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The Molten Core raid deck is now available! With the deck your raid can battle all the Molten Core bosses, from Lucifron straight on through Ragnaros. The raid setup is a bit complicated. It involves runes, a minion deck, and multiple bosses. However many of the interesting and fun abilities that we saw raiding MC online are present in the raid deck. For example, Gehennas alternates between shadow bolts and AOE fire attacks.

Some of the treasure pack loot looks incredible, such as the Hand of Rag and Benediction. Having raided MC online with a priest, getting the Eye of Divinity from Domo and eventually Benediction was one of my proudest WoW moments. The staff not only had great stats, but was also a status symbol among raiding priests. The card game Bene certainly doesn’t disappoint. Once it’s in play it provides a nearly unlimited supply of cards for your hand. Another great Molten Core treasure card is the Hand of Rag. For each attack the Hand of Rag will deal 14 damage. Yes, that’s right — a whopping 14 damage. Even late in the game, this weapon will spell game over for your opponent.

hand of ragnarosstaff of benediction

The Molten Core raid deck is available for purchase from the official Upper Deck store for $29.99 or from ToyWiz for only $23.99.

By fire be purged!