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Evil Dom Games: Layering Stimulation to Overwhelm a Sub | DominantSoul

I like to overwhelm my sub with sexual pleasure. I have found intense pleasure (contrasting multiple orgasms with sudden pain) is a very powerful tool for domination. I create intense pleasure by starting with a very basic scenario then slowly layering on additional types of stimulation…

Game 1:

I often like start a session by grasping my sub by her throat gently with my left hand while she is in the doggie position on the bed. Most subs find a hand on their throat intensely arousing and an instant mental cue to submit. Alternatively, I may lie her over a pile of pillows on the bed with her ass high in the air then twist her hair into a ponytail, then pull her head back sharply by her ponytail. Pull her head back by her hair will put her instantly into “sub-mode” mindset as well.

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I tell my sub to count out loud from 1 to 20. With each number spoken out loud, she receives a sudden harsh sting on her gorgeous ass by my cupped hand, hand in a spanking glove, leather belt or leather paddle. It is an erotic way to make her request her own punishment/training… It is very erotic and highly psychologically dominating…

I will also add a nipple clamps or nipples tweezers with bells, a wand vibe against her clit, ben wa balls inside her pussy(when inserted into thepussy during spanking theystrike the G-spot and can cause squirting during intense spankings) and then an anal vibe or butt plug into her ass to this scenario to slowly layer additional new dimensions of stimulation on top of the spanking. I add one of these new sources of sexual stimuation with each subsequent round of spanking.

Game 2: The key to this erotic game is she MUST ASK PERMISSION TO CUM OR BE PUNISHED. I will insert two fingers into her pussy and begin to stroke her G-spot gently. Every time she gets close to cumming/squirting, she will ask me permission to cum which I will always deny her initially, forcing her to try not to cum or be punished severely for displeasing me. To make it even harder on her, I will stroke her pussy furiously AND place a wand vibe on her clit.

Every time she begins to cum without permission, she will receive a spank on her ass with a leather paddle as she is about to start cumming… then we repeat the process. The sharp pain of spank at the brink of cumming usually will prevent her from cumming but keep her right at the brink. This will allow you to keep her at a very high state of arousal, at the brink of cumming, for several hours.

Each time a sub is denied permission to cum, her physical state of arousal increases significantly. However, there is a limit which varies depending on the sub. Once sexual frustration begin to emerge, she is no longer enjoying being denied so you must understand when to stop denying and allow her to finally cum, usually somewhere between 3-10 denials. Observing and communicating with your sub is key.

This game ends when you give her permission to cum but you DON’T stop stroking her pussy as she cums the first time. The best time to give a woman an orgasm is immediately after she has cum. So, just keep stroking her pussy over and over and over and she will cum and cum and cum for you until you stop stroking her pussy. So keep going until you sense her losing complete control over her body. Then you have succeeded at overwhelming her sexually.

Game 3: If I really want to melt her brain, I will then tie her hands above her head while standing up or bend her over the edge of the bed for a serious paddling/spanking with my leather paddle so her ass is bright red and hot to touch (FYI, paddling after several orgasms results in an extreme endorphin rush as the brain light up like a Christmas tree because the brain is already highly aroused from the multiple orgasms). Because she has already cum several times, the force and the time required to put her in “sub-space” from spanking (the euphoric state caused by endorphin rush) is quite minimal. You must be careful to monitor your sub because her legs can suddenly begin to shake uncontrollably then collapse. Be prepared to support her weight and quickly release her from the restraints before she suffers any injury.

Game 4: To finish off a session, I will usually have very rough sex in the doggie position (hair pulling, ass slapping, throat hold) so she feels both intense pleasure of my hard cock literally devouring her super-sensitive pussy and the intense sting of pain from her well-paddled ass with each powerful thrust of my cock. This results in a very exhausted, overwhelmed, sweaty and limp sub…

I hope this give you all many naughty ideas to try at home… Relax, laugh together and have fun out there everyone….

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