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Colonel Card: Two-player Rummy Game

  • The objective of colonel: being the player with the highest score
  • Number of players: 2
  • Number of cards: 52 card deck
  • The rank of cards: (low) 2 – Ace (high)
  • Type: rummy
  • Audience: kids, adults

Introduction to Colonel Card

Colonel, a two-player rummy game incorporates gin and 500 rum. Each player wishes to be the first to empty hand by creating as many melds as possible.

Melds get laid down similar to the 500 rum during a player’s turn. Later on, they add up by the opponent. Gin ending in a tie happens only the draw pile reaches two cards. Playing colonel is possible until the draw pile reduces.

The scoring model for colonel is distinct from other rummy. There is also a change in the overall strategy for the game because you need to empty your hand and strive to build melds. You must do that with higher valued cards.

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Cards & Deal

Standard 52 card French deck is the basis of colonel. For deciding who the first dealer is, each player must take a card from the deck. The player who has the lowest card deals first.

The dealer must take the strategy to thoroughly shuffle the deck. Besides, the dealer doles out ten cards to every player. The remaining cards are face down on the table that is similar to the draw pile.

The dealer flips the top card over that can help in beginning with the discard pile.


Players empty hands by building melds in this part of the game. The laying of melds will be with the end of each player’s turn before they’re discarded.

Two melds types are there in colonel: runs and sets. Runs comprise three or more cards. All of them are in sequence of similar rank. 3-4-5 of hearts make a run. Sets comprise three or four cards bearing the same rank and suit. Again, it’s worth noting that 4-4-4-4 makes a set.

Opponent lay additional cards down to be added to melds or opponent’s melds. Player 1 may lay down 5-6-7 of hearts. Again, player 2 lay down the 8 of hearts.

The player does not need to lay melds once it is ready immediately.

Colonel Card: Gameplay

The non-dealer begins with play. Non-dealer takes the top card from the draw pile or also the discard pile. Drawing it means they may play melds from their hand to the table in front of them. Their turn ends by discarding one card to the discard pile.

Play passes back to the dealer. They can meld, draw, and discard. Play in this way continues until one of such players has emptied hand, or the draw pile has already run out of cards. Once either of two things happens, the game ends. So, one must tally the score.


Players earn points for melds laid to the table. Besides, there may be chances of losing points for cards left in hand. Card point values include the following:

10’s, J’s, Q’s, K’s, A’s equivalent to 10 points each

2’s – 9’s are worth the card’s value, where 2’s are two points. Besides, 3’s are three points.

Player emptying their hand lets them earn points for the cards they melded. A player who has a total of 60 points in melded cards can get the score for the game as 60 points.

In case the player did not empty their hand, the score equals the difference between points in hand and points from melds. Let us take an example of that. In case the player had 45 points from the melds, and there have been 15 points left in hand, in that case, the score for the game becomes 30 points.

The player with the highest score wins. Multiple rounds with a running score also involve the gameplay keeping by the first dealer.

Scoring in rummy is of the type “winner-takes-all.” The player winning around means that the cards opponents still have in their hands are vital. Besides, the winner gets points based on them. It’s worth noting that the face cards hold a value of 10 points each.

Besides, note that the aces are 1 point. In addition to these, there are other cards worth rank. Note that 8 is worth 8 points. In this game, what happens is that points for all the losers get added together. These are the points that the winner gets.

The score for winning the game is varied based on several players. Two players involve the score of 100 points. Again, three players get 150 points, and four players get a score of 200.

A player reaching the target score wins the entire game. Scoring is based on cards in hand, making sense to try melding and laying off as early as possible.

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