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Daddy Long Legs Cheats & Hack for Golden & No Ads –

Looking to try and walk using only your legs and being able to only control your legs? Released by Set Snail, Daddy Long Legs is available for people to download as long as they have a pretty recent update of iOS 6.0 so if you don’t manage to have the necessary updates that have been recently update, you will be able to download the recent update of 6.0 so that you can play this game along with a ton of other games that require a 6.0 compatibility. This new compatibility makes it so that players have to download it so that the games can have better graphics. This will also meant that even if you don’t have the necessary update, you will be forced to download it or else the game will prevent you from playing the game.

If you are lacking the update, simply go to your computer and download the most recent update which will bring you to 7.0 and unlock all of the games for you to be able to download as long as the game is actually free. Daddy Long Legs is only available to players who knows english. So in general, only players who know english should be playing this game, but ultimately, it doesn’t really matter whether you know english or not because this game is pretty straight forward. What I mean by straight forward is not that it is easy in any way shape or form, but it is easy to figure out what to do after you have downloaded the game. This game has received 48,552 reviews which means that it is pretty popular is the rating is also pretty high with most 4 star ratings coming from a breakdown in the game where the game crashed or some sort of thing like that.

The most recent update came in June 02, 2018 where the game was pretty much changed for the summer. The update, version 2.2.0, came with the new summer theme along with a daily score that is recorded so that you can compare yourself with other players on a daily basis as well as a couple of free gifts for players that want to come back to the game. The size of the game requires 29.3MB so it is a really small game compared to the rest of the games in the Apple App Store. It is also available for Android.

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Daddy Long Legs is the version of QWAP except with just the legs instead of the arms and legs. It is also just the app version of the game instead of the computer game. You first start out as the Daddy or the horse. You can play with either, but it is really up to preference, so you should try both of them before deciding on the one that you want to choose. The game is pretty much based on whether you can control the two legs like they were legs without any brain to give them direction. The controls in this game revolve around simply tapping the legs and getting them to move in a way so that you are still balance while moving forward.

The game is difficult in that sense because to put it simply, the game is difficult to play and it takes a lot of time to get used to the controls and work with the controls well enough to a point where you are able to play the game well enough. The game does revolve around a decent amount of gameplay with different characters or anything like that, but the characters that are available to you are basically just different faces that you can put on your character. The different character faces don’t matter, but the character sizes do matter because it depends whether you want the legs further apart or not. It is really all based off of preference. Essentially, to play the game, all you have to do is enter the game and tap the legs in order to make them move as well as make them do as you say. The game is pretty much up to the user on how you want to approach the game.

I do recommend that you do take risks in order to get better at the game overall. After you have done your run and you have gotten as far as you have, you will be given the distance that you were able to walk and then you will be shown the main screen where you get to compare yourself to the daily high scores as well as against your friends. Don’t expect anything too good at the beginning because there have been people who have played this game for years and is able to keep their balance while also walking, so don’t be too intimidated by the high scores. Other than that, the game is yours to play and the only thing that does happen which is different, is the different advertisements that you get after the runs. If you don’t want the advertisements in your face, you can pay $0.99 in order for no ads to pop up. The game is pretty full of ads because that is their only real source of revenue for the game.

Daddy Long Legs Cheats and Tips

It’s hard to give any real tips or cheats for this game except that you just should be maintaining your balance while also moving forward. So you should have a little bit of a momentum forward, but not too much to where you are going to fall down on your face.


You should also try both characters to see which one you like better and feels more comfortable so that you can stick with that character and improve your gameplay at that specific character instead of swapping on and off with the different characters.


All in all, there are not many tips that I can give you for the game because this game is about feel and what feels right in every single situation. This means that you will basically have to feel your way through the game while also being able to know how to balance yourself out. So ultimately, it is up to you to play the game. There aren’t tips that can guide you through an easy walk in the park.

Daddy Long Legs Review

I think that while this game has a ton of positives to it, it also needs some kind of decent opportunity at getting player motivated to continuously play because currently the only motivation is to get a new character face or get to the top scores which seem pretty daunting considering how high they are right now. If they added some extra modes to play, I could see it being more fun for players to play.


I would recommend this game for anyone of any age. It is a fun game to play, no doubt, but it is just frustration that I could see playing out for anyone who wants to play this game.




I would give Daddy Long Legs a 5/10. I think that the artwork is pretty decent considering the game that it is. I beginning characters are pretty poorly made, but the ones that cost money are pretty neat and have some decent appeal to it. I guess that is what makes it cost more money. the fact that the game requires you to pay for the ones that are both better and look better is not that cool and makes it pretty poor to play against friends with. If they did have different characters, it should be so that the player can have a change of character, not a change of gameplay. Making the gameplay different by spending money is pretty outrageous and is pretty boring to deal with. I think that the game needs to both add more to the game in terms of different characters as well as make the game somewhat free. That way the artwork will grow and the game will also grow.

Music and SFX

I would give Daddy Long Legs a 4/10. The music is kind of eerie so I could say that it did add to the game somewhat, but I don’t think you really need music to this game. The game itself is just the fun part of it. If players could just play their own music, I think that would be sufficient in terms of music because I think that any kind of music that was added to the game would be really strange to play and be really unnecessary for the game that it is right now. It already has enough in terms of gameplay and it is already fine if you just mute the game and play your own music. I think that the sound effects are pretty funny with all of the faceplants and the sound that it makes when that happens. I think they made the game perfectly with the right amount of funny sounds to the game along with the spirited competition that is still present in the game.

Story and Originality

I would give Daddy Long Legs a 6/10. There is no storyline in Daddy Long Legs, however, I don’t think that the game really needs a storyline because all you really need is the fact that the game is more of a trying to get the best score and beat our your friends kind of game. It is similar to games like Temple Run or Minion Rush in that case where you are just trying to get the highest score so that you can compare yourself to your friends and see how you fair against them. The story would otherwise be that you would be like a broken spider who only had two legs and had to cross some kind of place in order to get some kind of reward, which would be pretty weird in my opinion, so I don’t think that the game really needs any of that because it would just be awkward to have that kind of story and it doesn’t really need any context to it, but just rather playing the game to see how far you can go in the game. So ultimately, no story is better than having a story for specific games. This game seems to be pretty original just from the design, but I don’t know how true that is. The game seems to be pretty similar to QWAP, the game that I talked about before which is pretty similar to this game, but also it just uses the two legs instead of the arms as well, so I assume that it could be pretty original. I would ultimately say that it is original and the game is pretty unique since I have not seen another game like it on the app store before.

General Gameplay

I would give Daddy Long Legs a 6/10. The game play of Daddy Long Legs is really unique in the way that the game works out. It pretty much places you in a position where you are in the position of an object with especially long legs and you have to figure out how to control this object that it does not fall and faceplant like an absolutely silly person. You also have to control your legs as if they had no bones or no mind of their own. It is kind of like controlling a human skeleton or being like the brain in a person except having to control a person manually using a couple of buttons. So it is pretty much like controlling your own body without a brain but rather controls in order to play with the character. I also think that the gameplay is interesting because you can be numerous different characters which are really odd like a shark that you have to have these long legs that are really odd because it takes the length of the shark and places them on the ends of the shark. The gameplay also changes depending on which character you use. The farther apart your character has their legs, the easier it is to control. This is a pretty odd concept but it makes sense because the characters require you to buy and the starter character is pretty much a square that you have to control with these long legs only an inch apart. Then there is the shark which is available for purchase using Goldens in order to buy it which cost money so that you can have the legs further apart so that it easier to walk and easier to get farther in the game. It does make the gameplay kind of resolve into a pay to win kind of game where you are basically paying for being able to get the highest score and beating out your opponents.


I would give Daddy Long Legs a 8/10. The game is pretty addicting just from this idea of trying to get as far as you can in Daddy Long Legs. You are set up as a weird character that has legs that are about four times as long as they should be. There is a ton of odd characters that you can change into like a shark where you have to control these legs so that you can walk as far as possible with the legs that you have. It is pretty fun and a pretty interesting concept so that players can try using trial and error through the use of these longer legs. You also have to get a ton of different characters which also makes the game more addicting than what it would be if there was nothing to work towards. After you get all the characters, the next fun thing to do is to get a ton of points and get the highest score and the highest distance in so that you can get on the leaderboards as well as face off against your friends to see who can control these legs the best. It is also addicting because the game does include a concept of doing these funny faceplants where when you fall because you didn’t stabilize your legs, you actually face planted on the ground which is pretty entertaining for children. If you can’t get enough of these faceplants, you will also be able to replay the last time that you did a run and faceplant so you can constantly enjoy the last round that you played if it was super funny or not. It is a little bit like QWAP, an online game that got a lot of popularity where you actually control a person’s legs and arms in order to get as far as possible, so because that got so popular, I think that this game has done the same in order to increase popularity.

Overall Rating

Overall, I would give Daddy Long Legs a 4/10.

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