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Blood Vs Crips is a shooting game in which you can pick a side, to be more specific, you need to pick your gang that you want to bring to the victory, you can choose Bloods as your gang that have red hood or you can choose the Crips that have blue hood. Like most of the gangs in the real life, in this game you need to take a territory from the enemy gang by eliminate their gang members. To beat the game you need to take every territory from the enemy because territory is the power and when you lose the territory you lose the power. When you choose your gang you need to prove to them that you are worthy gang member of their group so in each level you will get a certain missions that you need to complete in order to progress further in this online shooting game. Bloods Vs Crips is point-click shooting game which means that you are controlling the aim of your gun without really moving your character. This unblocked shooting game demands speed and good reflexes in order to reach the end of this bloody game! There was always been war between Bloods and Crips, fighting for the territory in order to gain bigger power for their group. Those wars takes lives because no one will give up a territory without a gun fight. If you are fan of aim and shoot games than this is the perfect game for you.

Bloods vs crips shooting enemy gangster
Killing a enemy gangster near the house using a gun with unlimited bullets

How to Play Bloods Vs Crips Game

You are playing this game using your mouse to aim and mouse button to shoot, spacebar to reload your weapon. After choosing your gang group you will need to do all kind of missions for your gang group and that can be to kill a certain number of enemy gang members or to take their territory. For each mission that you complete you will gain points, gaining the points you will be able to unlock new, more powerful and deadly weapons that you can use in gang wars. In first mission your weapon will be pistol and later you can unlock submachine gun and uzi. In each level enemies will come from random places and from all sides and you need to be prepare because the moment you see them you need to kill them by shooting at them, if you are too slow they will kill you and if you are killed you will lose the game that’s why it is important to be fast. The best way to kill your enemies and to earn maximum number of points is to shoot your enemies in the head, in that way you will kill them instantly and each head-shoot you make you will also make a combo which will bring you maximum number of points. Remember that every next level is harder than previous one so don’t relax, test your shooting skills, aim well and be as fast as possible, prove that you are worthy to your gang group and bring your gang member to the victory by defeating the enemy gang members! After each level you will be able to see your stats that will show you how much points you earned and how many enemies you killed. In Bloods Vs Crips you can also submit your score online and you can unlock bonus weapons using bonus points you earn through the game. From time to time in the middle of a shooting there will be innocent people around, avoid shooting them because you will lose points if you kill them. Reload your weapon on time. Enemies can hide everywhere don’t forget that, they can be on roofs, behind the car, inside the buildings, next to a window and so on, pay attention and be ready for anything because enemy gangs will not surrender so easily. Your health and ammo is displayed in the bottom of your screen, keep an eye on that bar. Your pistol will have unlimited bullets but for the rest of the weapons that you will unlock during the game you will have certain amount of bullets so use them wisely.

Bloods vs crips levels weapons and stats
10 levels that you need to complete in order to beat the game, stats and weapons that you can unlock in the game

Final Words For Bloods Vs Crips Game

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If you ever wanted to experience how is like to be a gang member and to go to a war against other gang members that this is the right point-click shooting game for you. Choose Bloods or crips and go to the war against other gang group, complete various missions where you need to kill certain number of enemies in order to gain respect in your gang group and to bring them to victory! In order to beat this game you need to complete 10 levels, each one harder than previous one. If you like challenges that this is also good choice of a game for you because each level is a new challenge. If you come tired from school or work and you are searching for some good quality shooting game then Blood Vs Crips is the game for you. This game have everything, well made gangsters, gangster weapons, gangster cars and much more that you will notice while playing this game. Keep in mind that this game is very brutal and bloody. This game was made in that way so the player can really enjoy realistic picture of how war between two gangs looks like, and this is one reason why we have chose this game, excellent graphics, excellent sound effects and quality of the game will amaze you. You can progress in the game which is really big plus for the game itself, you can compete with your friends about who can make the highest score by killing the enemy gangsters and so on.

Bloods vs crips completing a level
Your gang leader telling you that you finish the level but to be careful not to get caught slipping


  • Use mouse to aim and mouse button to shoot the enemies.
  • Spacebar-Reload.
  • 1,2,3,4-Change your weapon.

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