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The Foxhole Court – HalcyonHarbinger – Tumblr

  • They actually do hold hands
  • When Robin moves to their dorm (during Neil’s fourth, Andrew’s fifth year) Andrew relinquishes his loft and shares with Neil the entire year
  • Renee was the first one to catch on Andrew’s attraction to Neil, but Kevin was the first one to catch on Neil’s attraction to Andrew
  • After Aaron outs Andrew and Neil’s relationship to Betsy (during The King’s Men), Betsy sends Andrew a message that says ‘’I’m happy for you’’
  • Andrew punches their pro team coach when he makes Neil play despite his injury
  • They sit on each other’s laps
  • Andrew is usually the big spoon
  • Andrew isn’t actually the top, they switch (by the time Neil becomes the Foxes’ captain, they are comfortable either way)
  • They go on dates, mostly long drives to nowhere, but also long walks on the beach or even a table for two
  • They stock coffee in their house in case one of them wakes up in the middle of the night because of nightmares
  • They don’t say ‘I love you’ because neither of them have ever heard anyone say these words directly to them, but there are times when Neil could’ve said them: during Aaron’s trial, when Betsy had a heart attack, during Nathan Wesninski’s trial, when they finally got their own apartment, when their team beats Kevin’s, when the US Court wins the gold medal
  • Their ‘I love you’ is in ‘Stay’, ‘Don’t go’, ‘Welcome home
  • Neil likes forehead kisses, and Andrew is definitely tall enough to give them
  • Their first time was stressful for both of them, not only for Neil (we like to paint Andrew as this very experienced dude, and forget that Neil is actually his first too, which is sad)
  • Andrew discusses his and Neil’s relationship with Renee
  • Andrew buys Neil a camera when he noticed how much Neil loved the photos in the lounge
  • Andrew destroys the hems of every single pair of pants he owns because they are too long
  • One day they both stop asking
  • One day Andrew will learn to trust Neil with all of himself
  • Andrew is better with kids than Neil
  • When it’s nearly time for Aaron’s trial, Neil asks Betsy to be there for Andrew and says that he needs a mother right now
  • Neil practises picking locks, so he handcuffs himself to a bed
  • when Andrew finds him, he makes fun of his miserable attempts and leaves him handcuffed to the bed, stating that he did it to himself and now has to deal with the consequences
  • The next day Neil handcuffs himself to Andrew, so he won’t leave him again

*So obvioulsy the statement ‘’everybody forgets about’’ is false, but I wanted to write down all of my favourites (even though I’ve probably forgotten about at least half of them)

This post also exists for writers who need some fanfic ideas, etc.

If you feel like adding anything I didn’t include, please go ahead, let this post be even longer it already is

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