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Drunk Lyrics Game App (Filter) Download On Android & iOS

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How many times have you been wondering about something new to try on your weekend house parties Or maybe for the late-night zoom calls with friends owing it to the pandemic.

Life has almost completely ended up in the online platform.

And so the games that you used to enjoy with your friends have evolved too.

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Today we will tell you about one such game – Drunk Lyrics Game App.

What is the Drunk Lyrics Game App?

Well, a quick google search will tell you that it’s a group game involving our good old cards.

How to play the Drunk Lyrics game?

The game has a pack of cards and your opponent draws a card bearing a certain word.

Now you have to sing a song that includes that work and then moves to the next card.

Complete as many cards as you can in 30 seconds.

What makes the game so fun to play?

You sing and you forget the most crammed and hummed lyrics. Just try once.

How to download the Drunk Lyrics game?

A quick search will land you on certain websites. You will have to download the Drunk Lyrics game app from the websites on popular search engines.

Can the game be played offline?

Yes, Absolutely.

But not yet, because currently, the set of cards are out of stock when asked for from the Facebook page of the company.

Thus you will have to wait till you can finally play the game without your attention spanning to the notifications and viral videos of your mobile phones.

Don’t worry. Till then you must definitely try the online version.

This will also make you a little more practiced than your friends.

And who doesn’t want a quick win at something!?

Is the app legal?

Yes, fortunately, drink lyrics app is completely legal in India।

And Google also lists it on the first page, except of course in case of some discrepancies which are almost rare.

And so enjoy the game, hassle-free.

Do we have to make a payment to use the app?

No, not at all.

You don’t have to think about investing for fun with your friends.

Nor will you need to ask your friends for a contribution.

The app has got you covered, with no joining fees at all.

So Go ahead, Download the app and create memories

Are there too many Ads in the app.

Thankfully not.

Perhaps the makers understand the annoyance caused by YouTube or other ads that keep on popping and spoiling the mood.

So there is no such unnecessary trouble with this app.

Further, there is no need for a credentials login or sign up for the app.

Can I use it on a slow internet connection?

We understand the buffering and its issues with the Z generation but perhaps makers could not.

So the app does create a certain ruckus in the face of slow internet.

So make sure you have a steady internet connection to put up the ultimate game night for your friends.

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