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Chathouse 3D Review –

Chathouse 3D Review

After years of intensive development the famous thriXXX studios released Chathouse 3D, the first multiplayer game in their line of sex games.

Since many years the thriXXX development studio is a guarantor of high quality 3D animated sex simulation games such as 3D SexVilla 2, the front runner in the single player virtual sex games genre. Entering the multiplayer market was only a matter of time.

All their development skills & expertises plus years of experience in the sex games industry created this new 3D online world where multiple players connect with each other for erotic meetings.

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The main and simple question every sex game has to answer is: Is playing this game arousing and stimulating ?

One may think the answer for this question regarding a sex game is obvious but way off the mark! Having brilliant graphics, animations or sceneries doesn’t guarantee a stimulating immersive experience, the overall concept has to convince.

Well then: Is Chathouse 3D able to arouse and stimulate ? Definitely Yes!

After the first 10 minutes, mainly for getting familiar with the basic menu options, icons and camera angles, a sexual experience with a random partner started which turned into a perfectly arousing and satisfying sex session, wow! We never had this easy hook up and instant intercourse before in any other sex game.

With a customer base of thousands of thriXXX users it was easy to breathe life into this new erotic multiplayer world.

Chathouse 3D is available for free in a censored limited version which enables you to test the game extensively. Offering a game in such a manner is a clear “we trust in our quality” statement of the development studio.

This first assessment may already convince you to check out Chathouse 3D instantly. If not keep reading 🙂

In its first version Chathouse3D “Roulette” two players were connected randomly for 3d chatting, flirting and fucking. In the final version of Chathouse 3D version you now have sex with up to 5 players.

“Some love to watch, others love to play”

In the voyeur mode you can watch (anonymously) other players living out their sexual fantasies. Players who don’t want voyeurs to enter can simply unflag this option but those who like to feel the thrill of public sex won’t do so.

In addition Chathouse 3D supports various technics and devices for increasing the cybersex experience. It’s up to you to enhance your immersiveness by the use of Voice-over-IP or devices like Oculus Rift and Fleshlight V-Stroker.

Deep Dive


Chathouse 3D is a free to play game. Just create your free thriXXX account (e-mail address is sufficient) and download the thriXXX Launcher from the members area and you will have Chathouse 3D instantly unlocked on your main screen.

First Steps

Logging into Chathouse 3D for the first time you will be asked for your first avatar name, choose a name and then choose from a selection of female/male 3D models and your character is placed into the first slot of your multiple character slots.

For connecting with other players randomly from anywhere in the world just click the start button to hook up instantly or select your partner from your friends list. Gender and orientation selection (etc.) for the random search option is of course possible too. You then will enter the chat house with your partner of choice, that’s it.

In the top right corner you find several icons for sex pose selection, pre-defined camera angles, modification of avatar appearance and so on.

How having sex works

After you and your next sex partner entered the room the action starts. It’s up to you to first start a conversation or to directly begin with the objective of your meeting.

There are several solo poses which are used to raise the excitement level of your partner and your own. In addition of course the possibility to slowly undress yourself piece by piece.

The apartment offers different places for having sex or for sprawling in a solo pose: bed, couch, pool-furniture, etc.

Everytime one of you selects a new joint sex pose the proposal has to be confirmed by the partner with a small yes/no dialogue box. It’s absolutely arousing and thought-out how each others desires and wishes are getting satisfied in this process. Maybe they will introduce some kind of force mode for BDSM role-play 🙂

Every sex pose consists of an unique sequence of sub-poses that are connected with each other by seamless transition animations. Even the sequence changes happen by mutual agreement.

In addition every partner has the possibility to adjust the speed, both can independently adjust how fast and hard fucking, blowing, etc. is done. To take over role-play from real life the one who acts usually decides how fast or slow it is done.

Small icons under every pose show yellow marked if its a vaginal (v) pose or an anal (a) pose.

Graphic & animation quality

For all who know what technically has been reached with 3D SexVilla 2 it’s no surprise that graphics and animations are of superior quality in Chathouse 3D. Seamless transition of sex sequence poses, realistic cumshot and squirting, you name it.

Participate or Watch (Voyeur Mode)

A voyeur is someone who watches other players in order to get sexual pleasure. Start Chathouse 3D as voyeur and watch other players having fun. While in voyeur mode you may not interact with other players but you are able to move. Spy, snoop and eavesdrop from secret vantage points. Get up close or observe from a distance, a private window into other’s fantasies.

Get social and make new friends

Be who you want to be and never play alone again. Meet friends and strangers and grow your network of people for sexy & safe role playing!

There are various features to get social:

– Friend Requests – Party Invites – Tweets & Private Messaging – Reputation Development – Achievements – SEXpertise Level-up

Easy Camera Angle & Movement Modes

A maximum degree of freedom is provided with these camera options, express your point of view:

– Free Camera – Camera follows yourself – Camera near Genitals of yourself – First Person of yourself – Camera follows “Partner” – Camera near Genitals of “Partner” – First Person “Partner (Sees what “Partner” sees)


Lot’s of sophisticated customization capabilities are available for custimizing your avatar, apartment, items, clothing and much more.

Some examples to tweak & tune bodies: Face generator, breast size, nipple select, vagina shapes, genital hair select, fingernails, hairstyles, beards, …

Some examples for clothing: Sexy tops&pants, lingerie, stockings, shoes, …


For the real hardcore action customers have to purchase XCoins, the virtual in-game currency, to remove censoring and unlock additional game content. There is one account and one member area for all thriXXX products, all XCoins can be used for every thriXXX product. Every time you purchase XCoins, you have a chance to win a Lucky Code which will be sent to you by e-mail. Using a Lucky Code with your next purchase will credit you 10% more XCoins of the XCoins amount you chose. There are 100’s of items for you to collect and customize everything!


Screenshots and videos say more than thousand words, take a look into the play happening over at All screenshots and videos are real and unmodified in-game shots & sequences.


Enter a revolutionary fantasy world of multiplayer action: “Get Close, Get Naked, Get Naughty!”

After you’ve played Chathouse 3D please come back here and share your thoughts and opinions with the MMOVSG community with your very own Chathouse 3D User Review. Thanks.

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Chathouse 3D, 6.3 out of 10 based on 53 ratings

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