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Caribbean Gold Slot – Free Online Casino Game by WGS

Video Caribbean crumble slot game

A 5-reel, 3-row, 25-payline video slot powered by the always brilliant WGS Technology, Caribbean Gold is in-keeping with a very wide range of predecessors all of which are designed to evoke the special feeling of being reclined, cocktail in-hand on a white sand beach enjoying some serious sunshine. Well, either that or pirates; choose to interpret it whichever way you’d like to!

As an online video slot it sizes up well against those of similar standing; possessing an impressive and dynamic array of symbols, scatters, wilds and bonuses all of which are simply aching to be explored by you, me hearties*!

*Yes OK, Caribbean Gold is predominantly Pirate themed. But if you win big enough there’s no reason you couldn’t whisk yourself off to a Caribbean paradise!?

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The Theme of It All

When it comes to games like this, there’s very little that ranks ahead of the theme. In fact, it may be considered an objective statement to say that the theme is everything for games like this. With this, it’s highly important that the game delivers and can transport a player into a particular time, place or mindset effectively in order to offer up the whole package in terms of user experience.

So then, how does Caribbean Gold deliver? Well it contains a lot of relevant pirate-themed symbols for a start. There’s a pirate-looking (pirate-ish?) character along with a treasure chest, a skull and crossbones, a compass (which happens to be the games wild!), a Caribbean Gold logo (which happens to be the scatter symbol), a canon, a parrot a several numeral buttons to boot!

We all love a good pirate themed slot (it’s not as though there’s a distinct shortage of them now, is there?), however the best ones certainly are those that manage to bring something fresh to the table. We know we’re only at the stage of discussing overall theme, but this is where the freshness must start. Unfortunately, what is on offer here in terms of looks, symbols and buttons isn’t all that groundbreaking. It seems pretty paint by numbers, though that doesn’t mean to say that there isn’t some substance to be found beneath the surface!

Symbols and Features

The way this slot runs down is pretty straight forward all things considered. The compass which, as we already mentioned, acts as the games wild can substitute for all of the other symbols, aside from the Caribbean Gold logo, which is the scatter. All of the wins you’re likely to pull out of the game (of which, trust us, there are many), run from left to right, aside from when the scatter is involved, as that will pay anywhere.

In order to activate the game’s free spins function, all a player must do is score three or more of the Caribbean Gold logo across any of the reels. This bonus feature presents a player with 8 treasure chest symbols and offers the player a chance to pick until a matched pair is found. Along with each prize the game awards ten free spins as well as multiplying the value of said prize by the matched multiplier amount. Still with us?

The best bonus feature this game offers however is most definitely the sunken treasure feature. Triggered at random after each spin, this round lets players select from 15 Caribbean Islands in order to attempt to locate the pirates own buried treasure. The value of this treasure is displayed all you have to do is find it – which sounds easy right? Half right. It’s actually pretty straight forward all things considered!

Chances are if you get this far, you’ll come out the other end with at least something. Each selection made will reveal a prize, a treasure chest symbols or a shipwreck. If you reveal 3 shipwrecks, the round ends. You can opt out at any point if you feel your bounty is in danger!

Gold on Offer

Though it doesn’t offer the most unique playing experience in terms of the way it looks and sounds, Caribbean Gold is nonetheless an extremely fun ride. With its exciting, high-paying bonus features and progressive approach towards even the most simple in-game functions, it’s surely worth the time of anyone into themed video slot games.

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