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5 Drinking Games With Dice And Cards | The Beer Connoisseur

A good way to spice up the party happens to be drinking games – old and new ones. Many of these games were developed a thousand years ago; therefore, people always were eager to gamble with drinks for a few hours.

So, why are drinking games so popular? Mainly because drinking games are easy and can bring a whole crowd of different people together, which allows everyone to get to know each other better. In this article, we have 5 drinking games with dice and cards with their basic rules. All that is needed is a pair of dice or cards and a couple of players. This article was prepared with the help of this post about popular drinking games on SlotoGate’s blog, a place where you can find a lot of useful and interesting information about different casino games.

Drunk Poker

Players: 4 +

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Type: Social

What you need to play Drunk Poker: deck of card; a table big enough for the players to sit around; poker chips; and a dealer button.

How to play: To start, you should grab a deck of cards and pick a designated dealer and sit at a round table. The dealer deals the cards as he would in a standard game of Texas Hold’em. You should start with a certain amount of chips and play until there is one person standing – those who are knocked out in the process are required to drink a specific amount of alcohol as a punishment.


  • If a player accidently loses a hand against a pair of aces – they must drink a shot.
  • If the player wins in showdown having full house, they can give a shot to the loser for him to drink or pick another player, if they want.
  • On these terms, when a player gets knocked out and loses all of their chips he must down a drink agreed to by all players before the game begins.
  • At the finale, when the second best player loses their chips to the winner, they also have to down a drink.

Drunk Poker game is a good way to socialize and compete with friends, try not to bluff a lot because your friends may stop believing you when you try to pull a fast one!

Blackjack Drinking Game

Players: 3+

Type: Competitive

The Blackjack drinking game replaces the money wagers with alcohol, and gives rewards to those players that are the closest to 21.

Everything you need: deck of cards and alcohol.

Getting ready to play Blackjack is quite simple: assign a player to be the dealer, give the rest the deck of cards, and have them shuffle the deck perfectly. After the deck has been shuffled, the dealer gives each player (including themselves) a face down card, until every player receives one, then the dealer gives out a face up card to everyone.

The main point of Blackjack is for the total sum of your cards to be at 21.


  • At the point when a player is dealt the Ace of spades and a Jack of clubs or Spades, they have Blackjack and everyone at the table is required to take a drink.
  • Busts: If a player busts – he must take a shot.
  • When someone reaches 21 points, they can pick up someone who drinks at least 1 drink.

Whether you want to play in some online casino games, find something in the Internet, or check out online blackjack casino.

Drinking Roulette Game

Players: 2+

Type: Social

Drinking Roulette Game is a fun twist on the classic roulette game – combined with the excitement of a casino game and at-home drinking. Each time a dice is thrown, the shot matching is taken. Players have no idea if they’re going to drink water or liquor until they start drinking, they could also choose to bluff.

Things you need: 2 shot glasses per player; a dice for every 6 shots.

The shot glasses should be arranged in one or two rows, on top of the playing cards that represent the number of the shot.

How to play: The players should form a circle around the table with shot glasses. The first player rolls the dice and drinks the shot according to the number rolled on the dice. You can’t tell whether they’re drinking water or alcohol, the player can bluff. Continue playing around the circle until all shots are gone.

The player that has drank the last shot is supposed to fill the next round’s shots with liquor or water. Only they know where liquor or water is in this round.

Dice Drinking Game

Players: 2+

Type: Social

Everything you need: a lot of dices, at least 4 per player (5 is perfect); a space to roll; a dice cup per player.

How to play: the Dice Drinking Game is a game for two or more players, requiring the ability to deceive and detect when you’re being deceived. Players only reveal their dice if someone is called out on a lie or bluff. Your bet depends on how much the loser must drink. Your drink bet has to be equal or more than the last bid. Your guess is based on how many dice you think are on the table.

Drinking Game With Phone

Players: 3+

Type: Social

This drinking game with phone, also called Cell Phone Roulette, is simple, just like the rules. Each player takes their cell phone out and places it face down in the middle of the game table. After this, the phones get mixed up and everyone grabs a random phone.

Now, that each player has a cell phone, they search in the contacts section and select a random contact, typing a message, saying whatever they want, but they do not send. After this they try and figure out whose phone they’re holding and give it back to them. Then they have two options to choose from:

  • Send the message
  • Take a shot and delete the message

In Conclusion

Don’t forget to drink responsibly and be attentive with the game’s rules. Whether you want to find out more about casino games rules go check out this site. Stay constantly gamble aware and always keep up with trustworthy online casino reviews, Canadians can read this review about casinos’ pros and cons and decide whether to gamble at them or not.

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