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Best 18 Online Casinos & Real Money Gambling Sites (2022)

Looking for 18+ casinos and online gambling sites? You’re in luck! Although the minimum age for gaming varies across the US (usually it’s 21), we’ll guide you on where you can gamble online or in person if you’re 18+.

Considering your ever-increasing interest, we have rated the following best Internet casinos, where 18-year-olds can play their favorite games including blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat.

It was a difficult task to find the top US casino sites accepting 18-year-old players due to the ever-changing scenario in the US online gambling landscape. We had to keep in mind the most convenient casino sites that US players can play at.

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After some research, we have been able to find top mobile sites where you – an 18-year-old US resident – can easily sign up and play real money casino games online.

If you’re 18 years or older, the following are the best US online casino options for you. Whether it is the bonus offer or instant play option, most 18+ casinos listed below offer a great user experience.

Top 3 Real Money Casinos That Allow 18+ Players

How We Rate 18+ Online Gambling Sites

After addressing the legal issues, we’d like to suggest to you how we determine the best US real money online casinos for players 18 or older. Online gambling sites must go through our detailed review process before they are rated and added to our recommended list.

Any 18+ online casino we recommend must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be licensed and regulated by recognized gambling jurisdictions
  • Must offer quick withdrawal methods
  • Should run on a secure platform with the latest technology
  • Must be certified for fair gaming from institutions like TRUSTe and eCOGRA
  • Must have enticing bonus offers (regular promotions and special deals)
  • Must have a quick and effective customer support system where you can get help whenever you need it, 24/7
  • Must have a huge game variety, including slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, video poker, etc.
  • Must have local and progressive jackpots, enabling you always to have a chance to test your luck to get a fortune
  • Must have mobile compatibility where every smartphone user – Apple or Android user – can experience the best game-play experience.

Luckily, our listed casinos fulfill all the above-mentioned criteria, and we would suggest reliable options for those aged 18 residents of the US.

How To Ensure Secure Deposits/Withdrawals Amid Banking Restrictions?

This is probably the most important question that a young gambler will ask before playing their favorite games at a US-friendly online casino. But don’t worry, we’ll answer it to your satisfaction.

It’s true that the UIGEA complicated the process of deposits and cashing out winnings through conventional methods. However, some Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards work absolutely fine at some casinos.

The following are some safe deposit and withdrawal options for 18+ gamblers:

  • Click2Pay
  • eCheck
  • uKash
  • UseMyWallet
  • MatchPay
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc)

Best Online Casino Games for 18+ Gamblers to Play

There is a wide range of games to select from any of the US online casinos listed above, including many that might be familiar to you. The following casino games are some of the easiest for 18-year-old players to learn and win money at.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Everybody knows that blackjack is probably the favorite casino game in the US. It includes a lot of action at the tables around the clock. Vegas Downtown Blackjack is considered one of the simplest and most played blackjack games.

Classic and Video Slots

Real money slots are one of the most popular gaming options in any casino around the world. Both its classic and video slots versions equally claim a considerable following.

Players can find a wonderful selection of 3-reel classic and multi-reel video slots with several pay-lines from the likes of BetSoft, Visionary iGaming, and Real Time Gaming. Various features include great bonus games and cash prizes.

All American Video Poker

One of the most fantastic gaming options you will find in every top US online casino is video poker. With a slightly different payout method, video poker includes All American Video Poker in single-hand and multi-hand formats, allowing you to gear up things to the next level.


Baccarat, one of the most widely played card games at casinos, allows you to compare between two hands – the player and the banker. You just have to predict whether the Banker’s or Player’s hand will be closer to 9. You can place high or low stakes in the game.

Is it Legal for 18-Year-Olds to Gamble Online in the USA?

The legality of online gambling sites in the US depends on which state you live in. And each state has different laws about the legal gambling age at casinos vs sportsbooks. Some states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia have set up their own legal casino sites.

These state-regulated online casinos are the best safe and secure options for players as they’re subject to direct control under the states’ regulatory bodies. Unfortunately, you have to be 21 to gamble at all of the legal US online casinos.

However, there are offshore online casinos that allow 18-year-olds from the US. And many of these casinos are regulated by reputed e-gaming licensing bodies located around the world.

Before we tell you about online casinos for those aged 18, we’d like to clarify the legality of gambling online in the US.

Currently, only six states – Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, and Connecticut – have formally passed laws to allow online casinos and poker for their residents.

No Specific Law Restricts US Residents from Playing Online

However, it is pertinent to mention that no federal law restricts US residents from playing at an online casino. It was reiterated by US Attorney Catherine Hanaway, who admitted at a House Judiciary Committee that US residents wouldn’t be violating any federal law if they wagered through their mobile devices.

Only banks (and some financial entities) are barred from approving transactions related to gaming.

The UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006) only limits how financial transactions take place between online casinos and customers. Mostly, the UIGEA only restricts banks from letting customers send money to offshore gaming sites.

Minimum Legal Gambling Age for Online Gambling

The minimum age for online gambling differs from state to state. Though the US states have allowed gambling in recent years, it has been largely restricted. Particularly, only six states have formally extended legalized gaming industry to online casinos since the reversal of PASPA.

Many states allow certain types of gambling while disallowing the other types. Most states have set the minimum legal gambling age at 21, with a few exceptions where the laws decrease to those aged 18.

Of the six states that have legalized online casino gaming, none set the minimum age for casino gambling age to 18. In this guide, we’ll suggest to you the best mobile casino gaming options for 18-year-olds.

States Where the Gambling Age is 18

While most states persist with the 21 age limit, this is not banned by the federal authority. States, and in some cases even counties and cities, are allowed to legislate their local rules. So, the legal gambling age differs from state to state.

There are some states – not too many – that allow you to have casino games if you’re 18. The residents in those states can play through live casinos and enjoy themselves.

Some of those states include:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • New York
  • Oklahoma
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Washington

Georgia allows you to bet if you’re 18 only when you are on cruise ships off the coast.

However, these states might not extend all casino games when you turn 18. You might be able to play a restricted set of games when you turn 18, while other games might be available when you turn 21.

Gambling Laws Are Same for Internet Casinos

State gambling laws, some of which allow teenagers to gamble, also extend to online gambling. The fact that there are no regulated gambling operators in those states where you could play is a different matter.

However, considering the gambling age restriction, you wouldn’t be breaking that particular law if you’re gambling online when you turn 18 in those states.

But if you want to play safe, you could consider social casinos, which also give you some enticing options – such as High 5 casino and House Fun offers.

There are many online casinos that allow players from across the US, and the top 10 casinos we have suggested above are the best options to find where you – an 18-year-old based in the US – can safely play digitally.

Many of the casinos we have suggested above have a flawless mobile platform that supports a range of smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

The Future of Online Gambling in the US

Americans love gambling, and they have preferred visiting land-based casinos and Indian casinos until online casino sites, sports betting, and online poker became available to them.

Online gambling has been growing ever since it appeared on the horizon and has become a big business. In the US alone, the existing size of gambling is nearly $46 billion and is likely to grow to over $94 billion by 2024.

Though we are not fortunetellers, the future of online gambling in the US looks brighter. But the existing laws need to be overhauled to ensure nobody is excluded from the entertainment and fun options such as gambling.

If an 18-year-old can go to war, he must be considered mature enough to be of legal gambling age. Currently, the age restriction barring an 18-year-old in many states is hardly justified.

However, the fact remains that online gambling is witnessing an ever-increasing trend lately. But only a few states have been able to legislate to introduce licensed and regulated casinos for the locals. Therefore, we suggest you check your local laws to be sure about existing regulations.

18+ US Gambling FAQs

Do you have to be 21 to gamble online?

No. There are plenty of offshore gambling sites that accept players under 21. However, if you’re wanting to gamble for money at legal online casinos and sportsbooks like BetMGM, you need to be 21 or older.

Can you gamble online at 18?

Yes, there are a number of online casinos and sportsbooks that allow players 18 years or older to gamble online for real money (we rank the top 18+ gambling sites above). As long as you have proper identification and a way to deposit money, you should have no issues safely gambling online.

Is online gambling legal in the US?

Gambling is legal in the US under federal law. However, each state is empowered to legislate on gambling within its jurisdictions. So, every state has its own rules for gambling in casinos, sports, and card games like poker.

How old do I have to be to play at casinos in the US?

The minimum gambling age depends on which state you live in. The majority of the US states have a minimum age of 21 to gamble in person or through an online casino. However, as many as 10 states where alcohol is banned allow their 18 year-old-residents to play in-person gambling.

Is an 18-year-old allowed to drink at casinos?

No, the law does not allow you to drink until you’re 21.

Why is the minimum casino age restricted to 21 in most states?

It has been one of the most hotly debated issues in the US, with most industry experts criticizing the legal gambling age set at 21 by most states. In Europe and other countries in the world, the legal age limit is usually 18.

It is strange that in the US, where an 18-year-old is responsible for everything, he is not able to gamble legally in many states. The law has been in place for decades, and there is little chance that it will change in the foreseeable future despite the expansion of gambling in the nation.

Both sides have valid arguments. Those who say an 18-year-old – who’s responsible for all his/her actions – should be considered mature enough to gamble online. In contrast, the opponents appear to be more concerned about the addictive nature of the game.

Eventually, it’s more about the perspective and how you want to perceive the issue. With the ever-increasing controlled environment and problem gambling assistance at various levels, the minimum casino age should be lowered to 18 in all the states.

While many states limit players to be 21 to play online, a few states still allow an 18-year-old to enjoy the best online casino gaming. The difference in most cases originally involved whether the land-based casinos sell alcoholic beverages.

Is playing at online casinos for real money safe for 18-year-olds?

Yes, online casinos are perfectly safe for you as an 18-year-old, provided you gamble responsibly and stick to trusted online casinos. Never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose (yes, that means your student loan money).

If you choose the recognized real money casino site, it is perfectly safe to play via an online casino app. However, before creating your casino account, make sure it is licensed by an independent regulatory body, offers trusted banking methods, and uses encryption data to protect customers’ details.

What are the best online gambling sites that allow 18+ players?

Most gambling sites we endorse allow 18+ players (you can find the best sites at the top of this page). We recommend only those gambling sites that fulfill our strict level of scrutiny, ranging from customers’ security and the overall site reputation, and have reputed software providers. You can find more of the best US gambling sites here at

Can 18-year-olds play online casino games for free?

Yes, plenty of 18+ online casinos allow free games to play through your mobile device, or they offer demo versions of popular games before you’re ready for real money gambling.

In addition, some casinos offer a deposit bonus to customers, allowing them to use it in online casino gaming. This welcome bonus or deposit bonus can be used without utilizing your own funds.

Are there any real money gambling apps for 18, 19, or 20-year-olds?

Yes, all the top 18+ online casinos and gambling sites we recommended allow players to use their apps through smartphones. Customers can gamble for money on their iPhones, Android, and other smartphones, in addition to tablets and iPads.

Most mobile casinos offer customers real money gambling options on a variety of games, including casino table games, slots (a mobile version of a slot machine), card games, sports betting, and poker rooms.

When selecting an online casino, make sure that it offers decent casino bonuses and a broad range of games, and enticing odds to maximize your chances of winning real money while gambling online.

What happens if I get caught underage gambling?

If you’re caught underage gambling at a casino or sportsbook, you can be kicked out, fined, and possibly arrested. The casinos that allow it could also be fined. Those casinos that get caught having underage players repeatedly could lose their license.

Underage online gambling is different because offshore gambling sites welcome players as young as 18. And local authorities are unlikely to ever find out you’re gambling online. (We’ve never heard of someone getting arrested for underage gambling online).

Are 18+ online casinos fair?

Yes, the top online 18+ gaming sites use random number generators to ensure fair play. They mostly use encryption software to keep their valued customers’ data secure within the casino site.

You should also check that an online casino has procured a valid gaming license from a reputed regulatory body before you plan to make a casino account on it.

Is online sports betting legal for 18-year-olds in the US?

No. Both retail and online sports betting is legal in more than 30 US states, but they require bettors to be 21 or older. However, there are plenty of offshore online sports betting sites that accept 18-year-olds.

How old should I be to gamble on sports betting apps?

Like mobile gambling sites, legal gambling ages for sports betting differ from state to state. Mostly, a 21-year-old is eligible to place a bet through a legal US sports betting site. But there are plenty of offshore sports betting apps that allow 18-year-olds.

Do you have to be 21 to use Fanduel sportsbook?

Yes, Fanduel sportsbook requires players to be 21 or older to place real money bets.

Responsible Gambling

Americans, who have a gambling addiction, have plenty of resources for responsible gaming. Here, we’re mentioning a few of those.

International Center for Responsible Gaming, one of the leading bodies for gambling addiction, aims to research the field of gambling disorders. In addition, the body offers training to health providers and to youth and college programs.

Gamblers Anonymous, founded in 1957, provides several digital resources to help with addictions. It also suggests ways to get in touch. Those who have a compulsive gambling problem, or those concerned about a friend or family member, can have free access to the platform to have open or closed meetings in every state.

Disclaimer: Online gambling laws vary in each country around the world – including within the US – and are subject to change. We thus urge you to review your local laws before you decide to play online. is not a gaming operator, and we don’t offer any real money gambling on this site. We cannot be held responsible for the activities of any individuals that might violate any law thereof.

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