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18titans [v1.1.6][Mity] – VisitMama

v1.1.5There will be a new scene with Pantha if you win from her during a fight.Blackfire will have a new scene in the holding cell, but don’t forget you’ll have to have come inside her during the earlier scene before that unlocks. You can of course take Firestar along for a slightly different ending of that scene.Jinx will also have a new scene in the holding cell. It will only be unlocked when something happens elsewhere first. The earlier scene for that is not required.You can take Terra on a date and Raven can be taken on another date too. I’d suggest to go with Terra first.Things happen, Chu-hui will call you again and you’ll fight two new enemies.You can search and find the three parts Cyborg needs to put together a working Sladebot(but that’s as far as things go).And finally there’s a vaginal scene with Raven.

v1.1.4Edit: 1.1.4 fixes Batarangs not properly working in 1.1.3 (only the batarangs)Hey all, a few people were getting stuck in Teen Tower immediately after Raven’s date. At first I had no idea how that could happen, but then I noticed you could take Raven out on a date during the day which is what caused the progress lock.I removed that bug and added some retroactive fixes. So if you are one of the few people who couldn’t progress pass that point, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore in this version.Ps, if you can visit Pantha and lose to her(thus forcing night to occur) you can also bypass the bug without needing to download this version.I also took the opportunity to fix a few graphical glitches and add some dialogue during battles when you can’t use items against certain enemies(this introduced a new bug with the Batarangs which is why 1.1.4 was needed!).

18Titans 1.0.9 – BughuntHey all! It’s been a while since 18Titans was on the menu, but Raven is finally getting her date and Terra is also getting something… A new forceful female character will make her appearance as well as other stuff, but I’ll write up a slightly more detailed description below. Let’s have some links first!

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This build is pretty much as far as I managed to get this month(while still being late) and there will be a moment where you might lament that fact. You’ll be fighting an enemy and won’t be able to claim your prize for winning that fight. That’s not a bug. I just didn’t make it that far.As always, if you find any sort of bug or other things you’d like to bring to my attention, you can write a comment below or send me a dm. Both are equally helpful and appreciated!

– Spoiler log -Now for the spoilers. Jinx will have a new scene if you captured her and finished the earlier scenes at least once. This will eventually end up in a scene with three dicks(if you’ve seen Cyborg’s nightly visitor ) and one Jinx. Those three holes in the glass wall weren’t a coinky-dinky! Her resistance will be lowered to 10 afterwards.Blackfire DOES NOT have a new scene, but her resistance will be lowered to 10 if you ejaculate inside of her in this version. That will be important for future versions.A new character will be introduced, called Pantha. Winning from her in a match will yield a reward in the form of a vaginal scene with her. She’ll teach you a new move which currently(?) only applies when fighting her.Terra will spread her legs. At first just to receive coconut milk on the outside. In a later scene you get to choose where.Raven will get her date and the mc will get a blow/licky job.After Raven’s new scene, and going to bed, you’ll get a call from Kitten and can use the telescope to fight a new enemy the next day. This is the fight where you can’t claim your prize if you win.You’ll fight a new mysterious enemy!And that’s about it for this version.Like I said, whatever feedback you have, I’ll gladly receive/read it and hopefully use it to make a better version in the future. Thanks and I hope you’ll like this version’s new additions.

ps. I’ll start putting together a new FET art assets update now which will have scenes from FET’s last update.



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