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How to play the Electricity Drinking Game – Drinking Games Bible

Video Electricity drinking game

Electricity Drinking Game was submitted by someone random at the Woodduck Hostel, Cairns, Australia.

OVERVIEW of the Electricity Drinking Game:


Make sure you have plenty of alcohol for this game and ideally you’ll want at least 6 people otherwise you’re drinking A LOT.

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Spread out a deck of cards, face down, in this middle of the group. Going clockwise, the player picks one card and turns it face up. That is not their card.

The next person draws a card. If the card is the same colour both players must drink. Each player drinks the value of his or her card in seconds. For example, if player 1 draws the 5 of diamonds and player 2 draws the 8 of hearts they both drink, 5 seconds and 8 seconds respectively… You see why you need lots of alcohol for this game now right?

When the opposite colour is drawn all the cards that came before it are dead and out of the game. Now when a black card is drawn people drink, until a red card is drawn and then the cards are dead.

However, this rule does not apply if the opposite coloured card drawn is the same value as the card before it. Now it is the same colour as the previous card and the two players are now linked and their values are doubled. For example, 6 of spades was drawn and then the 6 of hearts. The hearts is now black and both players drink for 12 seconds instead of 6. You keep drinking for 12 seconds overtime a black is drawn.

Enjoy this game… Your liver might not 😉


  • Spread a deck of decks out upside down in the middle of the floor with players sitting around the pile.
  • One person starts by picking up a card and turns it face up.
  • Going clockwise, the next person picks up a card. If that card is the same colour, both people have to drink. You drink the value of your card… In seconds or fingers (decide at the start of the game).
  • Every time the same colour is drawn, those players have to keep drinking the value of their cards. If a different colour is drawn, the previous cards are dead and out the game.
  • Keep playing until all the cards spread out in the centre are gone.

Additional Rules

  • If two cards of the same value are drawn in a row, colour doesn’t matter, those players are linked (and linked to the first colour drawn). The previous cards are not dead if a different colour is drawn… Instead, the value of the cards are doubled, e.g. if two jacks are drawn, a red then black, both players are drinking for 22 seconds/22 fingers instead of 11. They do this every time a red card is drawn. When a black card is drawn, all previous cards are dead.
  • If you end up with more than one card, the seconds/fingers stack.

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