we have assembled make up one larger cylinder. Arrange all three items in the tray. The secret compartment of the box will open for you and take the wooden board.

The left side of the room mostly gave us some tasks. Fortunately, we solved it properly. Insert a wooden board on the game board.

Play the game and solve this enigma. To make this obstacle easier for you, we have prepared a video for you and showed you how to play this game:

When you successfully solve this game, the board moves and the Room Card appears. It’s a card that unlocks the exit door to room No. 20. With this move, you get the opportunity to continue your mission in room No. 21. It was all about Level 20. A lot of digging, but it’s all part of the process. Follow our walkthrough. Have a nice day. Thank you for reading.

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