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Become Someone [v1.0][Volen] – VisitMama

This changelog represents our 1.0 version release. But please, don’t be mistaken, the game is FAR from complete. This release does mark the completion of the “Law and disorder path”. Look out for polls to choose the actresses who will portray the characters for our next path which will go up soon!Added

  • Repeatable Don activities for the Mafia
  • Interactions with characters from throughout the game that can be done from the Office in the Cas.


  • Post finale actions : Paperwork, Patrols investigations, drug busts

Bugs fixed

Bạn đang xem: Become Someone [v1.0][Volen] – VisitMama

  • Wrong progress app hint
  • Cousin event not happening at the loft or mansion
  • Alice still appearing in the basement after releasing her.


  • Aunt’s love quest

Bugs fixed

  • Missing passage
  • Missing variable
  • Broken media files
  • Spelling errors
  • Sister not following you in the mansion.

v0.97The Mafia update!

Our 40th update to Become Someone brings the second half of the “Law and Disorder” path to the game!

Now, when you meet suzy to start this path, the ability to choose to side with your Uncle and the Mafia is available too you. We hope you made an extra save at the point of that choice!

New Additions

  • A totally new storyline, working your way up inside the mafia from a petty crook, to the Don!
  • Four more women to seduce!
  • A finale event with several choices that will have extended consequences in the future!
  • New location (Casino in the red light district) and new jobs to earn money!

A note: This is not the end of the Law and Disorder path, we will be releasing more for each side of the path in the coming weeks, including post game activites and interactions, the Aunt’s love and slave quests, and the continuation of Romi’s questline.


  • Dean love quest


  • If you skip day in a house you don’t own, you are taken to its bedroom
  • Typo in your title var when interacting with Akira as a slave in your bedroom
  • Startup job cards don’t disappear correctly when choosing them.


  • Added interactions in your houses for most of the girls that you can move there, after enslaving them.
  • Now the mansion’s pool is an actual location, where you can swim or hang with your guest girls.
  • Now the names of the guest girls are displayed in the loft/mansion extra bedrooms labels.


  • Removed the time restriction for bringing a girl to the sex dungeon.
  • Interactions for studying or doing your homework at the desk removed if player already got his doctorate.
  • Now players can access the event that activates BDSM from the kitchen of the loft and mansion too.
  • Now players can start the high school path from the rooms of the loft and mansion too (bathroom, kitchen and living room).
  • Changed the girls’ interactions button layout of the houses rooms for girls globes, like the ones present in the rest of locations.


  • Players were able to interact with mom and sis in any house’s bathroom. Now they need to be in the correct one.
  • Players were able to watch tv with sis in any house’s living room. Now they need to be in the correct one.
  • Now players can interact with Alice in his bedroom of any house.
  • Players were able to interact with Alice in any house’s bathroom. Now they need to be in the correct one.
  • Players were able to watch tv with Alice in any house’s living room. Now they need to be in the correct one.
  • Alice was returning to her house after enslaving her. Fixed.
  • Alice wasn’t going to the park and beach as intended. Fixed.
  • Now the extra number of girls in a loc will be displayed in all the houses rooms.
  • Fixed odd behavior that made girls you moved to your houses move from their loc each time player changed his loc.
  • Added undeclared variables related to girls’ bedrooms to the save updater.
  • Now Jane will roam around your houses if you move her there as intended.
  • Fixed some girls still sleeping at their old homes even after player moved them to his houses.


  • Alice Love quest


  • Added an option to skip culinary minigames by bribing the judge for $100
  • Hint about the 15 dom needed for buying collars (at strange shop)
  • Moved coast fast travel menu to the right.

v0.93Quest:Powers bdsm quest


  • Tammy bdsm quest


  • Second stage of Aunt’s main quest, her icon/button was not visible enough at her house


  • Cousin and sister extra bedroom videos not found


  • Tiffany bdsm quest


  • Added the possibility to buy a “dungeon upgrade” to the mansion


  • Fixed a few

v0.9Law and Disorder, Part 1!Just in time for our second Anniversary, we have the first part of our next path ready for you. In the Law and Disorder path, you will have to choose between joining your Uncle’s criminal empire, or joining the police in working to bring him to justice.

For now, only the police choice is available, but that doesn’t mean this is only half a path. Working with the police will give you access to four new girls to seduce, and a full storyline to enjoy! We highly recommend you save before you make the choice though, so that you can come back and play the criminal path when that is completed soon.


  • New path, to begin the path, make sure you have completed at least the first class for every subject in the University, have completed the main quest of all of the family members (step mom, step sis, aunt, cousin, grandma), and have at least ten strength. Then a new character should appear in the University bathroom, speak to her to get started.
  • Four new women to seduce
  • New story line, way to earn money, and plenty of activities to do
  • Hard mode and Easy mode. With our recent balance changes, we learned that some people aren’t a fan of how quickly you can seduce the women and progress in the game. in the past, people complained to us that the grind was too substantial. We recognize that these complaints likely come from different people, so now we have a hard mode and an easy mode. The east mode, is the current default version of the game, and the hard mode removes many of of balance alterations we added to speed up progression. Now feel free to play the game in the way you desire!

v0.8.97Jade love quest.


  • Erika bdsm path

Content fixing

  • Candi dreams fixed
  • Hana dreams fixed
  • Jenna dreams fixed
  • Kori dreams fixed
  • Siorla dreams fixed


  • Eris bdsm content
  • Claus bdsm content

Content fixing

  • Fixed Romi dream images

v0.8.94-Reactivated the 2020 Christmas event.-Added new 2021 Christmas event, including new scenes with Mrs. Claus, Eris, as well as five new gift giving scenes.

Event will last until January 14th Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all!

v0.8.94-Reactivated the 2020 Christmas event.-Added new 2021 Christmas event, including new scenes with Mrs. Claus, Eris, as well as five new gift giving scenes.

Event will last until January 14th Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all!



  • Added Candi to dreams
  • Added Hana to dreams
  • Added Jenna to dreams
  • Added Kori to dreams
  • Added Romi to dreams
  • Added Siorla to dreams


  • Added a new girl to the park!


  • New slave app
  • New love app

v0.8.92Sasha love quest

v0.9Halloween update


  • Grandma love path
  • Added a way to break up from a relationship
  • added extra bedroom gifs
  • And other fixs

v0.87• Added 2 gift types that you can give to any girl, when interacting with them. You can choose between repeatably and single time gifts, that you will find in different shops like the mall’s ones, the strange shop and a new shop located in the park.• Added an option to change any girl’s location, when interacting with them.• Added lots of charisma gains and made the stat relevant. Now it will grant boosts to girl stats gains.• Added new traits with boosts that you can choose when creating your character.• The Fitness Center will now require a membership, that you can buy for a day, a week or lifetime.• Re-balanced the income from the restaurant and startup.• Added the possibility to buy a loft and a mansion, that you can upgrade and bring your slaves or girlfriends to live in.• Added a new app at the phone that will take you to new options to upgrade your new houses and navigate through your new bedrooms.


  • Step mom love path


  • Some UI fixes


  • Sato bdsm path
  • Sato love path
  • Suki bdsm path
  • Suki love path


  • Increased basic stat gain from 1 to 2
  • Decreased mini-games difficulty


  • New Mom bathroom random event
  • New Dean beach random event
  • New Aunt bathroom random event
  • New Abigail Mall random event
  • New Pier random event
  • New Mall random event


  • New link to travel to university after waking up
  • Link to the wiki in the leftbar
  • A few bug fixed




  • Labels are now always visible
  • Portraits of the girls now appear below the location label to show the current girl location
  • Added a panel for quick navigation and time travel
  • Brought back the old left bar even when you’re on the map


  • New high school event for Carla
  • New high school event for Cousin
  • New high school event for Eva
  • New high school event for Mikaela
  • New high school event for Mom
  • New high school event for Power

v0.81New Characters!

  • Candi
  • Siorla
  • Jenna


  • High school’s restrooms random events

Bugs fixed

  • Time jump when you interact with Abigail at the Flaming tiki

v0.8Phase one of the High School Update!

The next life path has officially begun. An opportunity will present itself to you. You can now become a high school teacher. For your step-sister’s favorite class as luck would have it.

New content

  • New Path
  • Six brand new characters! Three of them have fully built main quests ready for you to explore.
  • New events to have fun with your sister, for both standard and enslaved relationships
  • A new career as a Teacher providing a new way to earn money.
  • A brand new location to explore

This is just the first phase of the High School Life Path. The rest of the six new characters will have their main quests added soon. With even more content set to come with it. Enjoy!

v0.7.12 Hotfix1. Mikaela’s dream videos: Fixed.2. Not able to work at office: Fixed.3. The new random events will only happen once per day at each location.

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