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Ladies, gentleman and everything in between and out, lets put our hands together for A Wife and Mother, another freaky foray into the depraved minds of some real up and comers on the nasty sex scene. This game dives into all holes of the weird and wonderful stuff an outrageously thicc mother of two and wife to a clueless hunk. This game will tickle your fancy on some of those tabooer desires and could very well offend a sensibility or two. I hope you’re excited because I sure am.


So, this is a point and click visual novel. Now make sure you remember that, it’s a graphic novel and not an adventure game in the same sense as Escape from Monkey Island although it does share similarities. This is closer to Katawa Shoujo or Doki Doki Literature Club (Without the bad stuff). This game focuses on our young and ridiculously sexy protagonist navigate a world filled with other sexy people who are all, understandably, infatuated by her voluptuous figure and luscious hair.

There is a point system involved in this game and you get points for various actions that you undertake. You can engage in being a good and loyal wife, but that isn’t as fun, or you can engage with everyone who looks at you sideways. This point system was actually pretty interesting as it helped keep me engaged even during some of the slower, more talk-heavy parts. Most of the time, your grand story decisions will fall down to whether you want to avoid a sexual encounter or throw yourself at every person you even remotely know in the pursuit of an orgasm. I can’t knock that kind of dedication to getting your rocks off.

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The story has you follow Sophia Parker as she moves to the sun-soaked town San Alejo. A place that appears to be filled with nothing but physically perfect specimens somewhat resembling people. As the story progresses, which is carried by simple questions and yes or no style answers, you begin to discover more opportunities scattered around the world for you to indulge in. Thankfully this game leaves little room to mess up and you don’t have the freedom to take a stupid option in conversation, embarrass yourself and run into the sea.

Art Direction

This game is absolutely stunning, I cannot stress this enough. The amount of time, effort and detail that the dev has put in is nothing short of fantastic. The characters all look worryingly gorgeous and Sophia is an utter goddess. I can imagine that you know how much value this adds to the game. Amusingly, its not just the people, it’s the world itself. Every background, every skyline, even the dogs all have a great amount of detail that sometimes has you stuck for a moment questioning its photorealism. I found myself really enjoying this game and occasionally coming back for a replay multiple times in a day.


  • Stunning visuals
  • Engaging main character
  • Includes a lot of fetishes


  • Animation can be janky
  • Sometimes people talk too much

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