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Chante and shitpost — Genshin Impact (NSFW: husbando Your Smut Story!

Hello dear anon! Ah… I see… You have a wonderful taste for woman ☺️ I have so much fun to write them, hope you enjoy! (Also… Holy crap it is really late, I should get some sleep now)

Bạn đang xem: Chante and shitpost — Genshin Impact (NSFW: husbando Your Smut Story!

Summary: Gwen, Lillia and Shyvana meeting and being with a mage reader


Gwen, The Hallowed Seamstress

  • Gwen gets so excited every time she sees you using magic, she’s so new to this world and now she wants to see all it has to offer! Undoubtedly a spectacle from her point of view, even if you do a simple spell she will say a thousand wonders about how amazing you are


  • At every opportunity she will ask you for a little demonstration of your skills, just to show it off, she just loves seeing your concentrated gaze that makes you look so cute, even though she doesn’t know what this kind of feeling was in her little doll heart

  • Even if you are a skilled mage she will not fail to protect you in battle, she will always protect you with her holy mist, even if you try to explain that you know how to defend yourself she will continue to defend you from evildoers, even against your will

  • You can believe that she will always sew burns or cuts into your clothes that you make yourself with your magic, she always wants to keep you happy so this is one of the few gestures she does to make you smile at her, and when she sees your smile, every sewed is worth it.


Lillia, The Bashful Bloom

  • Lillia is fascinated by your magic, she’s already used to seeing magic in people’s dreams, but yours just intrigues her, that’s how you met, you once saw the fae fawn hiding behind a tree watching you with admiration as you did your little magic tricks for your own benefit, when you saw her from afar, she turned every shade of red you have ever saw in her life

  • As you approached each other (with much insistence of your part cof cof) Lillia got used to seeing your dreams, your dreams had a strong aura due to your body full of magic but was still accessible. She has already seen herself in one of them, she smiled seeing that it was a happy dream where she was next to you, side by side. She daydreams imagining the two of you in her old garden, she wants to show you the dream tree when she ends her journey

  • When you are in battle she will always be in the background afraid to act so there is left for you to protect her, if the fight is really ugly she will still defend you, even with fear she will do her best to protect the person most sweet that she ever met

  • In a few moments of calm and peace, the fae fawn gives you hugs out of nowhere, and when she notices the gesture she quickly leaves from the hug with the same blush as always, stuttering that she was just daydreaming and not to hit her with any spell. She has never felt something like this for anyone before, she barely knows how to react, sometimes she just wants to cuddle with you, and if you hug her back it will be hard to get rid of the fearful bloom’s grip


Shyvana, The Half-dragon

  • Shyvana was happy to know she wasn’t the only magical creature in Demacia, she didn’t feel so alone when she found out you could do magic. When she found out you were a mage you begged her not to tell anyone, as the sentence for using magic was jail, and in the worst cases, death. But she knew what it was like to feel that way, afraid of her own country, even if she didn’t like to admit it. So she never said a single word to anyone about your special skills.

  • You guys strangely grew closer after the sudden discovery, after her patrols in the royal guard, Shyvana meets with you to discuss anything, she just wants to distract herself from the mean comments she gets every day. She ended up getting attached to you, your way of being makes her comfortable, one of the few times she feels that way in her day, although she never admits it, when you touch her it makes an inner flame light up inside her

  • In battle, if you are present, Shyvana’s attention will focus on you, protect you, which she finds strange, as her attention should be on protecting the Crown Prince, Jarvan IV. She tries to ignore her protective instinct and focus on her duty, thinking to herself that you are strong enough with your magic to protect yourself. If you get hurt, you can believe that the real dragon will break free completely, in her true form she would incinerate whoever did this to you and protect you from everything and everyone at that moment, she doesn’t care about her sacred duty anymore, she cares for you!

  • Well… it could be said that Jarvan was suspicious of the sudden relationship between you and Shyvana, he will press you to say what was going on between the two of you, you fearful of disobeying a prince’s order ended up sitting and talking about what happened and how you met Shyvana, revealing that you are a mage. Surprisingly, Jarvan doesn’t care about you being a mage, he was just worried that you guys would be in a relationship as that could attract attention and even more rumors occur in the realm, he’s just a concerned friend who wants Shyvana’s good and will try possible to make the two of you closer, even with Shyvana protesting and telling the prince that she is not in love with you, he knows it is a lie, he will do everything secretly to bring you two together, he wants to see his friend happy with someone she enjoy and feel safe again (Jarvan you ProShipper!!!)

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