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Card Name Type
Boris Brightbeard Hero
Dizdemona Hero
Elendril Hero
Graccus Hero
Litori Frostburn Hero
Moonshadow Hero
Timmo Shadestep Hero
Warrax Hero
Gorebelly Hero
Grennan Stormspeaker Hero
Kayleitha Hero
Omedus the Punisher Hero
Radak Doombringer Hero
Sen'zir Beastwalker Hero
Ta'zo Hero
Thangal Hero
Bash Ability
Bear Form Ability
Circle of Life Ability
Entangling Roots Ability
Feral Rage Ability
Healing Touch Ability
Innervate Ability
Mark of the Wild Ability
Maul Ability
Natural Defenses Ability
Natural Selection Ability
Nature's Swiftness Ability
Predatory Strikes Ability
Primal Mending Ability
Starfire Ability
Aimed Shot Ability
Arcane Shot Ability
Aspect of the Hawk Ability
Bestial Wrath Ability
Bloodclaw Ally
Eagle Eye Ability
Fury Ally
Marked for Death Ability
Master of the Hunt Ability
Multi-Shot Ability
Old Bones Ally
Rapid Fire Ability
Ravenous Bite Ability
Rayder Ally
Track Humanoids Ability
Arcane Intellect Ability
Blink Ability
Brain Freeze Ability
Cold Snap Ability
Counterspell Ability
Fire Blast Ability
Fireball Ability
Flamestrike Ability
Frost Nova Ability
Frostbolt Ability
Mana Agate Ability
Polymorph Ability
Pyroblast Ability
Winter's Grasp Ability
World in Flames Ability
Blessing of Might Ability
Blessing of Protection Ability
Blessing of Wisdom Ability
Cleanse Ability
Devotion Aura Ability
Divine Shield Ability
Hammer of Justice Ability
Holy Light Ability
Holy Shield Ability
Retribution Aura Ability
Sacred Duty Ability
Seal of Light Ability
Seal of Wisdom Ability
Touched by Light Ability
Chastise Ability
Dispel Magic Ability
Flash Heal Ability
Heal Ability
Mind Blast Ability
Mind Control Ability
Mind Spike Ability
Power Word: Fortitude Ability
Prayer of Healing Ability
Psychic Scream Ability
Resurrection Ability
Shadow Word: Pain Ability
Shadowform Ability
Smite Ability
Spiritual Healing Ability
Backstab Ability
Cold Blood Ability
Coup de Grace Ability
Crippling Poison Ability
Deadly Poison Ability
Dismantle Ability
Eviscerate Ability
Expose Armor Ability
Gouge Ability
Lobotomize Ability
Premeditation Ability
Sinister Strike Ability
Stealth Ability
Veil of Night Ability
Waylay Ability
Chain Lightning Ability
Earthbind Totem Ability
Elemental Focus Ability
Frost Shock Ability
Ghost Wolf Ability
Healing Stream Totem Ability
Healing Wave Ability
Lightning Bolt Ability
Purge Ability
Rockbiter Weapon Ability
Searing Totem Ability
Totemic Call Ability
Windfury Totem Ability
Windfury Weapon Ability
Corruption Ability
Curse of Agony Ability
Dark Pact Ability
Fear Ability
Forbidden Knowledge Ability
Grimdron Ally
Helwen Ally
Infernal Ally
Life Tap Ability
Rain of Fire Ability
Sarmoth Ally
Sever the Cord Ability
Shadow Bolt Ability
Soul Link Ability
Steal Essence Ability
Battle Shout Ability
Berserker Stance Ability
Charge Ability
Cleave Ability
Defensive Stance Ability
Demoralizing Shout Ability
Execute Ability
Heroic Strike Ability
Last Stand Ability
Mocking Blow Ability
Mortal Strike Ability
Rend Ability
Shield Bash Ability
Stalwart Protector Ability
Sunder Armor Ability
Face Smash Ability
From the Shadows Ability
Sneak Ability
Into the Fray Ability
Lust for Battle Ability
Skewer Ability
Burn Away Ability
Call the Spirit Ability
Caught Off-Guard Ability
Exhaustion Ability
Fall Back Ability
Guard Duty Ability
Interest You in a Pint? Ability
Lie In Wait Ability
On Your Feet Ability
Quick Strike Ability
Rally the Troops Ability
Rise to the Challenge Ability
Shattering Blow Ability
Spirit Healer Ability
Sudden Reversal Ability
Vanquish Ability
Withdraw Ability
Acolyte Demia Ally
Adept Breton Ally
Anika Berlyn Ally
Apprentice Teep Ally
Augustus Corpsemonger Ally
Blizzik Sparkcog Ally
Braxiss the Sleeper Ally
Crazy Igvand Ally
Donna Calister Ally
Dorric the Martyr Ally
Freya Lightsworn Ally
Galahandra, Keeper of the Silent Grove Ally
Galway Steamwhistle Ally
Grint Sundershot Ally
Hannah the Unstoppable Ally
Ironforge Guards Ally
Kailis Truearc Ally
Kena Shadowbrand Ally
King Magni Bronzebeard Ally
Kor Cindervein Ally
Kryton Barleybeard Ally
Lady Courtney Noel Ally
Lady Jaina Proudmoore Ally
Lafiel Ally
Latro Abiectus Ally
Leeroy Jenkins Ally
Lhurg Venomblade Ally
Liba Wobblebonk Ally
Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker Ally
Lorekeeper Darian Ally
Lt. Commander Dudefella Ally
Maxum Ironbrew Ally
Medoc Spiritwarden Ally
Melgwy Pingzot Ally
Mezzik Darkspark Ally
Milo the Unmerciful Ally
Moira Darkheart Ally
Nerra Lifeboon Ally
Nightbloom Ally
Parvink Ally
Randipan Ally
Ryn Dreamstrider Ally
Sentry Gwynn Ally
Seva Shadowdancer Ally
Sha'lin Nightwind Ally
Stylean Silversteel Ally
Tracker Gallen Ally
Treesong Ally
Tristan Rapidstrike Ally
Warden Tonarin Ally
Wilba Ally
Wyneth Harridan Ally
Arnold Flem Ally
Bala Silentblade Ally
Barak the Shamed Ally
Benethor Draigo Ally
Besh'iah Ally
Blood Guard Mal'wani Ally
Brigg Ally
Confessor Mildred Ally
Dark Cleric Jocasta Ally
Deacon Johanna Ally
Elder Moorf Ally
Fa'tafi Ally
Fianna Spellbinder Ally
Gartok Skullsplitter Ally
Gellrin of the Gallows Ally
Guardian Steelhorn Ally
Halnar Stands-Alone Ally
Hierophant Caydiem Ally
Hur Shieldsmasher Ally
Jin'lak Nightfang Ally
Kaal Soulreaper Ally
Kagra of the Crossroads Ally
Karkas Deathhowl Ally
Ka'tali Stonetusk Ally
Kulan Earthguard Ally
Masten Everspirit Ally
Mias the Putrid Ally
Moko Hunts-at-Dawn Ally
Ophelia Barrows Ally
Orgrimmar Grunts Ally
Panax the Unstable Ally
Pugg Ally
Rak Skyfury Ally
Samuel Grey Ally
Skorn, Mistress of Shadow Ally
Taz'dingo Ally
Tewa Wildmane Ally
Vaerik Proudhoof Ally
Valthak Spiritdrinker Ally
Vesh'ral Ally
Vexra Darkfall Ally
Voss Treebender Ally
Warchief Thrall Ally
Warlord Goretooth Ally
Watcher Mal'wi Ally
Wazzuli Wildmender Ally
Windseer Tarus Ally
Wormwood Ally
Ya'mon Ally
Zorm Stonefury Ally
Zygore Bladebreaker Ally
Zy'lah Manslayer Ally
Chromie Ally
Landro Longshot Ally
Saltwater Snapjaw Ally
Thunderhead Hippogryph Ally
Bad Mojo Mask Armor
Chromatic Cloak Armor
Deathdealer Breastplate Armor
Devilsaur Leggings Armor
Draconian Deflector Armor
Edgemaster's Handguards Armor
Eye of Flame Armor
Eye of Rend Armor
Girdle of Uther Armor
Golem Skull Helm Armor
Green Whelp Armor Armor
Helm of Fire Armor
Herod's Shoulder Armor
Hide of the Wild Armor
Horns of Eranikus Armor
Invulnerable Mail Armor
Lionheart Helm Armor
Mooncloth Robe Armor
Skullflame Shield Armor
Stronghold Gauntlets Armor
Truesilver Breastplate Armor
Wall of the Dead Armor
Whitemane's Chapeau Armor
Barov Peasant Caller Item
Hearthstone Item
Lei of Lilies Item
Masons Fraternity Ring Item
Myrmidon's Signet Item
Noggenfogger Elixir Item
Piccolo of the Flaming Fire Item
Ancient Bone Bow Weapon
Annihilator Weapon
Arcanite Reaper Weapon
Argent Crusader Weapon
Barman Shanker Weapon
Brain Hacker Weapon
The Cruel Hand of Timmy Weapon
Destiny Weapon
Dwarven Hand Cannon Weapon
Fang of the Crystal Spider Weapon
Flame Wrath Weapon
Gift of the Elven Magi Weapon
The Hammer of Grace Weapon
Hand of Edward the Odd Weapon
Headmaster's Charge Weapon
Heartseeker Weapon
Hypnotic Blade Weapon
Iceblade Hacker Weapon
Illusionary Rod Weapon
Inventor's Focal Sword Weapon
Krol Blade Weapon
Rod of the Ogre Magi Weapon
Scarlet Kris Weapon
The Shatterer Weapon
Teebu's Blazing Longsword Weapon
Thrash Blade Weapon
Truesilver Champion Weapon
Twig of the World Tree Weapon
Wraith Scythe Weapon
The Defias Brotherhood Quest
Dragonkin Menace Quest
The Missing Diplomat Quest
Counterattack! Quest
For the Horde! Quest
Torek's Assault Quest
Are We There, Yeti? Quest
Battle of Darrowshire Quest
Big Game Hunter Quest
Blueleaf Tubers Quest
Chasing A-Me 01 Quest
A Donation of Wool Quest
In Dreams Quest
Into the Maw of Madness Quest
It's a Secret to Everybody Quest
Kibler's Exotic Pets Quest
The Love Potion Quest
The Princess Trapped Quest
Sunken Treasure Quest
Tooga's Quest Quest
Your Fortune Awaits You Quest
Zapped Giants Quest

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