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DFD Ch19 including all epilogues released for free! – Love-Joint

Before you play this awesome ending (link below), there are a few issues I want to bring up in this post, please take the time to read it.

We can finally release DFD Chapter 19, and we are including all of the epilogues and cheat codes which are now implemented in the chapter. These four epilogues were released monthly on Patreon, but since a lot of you feel you have waited too long for DFD Ch19 we wanted to include these too. The epilogues are Amanda, Kathy, Heidi, and Lily if you reach their best ending (or use the cheat codes so you don’t have to replay a lot of chapters).

There’s been a lot of talk regarding why DFD19 took so long to release for free, and why it wasn’t released before starting the free DH releases. I’d like to address that.We have one coder, Ricky. We are aiming for a free release every ~4-6 weeks while also releasing the latest episodes and bonus scenes to patrons. That means Ricky works an insane amount of time every month, like the rest of the developers. Our awesome patrons make all of this possible, and it allows us to release our games for free, which is a promise we have never broken. Please keep in mind the timeframe for free releases is an approximate goal we strive for, but we’ll always release them as soon as possible.

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The reason we released Double Homework for free first is mainly because it uses our new engine, VNE3. This engine is extremely better compared to the engine we used for DFD which is called VNE2. The new engine took a lot of time to code, and by releasing Double Homework before DFD19 it gave us an opportunity to test it live as soon as possible. With every episode of DH being released for free, the engine was updated. This is also the engine we will use for our Steam releases, meaning we need it to be as solid as possible.

Again, we apologize to all DFD fans who had to wait for chapter 19, but now you hopefully understand why.


Play onlineDownload (Windows only)

Reminder for Patrons: We have also released a preview of DFD Season 2, and the highly requested Harem ending of DFD is coming too as a bonus this month!

Backups: Do you need a backup for the online version if you have lost your previous progress from earlier chapters, or have not played the game before? ->

Cheat Codes: DFD CH19 has multiple sex scenes and endings (depending on the girl you have been interacting with most and your choices in previous chapters). You need a specific set of variables to get the scene/ending you want (this can be very hard, especially if you’re using a generic backup to play). In order to ease this situation, we’ve created a powerful cheat code that allow you to get exactly what you want (or explore different paths). You can find the cheat code here:

Please Note: DFD CH19 is a big chapter, meaning the HTML5 build may not be as stable as previous releases. Please close all your browser tabs while playing and ensure that hardware acceleration is enabled in your browser.Try the downloadable version if you’re running into issues. This game doesn’t run well on mobile browsers, please use a Desktop browser instead.

Made for Chrome/Firefox and certain mobile tablets. Note that there is a download option inside the game if you don’t want to run this online. However, you can not mix download with online versions and vice versa if you want to continue your previous path. For instance: If you played the first chapter online, you have to play the second chapter online.

This is the nineteenth chapter and sequel to the eighteenth game. The epilogues are included directly at the end of the original chapter. It requires you to have finished the previous chapters before running this one (because your choices have consequences and are saved.)

A man and his partner run a small diner together. He discovers that one of his employees have been writing a popular series of taboo erotica about them, which catalyses a long journey of sexual self-discovery.​

Any bugs or issues? Please email us at [email protected] or get in touch with us by joining our Discord channel.

If you enjoyed this game, please support the development of our games by going to our Patreon and support us, which also means you’ll get the chapters before anybody else, and other Patreon and Discord exclusives!

Credits:Game Design: PalmerWriting: AWGraphics: MuseXProgramming: Ricky

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