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American McGee’s back again with yet another crazy title for us. Bad Day LA, far from taking us into a darker Wonderland world full of psychotic elements and insane character, it takes us to a different insanity world. The creativity and imagination seen in his games are easy to recognize, and helps bring a weird diversity into the industry. But all this creativity is useless if the game itself doesn’t back it up. So, does Bad Day LA do justice to its own story?

About the game

Bad Day LA is set, as the name implies, in LA, with many of its landmarks being featured there. We play the role of Anthony Williams, an African American homeless guy. He-s the typical funny guy that looks to make the most of every opportunity and see what he can get out of them. He-s life is not the average already, but he knows his ways around the streets of LA.

One day, all of a sudden, all the catastrophes that could happen, happen. This leads Anthony to do everything he can to survive. Throughout the game, we’ll be facing terrorist attacks, earthquakes, floods, meteor rains, toxic gas that turns people into zombies and many more weird events.

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Surviving is not easy, but for Anthony Williams, it hasn’t been for a long time, it just got even harder now. He’s not alone of course, as he has four companions that will help each other to survive. These are not the best companions you could ask for in this type of situation though. There’s a sick kid that will be barfing around; Beverly, the stereotypical rich blond girl with the maze; Juan, the crazy Mexican with a chainsaw; and the Sargent, a patriotic American soldier with the happy trigger and some grenades.

Classic American McGee

This game is a pure representation of society and its crisis according to the author. Unlike American McGee’s Alice, this game is a social commentary and critique, whereas Alice’s is just a darker, more insane version of Lewis Carroll’s classic. Bad Day LA is a darker and more insane version of Los Angeles, except that this title is certainly full of issues. We’ll talk about those in a moment though.


Bad Day LA is an interesting idea, with a cool plot and a nice social commentary. It’s too bad that the game itself doesn’t really back up the whole thing. You end up with a frustrating experience of a great idea trapped in a game that’s full of flaws. Comedy is a key part of the game, and while it does make you laugh from time to time, it’s not excellent at this either

  • Graphics and visuals: The game has a clear visual style that is meant to look cartoony. It does an excellent job at this, but it doesn’t look all that great. The flat there isn’t much to praise about the game visual aspect. The player interface is hideous, to say the least, and the art style is cartoony, but in cartoons animation is vital, and the animations here are terrible too.

  • Gameplay: An uncomfortable experience in which most missions will be centered in going from point A to point B, shooting stuff up in the way. It gets tiring and boring in no time, with bad controls and repetitive actions.

  • Sound: The sound is also lame in here. There is close to no soundtrack, and the sound effects are overall of low quality. The voice lines, on the other hand, are funny and the voice actors deliver a good performance.

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