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12 Alice in Wonderland Party Games – Party Delights Blog

Take a tumble into Wonderland with our collection of Alice in Wonderland party game ideas! We’ve collated our favourite Alice in Wonderland games for kids and adults that are perfect for an Alice in Wonderland party or Mad Hatter’s tea party, these themed party games will certainly help to keep your guests entertained.

From ‘pin the tail on the White Rabbit’ to the Mad Hatter’s hat toss, read on and take your pick!

Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat

This Alice in Wonderland party game is a spin on pin the tail on the donkey! Simply print out a large picture of the Cheshire Cat along with some extra versions of his grin. Give one to each guest and give everyone a turn to pin it on while blindfolded. Whoever sticks the grin closest to the Cheshire Cat’s mouth wins the game and maybe a prize – we recommend sweets!

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Paint Teapots or Teacups

Next up is a wonderful Mad Hatter’s tea party game – painting teacups! All you need is some plain white teapots and teapots, paint brushes and some water-based ceramic paints that you can pick up from a craft shop. Set up a teapot decorating corner at your Alice in Wonderland party and get painting! This is a great activity for a children’s party, as well as a more relaxed hen party activity idea.

Play Croquet

The croquet scene from Alice in wonderland is pretty memorable. Alice and the Queen of Hearts play upon a ridged ground, using live flamingos as mallets and live hedgehogs for the balls, which isn’t a good idea to recreate! However, the game is easily played with six hoops a (normal) weighted ball and some wooden mallets, which seems a lot more reasonable! The multi-player game has also been deemed a popular Bridgerton themed game in recent years too.

If croquet doesn’t seem like the right game for your party, you could opt for a classic game of rounders or cricket – our 23″ cricket set is perfect for a kids’ party game!

White Rabbit ‘I’m late’ Sack Race

Our next Alice in Wonderland game is themed around the White Rabbit – ‘I’m late’ sack races! The White Rabbit is notorious for running late so start by setting the scene. Your guests are all late for Mad Hatter’s tea party and they must race to the finish line to get their first! Give each competitor a sack or pillow case and on your marks, get set… race!

Getting a sack race kit can make life easier, especially if adults are playing as a pillow case may not work. You can shop our jumping sacks here.

Make the Cheshire Cat Smile

The aim of this Mad Hatter’s tea party game is to make the other players laugh and whoever laughs first loses! Nominate one person to be ‘it’ and then it’s up to them to do whatever they can to make the other players laugh. If you’re using this as a hen party game, whoever laughs has to drink!

Alice in Wonderland tea party table

Mad Hatter’s Hat Toss

What would an Alice in Wonderland party be without a Mad Hatter party game? The rules are simple, line all the players up at the starting line and give each one a hat. On the count of three, everyone throws their hat as far as they can and whoever flings it the furthest wins a prize.

Everyone can have a different style of hat (which you can find here), you can then all wear your hats to the Mad Hatter’s tea party after the game!

Queen of Hearts Says

This Alice in Wonderland party game is a spin on the classic game, Simon Says! Nominate one person to be the Queen of Hearts and give the rest of the group instructions like ‘The Queen of Hearts says hop on one leg’ and ‘The Queen of Hearts says sit down’. Whenever the instructions don’t begin with ‘The Queen of Hearts says’ (i.e. sit down) DON’T follow the instructions. If you do, you’ll be out! Play until there’s only one player left.

Pin the Tail on the White Rabbit

Next up is “Pin the Tail on the White Rabbit” – a spin on “Pin the tail on the donkey”! All you need for this Alice in Wonderland themed game is a large picture of the White Rabbit, white mini balloons and some Glue Dots that you will need to stick to your mini balloons. One by one, players take it in turns to be blindfolded and stick their tails wherever they think they should go. Whoever gets it closest to the White Rabbit’s tail wins!

“You’re Late!” Scavenger Hunt

How about an Alice in Wonderland scavenger hunt? Hide lots of Alice in Wonderland related items like clocks, teacups, hats and bunny rabbits, split the players into two teams and give them 60 seconds to find as many as they can. Whichever team finds the most items wins and maybe the losing team has to do a forfeit!

Teacup Toss

There are two versions of this game, the first is our child-friendly version. Set up a table covered in tea cups and give each player three chances to land a ping pong ball in a cup. If you get one in, you stay in the game and if you miss, you’re out. Play until there’s only one person left in the game!

Version number two is for the grown-ups and is essentially the game known as ‘beer pong’ but with teacups! Split into two teams and set up your teacups on either end of a long table, players take it in turns to try and get their ball into the other team’s cups, if they succeed then the other team has to (you guessed it) drink!

Not got enough teacups? Not to worry! Our Alice in Wonderland paper cups with saucers will work just as well.

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee Three-Legged Race

How about a Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee three-legged race? Put your players in pairs and tie two of their legs together with a scarf. On the count of three, each pair must race to the finish line and whoever gets there first wins!

Build a Card Pyramid

Our final Alice in Wonderland party game is themed around the Queen of Hearts! Split your players into teams and give each team a pack of cards. Whoever can build a pyramid of cards first win, it’s really that simple… Or is it?

Ready to throw your own Alice in Wonderland party? Visit Party Delights to browse our Alice in Wonderland party supplies or stay on our blog for even more inspiring Alice in Wonderland party ideas:

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